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Masterchef Australia – Jonathan V Josh Emmett

“This is my home ground” says Jonathan showing you can trash talk without having to reduce to racist comments.  Josh Emmett the celebrity chef gave back as good as he got. Take note Andrew Johns.

Josh Emmett, the executive chef from the Gordon Ramsay restaurant Maze in Melbourne seems to have Gordon’s charisma without his temper, and potty mouth, but that could have been the screening time. Gordon Ramsay made an appearance on camera talking up Josh, and unfortunately that will be the closest we will get him to the Masterchef kitchen.

I thought Jono was likeable tonight as he genuinely looked excited about the challenge. The dish was Coral trout wrapped in chicken skin, with a lemon thyme consomme.

Jonathan had one hour 35 minutes to complete the dish, and Josh had 15 minutes less. Jono did appear to get a lot done in the 15 minutes, he got the consomme on and started filleting the coral trout.

There was a lot of technique in the dish, skinning the chicken Maryland, filleting the fish, cling wrapping the chicken skin to the fish, turning the vegetables, and making a clear consomme. And I must say I did not know that egg white trick to get the impurities out of a consomme…not that I make consomme.

I love the way the contestant’s appear to be briefed before they get on camera “To turn a vegetable is to shape  it. It is a good classic french technique that Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants are known for” said Claire. Oh you weren’t given a script for that? How many Ramsay’s restaurants has she actually eaten at?

Josh was pretty complementary about Jonathan’s attempt but when Josh said “it will come down to is taste”  you knew he thought he had it in the bag.

Jonathan’s was plate one and Donna Hay thought it was a dish made with flavour and texture. George thought it lacked salt, and Matt thought it was subtle (I am not sure if  that was a positive thing).

Plate two was Josh’s and you knew it was going to be bad news for Jono when the only thing George could criticise was the raw thyme garnish.

Matt Preston was at his evocative best when he made the analogy of  clean windows and the consomme.  Donna kindly said she thought the potatoes on plate one were better turned.

The judges really need to work on their fake looks of surprises when they reveal whose plate the dish belongs too. Wouldn’t they be surprised if plate two had been Jonathan’s? I would have thought it was a no brainer that plate one was his.

Anyway after Matt Preston gave Jonathan a seven he knew the immunity pin was out of his reach.  Matt said there was a lack of finesse in the cooking and lacked a little bit of flavour on the palate. Something he had not said about the beef stroganoffs last night!

Donna H gave it an eight, and George gave him a seven for a total of 22.

Josh hit it out of the ball park with nines from each judge.

Jonathan looked a bit teary. Anyway tomorrow night is a challenge straight from Top Chef where the contestants have to cook and serve a meal to the judges. One thing Top Chef has in abundance that Masterchef lacks is female judges. Again tomorrow an all male judging panel, though it does make sense to have the CEO of Qantas Alan Joyce and Neil Perry there.


1 smauge { 06.15.10 at 10:23 pm }

If Donna Hay is anything to go by I’m glad MC is lacking in female judges

2 sourkraut { 06.15.10 at 11:30 pm }

Pleased to see John have a chance for immunity.
Nice they all clapped him from the balcony.
Gary gave informative intro and George thoughtfully showed the “pin”. Then Matt gave a colourful intro to guest Jeff emmett, who gave us an insightful revelation into being a chef.
Enjoyed the friendly banter betwen J and J with no hint of arrogance.
The beaut shiney cloche revealed a delightful looking dishwhich Josh kindly explained. It must have been delicious judging by John’s reaction.
So a sporting20 min start for John and even the adverts kept my attention until John capably gave us one of the rare flashbacks for our benefit.
John filleted the fish well and none appeared wasted which was wonderful. Then Clair magnanimously informed us what turned vegetables are, and they looked delightful. Meanwhile Gary sportingly provided tips on how to do the recipe and usefully reminded John that the clock was ticking.
I was also happy to see the contestants on the upper viewing platform cheer John on after Gary encouraged him. Alvin then brilliantly reminded blind people what was happening.
John’s problems with the consomme are miraculously overcome by Josh who benevelently offered assistance thus helping viewers who want to use the recipe in future.
During the final ten seconds John plated up exquisitely displaying great timing. And so to the judging…. Plate 1 was John’s and George shares the dish to the judges very adroitly.These learned folks then commented on the subtlelties of the dish thereby enabling some tension to develop for tired viewers.. Could John win. I hope so.
Plate 2 George observantly remarks on its beauty and considerately asks the others if they are ready to taste.
To the verdict, but not before we are regaled with the colourful stove element which i enjoyed from an artistic point of view.
So in case we had forgotten Gary felicitously and considerately explained the scoring for us.
Interesting how John was able to raise his eyebrow which fortuitously reminded me of another wonderful real life tv show.
John made a very respectable 22/30. Well done!
Unfortunately the judges gave Josh near perfect marks, indicating to one and all their professionalism and Gary”s arithmetic was perfect.
I felt very uplifted the way the two contestants very sportingly praised each other.
Finally I felt a little bit sorry for John who has had several unsuccessful goes at immunity. Never mind beter luck next time.
Tomorrow promises to be enthralling viewing
Good night from SWEET kraut

3 Anthony { 06.15.10 at 11:30 pm }

I think Jonathan really tried his best!! All the luck to him in the competition!! I hope more people will warm to him and I hope he goes far.

I love your reference to the Andrew Johns scandal!!!

4 pollywaffle { 06.15.10 at 11:40 pm }

Sour – clearly that review was done on a bellyful of ABMTS, or the sheer stress of commentating on MC for 10 weeks straight has broken you ClockOrange style.

I had a vague hint that Jonno might lose today once I received the email from Maze tellin me to watch its chef go into battle tonight, duh

And Matt, dearest poncy pants, lord of the street food, enjoyer of the peoples puddings, why haseth thus a window cleaner, when thus haseth a shitload of handewipe towlettes?

5 KC { 06.15.10 at 11:42 pm }

I’m not that fussed about MC not having women on the show. Sarah Wilson and Donna Hay have been pretty unspectacular. I quite like Kylie Kwong from that incredibly short appearance she had on the show.

George is fast becoming my least favourite judge because I know that as a judge you must have something to criticize. But he always says it to the smallest of things and makes the biggest deal out of them. Its really annoying and it just makes him look…lame. Okay I don’t know how to describe it 😀 It was like him yesterday with the cut up meat and how he made this disgusted face. Okay I know it was kinda ugly that the meat was all choppy but I love how Matt was like, well it tastes awesome and was kinda in your face to George.

OOH Tomorrow looks exciting 😀 I hope Jono can avoid another team elimination! He’s my new second favourite now 😀 Poor Aaron is now third…T_____T…He really needs to pick himself up. But one thing I really like about this season, is that everyone seems to get along really well. No one outwardly hates each other and stuff. Its funny because most of the time on Australian reality shows, the cast is always quite amicable especially when you compare to American reality shows.

About today’s episode, it was pretty good. I could kinda tell that Josh would win because his dish looked better than Jono and Jono got the criticism about the salt. Also I saw Donna write 9 😀 I was so happy 😀 I love it when I’m able to spot things like that. Its funny how we all got the vibe that Jono wasn’t that liked in the beginning but now he seems to be quite tight with a lot of people. 😀 I like friendships on reality shows 😀

6 Izobel2 { 06.15.10 at 11:56 pm }

Hey smiley did you explain that whole T underscore T thingo from the other day?
PS it’s funny that even though you have 200 thousand smileys, I think Sour still beats you in the pleasantville stakes this evening.

7 Suzanne { 06.15.10 at 11:58 pm }

“Alvin then brilliantly reminded blind people what was happening.” Thanks Sourkraut – an erudite and informative summary of an enthralling episode 😉

8 pollywaffle { 06.16.10 at 12:07 am }

Skt – the powers of strategic placement, KC now seems such a hardened Bee-artch

9 Anthony { 06.16.10 at 12:14 am }

KC – Yeah, I’d much rather Kylie Kwong or any other female chef that’s been on, over Donna Hay (even though I don’t actually dislike her like some people). I just don’t think Donna provides much as a ‘personality’ (/judge)

10 CG { 06.16.10 at 12:25 am }

Josh was being so cocky I thought for the first 15 minutes that Jono might actually win…but then I realised that Josh’s ego was so big there is no way he would agree to lose – although I thought perhaps given Ramsay’s announced involvement in MC US perhaps they struck a deal.

Neil Perry’s meals on Qantas business and first class are crap – at least compared to meals you get in J class on Cathay and Singapore Airlines, in comparison. But premise for tomorrow night’s challenge is interesting.

RR: I reckon you should ask Sour to be guest blogger one night!!

11 sourkraut { 06.16.10 at 12:33 am }

This was a won night stand

12 CG { 06.16.10 at 12:35 am }

Oh Sour, you don’t strike me as a one-night-stand, love-em-and-leave-em kinda guy…say it isn’t so!!

13 reality raver { 06.16.10 at 1:16 am }

CG and SKT – in fact I was thinking of asking him to guest blog on a night both Injera and I won’t be available due to another social engagement ie a significant birthday. Anyone trying to guess the age will be instantly blocked.

14 dmc { 06.16.10 at 7:24 am }

Yes, it was obvious that Donna wrote 9. They should be a bit more careful as it’s quite easy to tell what people are writing sometimes.

15 librarygirl { 06.16.10 at 7:57 am }

RR – I agree those fake looks of surprise about who cooked which plate are wearing very thin with me.
It struck me last night how extraordinary it actually is when the contestant beats the chef – after all it is something the chef has cooked a thousand times previously. How about next year both of them are given a recipe NEITHER have cooked before?

16 rusty { 06.16.10 at 8:49 am }


I think you were already in your cups when you wrote that charming little number.

Personally, I’m over these Tuesday night chef “challenges”. It ‘s all just a marketing space for different restaurants.

I really felt sorry for Jonno, not because he lost – I knew he would long before Josh Emmett ever walked in – but because he showed he’s still naive enough to believe that these celebrity cook-off”s are a fair and open contest.

I think the only vaguely genuine comment of the night came at the end from Emmett, who seemed surprised that Jon could have even matched his pace.

17 Rosie { 06.16.10 at 10:59 am }

To me, that was a pretty boring show, no matter how you look at it.

The dish was one I will never try. Put chicken skin around fish? WTF? Why? I like fish just as fish. And although you wouldn’t waste the chicken at home, I suspect theirs went into the bin.

I already knew how to clarify stock or consommé with egg white, but I suppose some viewers will have learned something.
Ooh, I didn’t mean that to sound elistist or nuffin’ but the technique is explained in most recipes for consommé.

And it was just so freaking obvious that Jonathon (who did a great job) could not win.

You can do better than this, show!

18 Sooty { 06.16.10 at 11:37 am }


Glad to see the pills are working. Just to check that their marvellous efficacy has not worn off:

Chris (Bad Boy) B. (aka The Hat) is a dastardly root rat!

My favourite part was;
“To the verdict, but not before we are regaled with the colourful stove element which i enjoyed from an artistic point of view.”

This will make for further “enthralling viewing” pleasure – instead of ‘Fireball!’ households across the nation can shout as one “Colourful stove element!’

19 seepi { 06.16.10 at 11:38 am }

I find Donna Hay a little wierd. I wonder if she lets her guard down at home.

I thought the celeb chef was lovely though!!

And I think if a contestant had put chicken skin around fish in an invetion test the judges would have hated it.

20 pollywaffle { 06.16.10 at 11:50 am }

The Don, light on pizazz, yes, but imagine her week:

… someone adjust that gingham tablecloth .5cm to the left
… is there a duck egg blue doilie in the house?
… when I say art deco teaspoon, I not talking arts and crafts
… how many times do I need to spell out that shade of white napkin is so yesterday, go up a hue

by the time Donna does her MC gig, shes got nothing in the tank

21 reality raver { 06.16.10 at 11:53 am }

smauge – I don’t mind Donna Hay, she is relaxing into it but in these challenges what really is there to say, as the celeb chef one dish is always delicious, and because they are trying to keep the suspense that the contestant might win they talk positively about the other dish.

SKT – hilarious as usual

KC and DMC – I must have been looking down at my computer when the nine was being drawn.

Librarygirl – that point has been made before and I think it is a good one make the celeb judge go head to head with a dish like they do in the pressure test.

Rusty – I don’t mind seeing the not so well known chefs in these challenges. Not sure it really made me want to go to Maze, not into the chicken around the fish thing.

Rosie – well I did not know the consomme thing, but then I like my soups a bit more hearty. At least this dish had a lot of technique in it. I thought Jono’s came out pretty well. Some of the others would have had difficulty with it.

22 jon { 06.16.10 at 11:57 am }

Ramsey is one the judeges on masterchefr usa based on oz version

23 Fides { 06.16.10 at 12:24 pm }

Sweet kraut -that piece of sunshine was brilliant! You have me smiling and wanting to perform unsolicited acts of kindness all day. I’ll even try not to worry about tonight’s episode and what I think Jono is doing to Adam to force him to give up his pin.

24 MelbaToast { 06.16.10 at 12:26 pm }

Donna Hay looks a little…mean, or stand offish. She doesn’t come across as a nice, warm person like Maggie Bear did. She pulls those some funny faces that George does…like they’ve just smelt each others farts.

Jono seemed to be the most calm of all the contestants that have been in a pressure test…I was impressed with his Little Book of Calm attitude.

Seriously, anything wrapped in chicken skin and then fried is a winner in my books (is this why I have high cholesterol)?

25 reality raver { 06.16.10 at 12:35 pm }

Jon – I am hoping some channel will buy the rights to the US version with Ramsay on it.

Fides – Oh fabulous I love it when Suvivoresque tactics come into it.

Melba toast – I am the opposite if I am going to have skin I want it on the chicken.

26 Fides { 06.16.10 at 12:43 pm }

From last night’s previews – reds = Adam, Aaron, Joanne and Callum. Can’t see them winning. Pretty clever machinations if Jono managed to get that as his opposing team.

27 rusty { 06.16.10 at 1:28 pm }

“I think Jono is doing to Adam to force him to give up his pin.”

God, I hope so – I’m sick of all this feely-weely bonding stuff. Bring out the knives!

Jonno has unfortunately chosen Blue again – the losing colour, but he has got charming Marion – a winning choice. BUt where did they stick Aaron?

Let’s hope the whole team doesn’t have to go through the elimination again – I don’t think Jonno’s hairline could stand it.

28 Wurstsemmel { 06.16.10 at 2:05 pm }

Sweetkraut……that’ll take some getting used to!

I’d like to see the US version with Ransay too. I wish they’d ditch Donna Hay. She adds very little and the expressions are akin to that of a cat’s bum.

I thought the whole thing was pretty boring. If it’s a true chef challenge, why does the chef get to help out? And I hate the gallery comments too.

I don’t get how they reckon the skills are better this season. At this stage of the competition, I think there were many more better cooks left in Season 1.

If it comes to elimination tomorrow, please let it be Joanne. Had to say that just to get SOURkraut back.

29 Fides { 06.16.10 at 3:18 pm }

Rusty – Aaron’s with the reds this week. I’m hoping Jono’s made Aaron or perhaps Jo the captain of the red team as he knows how poorly they lead. And getting Adam on the weak team is inspired. I agree, nice to see such strategic moves – enough of the love fest.
From memory, the only time blues have won is when Jono was leader in the French challenge.

30 KC { 06.16.10 at 7:45 pm }

Chicken skin is delicious around anything I reckon. It always irks me when my friends always peel the skin off chicken and say omg so fattening! I wish they didn’t peel it off so badly so they could give it to me! Its so yummy!!

Oh and the T____T means tears running down my face. 😀

The power of the smileys has not been seen yet. There’s barely half the amount that I could use at my disposable 😀 😀 😀

I don’t dislike Donna either but yea, she’s not very interesting. But I get why they have her because they want her to comment about the aesthetics of a dish. But most of the time its pretty self-explanatory and I’d rather they have an actual chef.

31 gia { 06.17.10 at 4:13 am }

urgh i can’t stand donna hay. nothing personable about her, infact she comes across as a downright bitch.