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Masterchef Australia – Well My Definition of Master is Completely Different To Theirs…

This is just getting ridiculous now. To have one of the best cooks eliminated from the competition is an aberration but to have two go before final’s week indicates Fremantle and Channel Ten don’t know how to run a cooking competition.

With Jonathan Daddia’s elimination we now have a top seven where approxiamately 50% of them are pretty poor cooks.

Jonathan’s dish probably was the worse of the night, if the editing of the comments are correct, but wouldn’t you think the judges would think the overcooked liver was the greater sin just to get the weaker cook out. Seriously Padma Lakshmi, Tom Collichio and Gail Simmons need to be brought in from Top Chef to kick these three amigo’s butts. They always ensure the best make it to the finals. After that it can go a little crazy. Which is a bit how I am feeling at the moment.

Tonight Christine Mansfield was the special guest judge, with the Jonathan, Courtney, and Jimmy having to cook Squab, with Cabbage Roll and Turnip Cake. It was a complex dish, with 55 ingredients, and just about as many steps in the cooking process.

The peanut gallery appeared to be calling out to Jimmy and Courtney to help with the recipe and burning pots, but Jono was a lone wolf. And I think that is how he likes it. I have written this before but I actually don’t think the peanut gallery should be allowed to call out assistance. If this was the case Courtney’s turnip cake would have been smoked, because the pan ran out of water.

On the plus side Courtney gave one of the few highlights of the episode when she got sassy with George when he was questioning her lack of measuring the ingredients. “I have been cooking for ten years, I know what a teaspoon is”, and George then gave her the death stare and walked away.

Jonathan did make a fatal mistake when he cut the breasts off the squab prior to deep frying it. And as we had been told at the beginning of the challenge this was the most important part of the dish.

Also his stock was “astringent”. The only downside of Courtney and Jimmy’s dishes was the overcooked liver. It was at this point I knew Johnathan was not going to be there for much longer.

The judges did look upset. Something Claire didn’t when she was talking to camera once she knew he was gone. She must know she now has a real shot at taking out the title, murky private life or not.

But maybe they might have to change the title of the show, if Aaron, Callum or Jimmy win because none of them are worthy of the title Master.  Even Julie Goodwin showed much more consistency then these three.

Oh and props to the script writer who wrote the line that managed to get Gary say the words Paramount and Universal in the one sentence, which are the names of Christine Mansfield’s restaurants.

UPDATE: Quotes from Jonathan from the press release:

“I’m now planning on what I do next and assessing the options, whether it’s following my dream and opening a little French bistro or potentially a nice small wine bar that sells good food and wine.

“I’m not sure what the future holds but I’ll definitely be working in the food industry in the coming years.”

And for a bloke who seems to have polarised viewers, he has a message: “To everyone that loved and hated me, thanks for their support and I hope in some way I’ve stimulated their palates and excited them with some of the food I’ve cooked.”


1 brain dead dave { 07.13.10 at 10:27 pm }

Coles are grinding the gears on the gravy train for the final weeks. Tonight every single aisle in the place had a “shop where a Ma$terchef shops” shrine hanging above it.

2 Reality Raver { 07.13.10 at 10:54 pm }

Brain Dead Dave and Animotek – Of course Julie could say the show was rigged then she would have been admitting the best cook did not win last year.

CG – Well I know you aren’t but I thought it was a good theory. Not sure I get your IP address comment.

Gillian – I don’t think your views of Claire are going to change after tonight’s episode. This is one of the reasons I don’t think she will win as she has not had great editing.

KF and PW – very funny

Paddlewhack so no cooking caramel in coles, but it just happened to be in the Masterchef pantry, for Alvin’s caramelised pork. Methinks they have enough time to ensure the required ingredients are in there.

3 Gillian { 07.14.10 at 10:23 am }

@CG: Yes, intelligence is definitely a criteria of a manipulative person. I’ve just realised why I’m not person. I’m just too stupid to think of these things haha. I’ve worked in PR & promotions in media & entertainment companies & they are a lot of women like that who work in those industries. Scary!

I have never worked in law, accounting and finance but I can just imagine! I watch The Good Wife and they make me shudder. Such an awesome show!

@RR: I just don’t feel any emotion when Claire cries. She’s one of those women who just switch on the charm when a good looking man is around her and obviously enjoys flirting with the chefs.

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