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Posts from — January 2012

David Hasselhoff Proposes To His Girlfriend On The Sydney Harbour Bridge

Well clearly David Hasselhoff’s head was not turned by that kiss I gave him last week, as this morning he apparently proposed to his girlfriend Hayley on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge this morning.

However after announcing it on Twitter and posting photos they were strangely reluctant to talk about it to the media later.

January 31, 2012   2 Comments

Matt Newton’s Lawyer Says Photos Will Absolve Him

Chris Murphy has come out fighting for Matt Newton in court today saying there are hundreds of photos that will absolve him from the alleged assault of a taxi driver. writes:

Lawyer Chris Murphy says 867 photographs recording, second-by-second, the alleged incident show “there is no assault”.

He said his 35-year-old client was not in court today on the advice of his psychiatrist.

Newton, the son of showbusiness couple Bert and Patti Newton, caught a taxi on December 4 last year and allegedly punched the 66-year-old driver in the head.

Mr Murphy said two witnesses, one in a car and one on the footpath, say there was no assault.

The lawyer said while he would love to defend the case, he must put his client’s interest first.

He said due to Newton’s mental illness, it would not be fair for him to face a lengthy hearing.

He is therefore considering applying to have the case dealt with under mental health provisions.

The magistrate adjourned the case to March 27 to allow Mr Murphy to make representations to the police about not continuing the case.

Not sure Matthew Newton is ever going to recover from this. It must be tough on him, tough on his victims and tough on his family.


January 31, 2012   5 Comments

Gee George Calombaris The Penalty Rates Surely Can’t Be That Bad?

Spotted online today on The Australian, is this George Calombaris?  Has George Calombaris ditched the Masterchef Australia set to really protest about the industrial relations laws in Australia? Surely they are not THAT bad.

I suspect it is just a doppelganger but the resemblance is eerie.

January 31, 2012   2 Comments

Excess Baggage – Yes We Get It You Are Different From The Biggest Loser

Excess Baggage kicked off last night and it appears the two weight loss reality shows are going to cannibalise each others audience in the 7.00pm timeslot with ratings for both shows being underwhelming.

However The Biggest Loser would be the ones that may first hit the panic button with figures for the first weigh-in and elimination sitting at 698,000 and Excess Baggage at 880,000. However it will be interesting if there is any big movement in these figures in the coming weeks.

Anyhow I don’t usually get bogged down in ratings as I prefer to comment on what is actually happening on screen.

Last night Excess Baggage went to great lengths to point out the difference between their fat busting program and the Channel Ten one.

There was no vomiting, no weigh-ins, no counting calories, in fact the training was so relaxed that Brandt Webb and Kevin Federline even ducked off for a cheeky cigarette. Former Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester even put the boot into the show that did make her a celebrity basically saying their weight loss regime is irresponsible and there had been pressure on her to lose weight.

It was an introductory episode, and once the celebrities and the contestants stop being on their best behaviour (which I would guess with the heat, lack of carbs and exercising will be in about one episode) it is going to be highly entertaining.

However here are some quick thoughts on the first episode:

  • Did they seriously expect us to believe that the contestants were just “wandering” through the Australian outback and they stumbled across a parcel with their name on it? If so they should all buy a lottery ticket now!
  • Kate Dearaugo is mistaken if she thinks there is no one looking over her when she goes to the food buffet. Doesn’t she realise there is a camera crew following her?
  • Kevin Federline confessed to a full on soft drink habit, and Ajay helpfully chimed in that “When she was fat she used to drink a lot of soft drink”. I like that she has body confidence but if she wasn’t overweight it is doubtful she would be on the show;
  • All of Australia is probably going to fall in love wit Gabby Millgate again, however the melting the cheese in the microwave and eating it was slightly stomach churning;
  • Kate Dearaugo had all over body lipo at 19 years of age, and by the looks of her abdomen now appears to still have the incision marks;
  • By the way she appears to be the only female contestant agreeing to unclothe;
  • Brandt Webb doesn’t look like he is taking it too seriously, but maybe this will change;
  • Darren Lyons will indeed be the villain of the series, alongside Ajay Rochester. It will be interesting to see if another emerges;
  • Unsure what role bubbly Kate Cebrano will play as host so will reserve judgement on her until I have seen a few more episodes;
  • Ditto for the bubbly nutritionist Joanna and personal trainer Christian.

Line of the night goes to Gabby Millgate when she responded to Ajay’s call that the camera person get the best angle of her bottom. She quipped “There isn’t one”.

What did you think of the first episode will you be back to watch it?

January 31, 2012   13 Comments

Please Marry My Boy – Some Of Those Mothers Look Like Nightmares

It is the chicken or the egg question for the contestants on Please Marry My Boy, is it the mothers or the sons that is the obstacle in their ability to find a partner?

Take Melina for instance who appears to have swallowed the Cardamones Handbook on how to raise your son and does everything for him. Vlad who is thirty is still living at home and it does not appear to be for financial reasons. Seriously this guy is not a catch he will have really bad expectations on what a wife does for him. Also Malina would be a nightmare mother-in-law.

Also she is fixated on hooking him up with a Serbian girl so I suspect she is going to be very blinkered when it comes to picking the dates for her son.

The other mother who would be difficult to get on with would be Karen Kenny and you wonder if the reason her son Matt has not found a girl is that her domineering personality has meant he has not developed his own. What is interesting is that Karen in the speed dating appeared to want a daughter that was similar to her.

At the My Kitchen Rules launch yesterday I asked both mother and son why this was. Matt said his mother wanted a friend to get on with. Not sure two strong personalities would gel.

Also Karen said she wanted someone like her with strong morals and values which also included good manners. I did query where the “sex” question fitted into this considering it was quite rude and she did admit it was a “mistake”.

Anyway the episode started off with the mothers and son’s speed dating ten women each, and they could not complain about the quality of the girls the majority were good looking, articulate and personable.

Malina  and Vlad – Vlad does not appear to be a catch, sure he is ok looking but the overbearing mother has clearly had an effect on him.

Also if you are not Serbian chances are you are not going to be good enough, and she does everything for his son. At thirty he still lives at home. He has never been in love.

Like a lot of guys Vlad’s eyes were boggling at the over the top sexy girls. He particularly liked the girl who could do some clenching manoeuvre with her breasts.

Also there was the catholic topless waitress who said she was going to “wait” until she was married. Would you really want to be with someone who was flaunting to everyone but yourself? Also appeared to be a strange set of values. Milena was probably right in saying  no way to that one.

Vlad liked Liz the best.

However Malina picked the Serbian Andrea, Contanza, and Jackie. Jackie showing she was on the show to find love not to have her 15 minutes of fame had picked up the vibes about the mother and son and wanted to get out of there fast. She declined to go to Adelaide. A very wise decision.

In the end Malina selected Liz to go to Adelaide.

Elva and Tony – Tony is 35 year old man-child. Even his mother admits he is shallow. In fact I wonder how Tony turned into such a tool with a mother who appeared to be very likeable indeed.

Tony was like a little kid anyone one with a bit of sparkle, well in this case peroxide blond hair and a mini skirt would attract his attention.  Thankfully his mother is scathing of this approach.

However he did have the kooky Alex, the 40 year old tarot card reader who had never been in a long term relationship to contend with. She told him he would be moving away from his mother and he looked shocked.

Tony picked Tammy-Lee the 30 year-old model as his favourite. Her childhood ambition was to be barbie doll so just maybe he can be her Ken.

Elva picked Sarah, Magadalena and Tammy Lee.

Karen and Matt – Matt is a cute guy, but he does have a touch of the bland about him.  His Mother thinks he attracts floozies. Karen appeared to be enjoying being on a reality TV show experience and was making it all about her. She would think of herself as scary I would probably just call her brash.

One of her questions she asked was how many times one of the girls has had sex. Koa answered more then five less then ten. I take it that was the number of guys she had slept with. I am not sure what that information tells you about a person. It may indicate that Karen has a bit of a double standard in this area.

Amand the Swedish student is smitten with Matt. However Josie is on a student visa and Mum was worried that she would take off back to her homeland. What she did not add in was the possibility she may take her son with her.

Karen picked Lydal, Amanda, and Koa to move in with her.

Anne and Brendan – This was the nicest pair and the pick of the mothers and the sons. However he was having a hard time being seen as a love interest by the girls as his nickname is Frendan. Yes nice guys do finish last.

Anna fitness instructor  charmed Anne and she selected her as one of her three. The other two were another Anna, and Edwina.

Brendan just be the one who may find love on the show.

Who did you like? Who do you think has the best chance of finding love? And would you marry any of these boys?

January 31, 2012   15 Comments