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Gillard Takes On Alan Jones Gangnam Style

This was going to remain a Gangnam Style free blog, however just saw Excess Baggage star, Gabby Millgate, as Julia Spillard bringing the latest craze whilst giving it to Alan Jones.

So could not resist…..

October 2, 2012   2 Comments

Excess Baggage – Ajay Rochester And Matt Win

Excess Baggage continued to differentiate itself from The Biggest Loser by showing at the finale last night that there were contestants who had not lost a lot of weight.

After the calibration of points using a formula for health that was impenetrable (unless you had a Masters of Mathematics), the purple team of Ajay Rochester and Matt won the $100,000. Ajay’s portion goes to her selected charity.

March 30, 2012   13 Comments

Excess Baggage And Big Brother – Vlog – Interview With Gabby Millgate

Excess Baggage contestant Gabby Millgate sat on my couch to talk the Excess Baggage finale, how it is different from The Biggest Loser (well that was said quite subtly), the ratings, what she is doing now, and Big Brother for those who don’t know she was runner up on Celebrity Big Brother.

Also check out Gabby as Julia Spillard on her YouTube Channel here. Or follow her on Twitter at @GabbyMillgate.

Excess Baggage finale on tonight on GO at 6.30pm.

March 29, 2012   3 Comments

Excess Baggage – Gabby Millgate Gives An Update

Excess Baggage finale is on this Thursday. Who do you think will win?

Contestant from the show the talented and very funny Gabby Millgate has again blogged on the show and what she has been doing after her elimination. By the way Gabby I wish when I was out exercising that the personal trainer Christian would emerge like an oasis does in a the desert! Now that would be motivating.

Over to you Gabby:

Week 4

6:30am:  Started with a happiness walk which turned into  a happiness run around the bay. (Drummoyne).
My Video Parody of Kevin Rudd swearing video has been the most viewed 2000 views overnight
It’s on the front page of smh online and has played on Sunrise7. Later in the day News Ltd will put it on their site.
By tuesday morning 8000 have viewed it on my YouTube channel. (Editors note: It now has over 20,000 and must confess every time I watch it I laugh out loud)

I DID THIS. In my bathroom. Doing my own makeup lighting sound performing filming editing uploading and tweeting.
OOOOH this feels good.

During my 8km Bay run I see a beautiful man running towards me in a glistening blur. Even though I didn’t have my glasses on
I still recognised that well sculpted tanned chest. CHRISTIAN, my boxing coach.
Deidre Chambers what a co-incidence. I love it when I run into people I love and who love me.
It’s here I have to paint the Mills & Boon-esq relationship I have with Christian

6pm: Get flight from Syd to Tassi to visit Brant Webb.
On the drive from the airport he tells me that he’s crashed so many time he’s uninsurable.
He also shows me a certificate he received after the Beaconsfield rescue and plays me two songs written about him.
I sing him and his wife, Rachel, the song I’ve written about myself.

I visit Brants shop. Take Away called Pot of Gold Take Away
It’s like a food porn shop.
Chips chocolate a soft serve icecream that I really wanted to make come out into my mouth. Freezers full of ice cream that promised to give me new mouth adventure. Chocolates that promised to give me satisfaction
OOOh I haven’t tried those peanut butter m&Ms
The chips were talkin to me…”we would be amazing for breakfast”.
I grab a take away menu and a chocolate billabong (98cals…)

Back in Sydney.

The Pink team have been eliminated.  And now the yellow team too.
I ring Sarah and shes happy to hear from me and wants to try fun stuff like surfing…cool.
I ring Kate and arrange to meet up with her.
She’s having a similar experience to me adjusting to leaving the show and getting back into training and diet. All the symptoms of grief. I share what I’m going through and share ideas
We go to walk the dog.
Then the dog looks so happy i suggest we just run for a bit and we ran and ran (slow jog really).
We didn’t know where we were going…we just ran with curiosity.
We didn’t run with striving or trying or counting or suffering or battling or competing or timing.
We ran and chatted and laughed and were impressed with how much we could run.

“how much do you think we’ve run”
“dunno…feels like a lot but it wasn’t punishing.
Kate did the maths and we’d run 4kms easy.

Next morning I ring her and we go to the pool
Kate’s first time back in a pool for a few years she told me afterwards.
We did swimming drills:
50m freestyle…30 sec rest x10
50m kickboard with flippers x 10
50m hand flippers freestyle x10
25m sprints freestyle 25m recovery freestyle X10

By the end of 55 I’d swum 2km….well that was not hard I made an effort but I didn’t feel panicked or breathless.

I’ve also done a couple of Powerplate sessions at which I must say make me feel good.
Having a chat with the trainers. The classes are small so I get a lot of attention to my form and get to work out in 1/2 hour with a an amazing stretching for 10 mins before and after feels awesome.
Powerplate massage at the end.
My diet has been pretty good and I also do a couple of Nintendo wii sesions with the hula hoop 10 mins and the jogging
intervals of 2 mins doing a Gladiator move between sets

run 300 punches
run 10 burpies
run 20 pushups
run  30 sit ups
run 40 stair climbs
run 300 punches

I’ve also done a stock take of everything and put it on a whiteboard with pretty stickers (I loves me stationary).

Better out than in
Now I’ve got some visual goals.

And the Finale is this Thursday
Looking forward to seeing everyone again.

I hope I haven’t put on weight
I ate Brant”s Nutella…what?!
We’ll see at the final Bod Pod.

March 28, 2012   5 Comments

Excess Baggage – After The Elimination An Amazingly Honest Blog Post By Gabby Millgate

Thank you Gabby for sharing your post Excess Baggage journey with us we are indeed privileged.

GABBY’s Blog  1 Week after elimination… 

I’ve had a turbulent time. When I came off the show I wanted to rest.

The first week off the show I gave myself a week off from exercising…was this a Mistake?

See what I did to the kitchen after a late night binge.

Or click the link to clip here.

I felt sad.

I felt grief.

I felt fear.

And I know I felt fear because all I wanted to do was sleep and eat, just like at the Gordon Dam Abseil.

I felt angry that I’ve had opportunities stolen from me by people who were competitive rather than collaborative-at my expense. (running theme).

I felt defeated that the unexpected wipes out my foundations over and over again and I’m always back at the beginning. (who knew a high jump would be my down fall…deep)

I felt depressed- I’m not practiced in being clever or competitive…I only know how to collaborate and serve with honor-I don’t belong in a world that doesn’t have these values.

I felt depressed that I didn’t anything …except maybe a tele-thon for reality contestants of canned/panned reality shows.

“Well” I says to self “Find a group to belong to”. After visiting a number of gyms that just didn’t feel right, I found one that did.

I love my new gym. The best I’ve ever seen. On the cutting edge with their training and support.

The name is perfect too: the Body Transformation Centre. They are the first group I belonged to. I’ll be uploading videos of my progress with them.

I think I’ve put on a couple of post elimination kgs. This time I’ll catch it before it creeps up.

Dr Tim had suggested I identify & use my strengths. Blogging lets me offer my efforts to sharing what works & doesn’t work for me.

I’m now part of my local community and they help me…that’s where I feel I belong.

The twitter and facebook support has been amazing. Thankyou thankyou thankyou.

Even the guy who cleaned my windscreen at the lights said” Muriel’s wedding right?…you’ve done well on that show…lost a lot of weight”.

“Thanks for helping me see better” I said. He said: “I’m here everyday”.  So please check out his intersection (Annandale cnr Pmtta rd).

I’m really missing the cast &crew of excess baggage…the daily interactions…the dramas.

Luckily I can still watch them all on TV.

This week I’ve got to stop all the swirling “what ifs” and “what nows?” that are swirling in my head.

I think a good stock take is in order. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Excess Baggage screens on GO at 6.30pm Monday to Thursday.


March 19, 2012   4 Comments