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Celebrity Apprentice – Please Leave Your Hat On

Tonight it was again about containing the crazies. Deni Hines and Max Markson are thankfully on different teams otherwise it would be unfair for the team mates.

This episode’s challenge was for each contestant to create two pieces of art work which showcased the simplicity theme and also one group artwork that was to be auctioned off.

Deni Hine’s took on the project manager role for Team Ignite as she felt she would be good at it as it was a creative challenge. Whilst Didier Cohen took it on for the guys. Jason Coleman also wanted the role which would have been ridiculous as he had to go off to Singapore.

There was tension pretty quickly between Lisa and Deni. With Lisa critical of her lack of direction.

“The vision was in Deni head and we could not bring it out” said Lisa.

Whereas Deni thought it was a creative challenge and she should not think so hard.

Deni’s charity was for Africa, “her people” she said.  This was about the equivalent of me having an affinity with the Queen. I know, I know, other people will have a different viewpoint on this.

Jesinta and Lisa just looked warily at Deni anytime she spoke, and once they hit the art gallery Julia Morris just started drinking heavily.

Things were going quite smoothly for the guys. However Jason Coleman who always has plenty to say about the project manager had some mild bitching about Didier particularly when he finished his paintings quickly. Jason thought he should have been helping the others.

It was Jason who came up with the “you can leave your hat on” nude shot for the group artwork. It actually was more tasteful then it sounded.  Though Wendell Sailor did not think his hat was big enough for him….

Didier seemed to crumble a bit under pressure, as there was some issues with the photo bubbling up and he just stood there. However he did stand up to Max Markson who suggested they release the picture to the Daily Telegraph to create some interest in it for the auction. Didier said no, and Max kept on harping on about it.

That was not the most annoying thing to occur, Wendell put one of his artworks on the back of the girls truck. Deni once she realised his mistake told the team that they should not tell him. However Julia Morris and Pauline Hanson thought they should tell them because it was for charity. However they did not have his number, but Wendell rang them. I suspect he was tipped off.

Morello the winner of The Apprentice did the auctions of the art work and he  had a mullet, not sure what that was about. Also they did not introduce him, for viewers who had seen the show would have been wondering who this guy was. Morello also appeared last year on The Block auctioning of one of the flats. It would appear he is not working for Mr Bouris.

The teams then had to head to the board room straight after the auction. Now here is where there was some timing issues. Jason said he had to go to Singapore for a gig, so would not be at the art gallery, but he walked into the board room. What was he on a supersonic jet? How did he manage that?

Deni when questioned said two people let her down “Mama P and Lisa” as they lost the challenge they must be the two she will be bringing back into the board room.

Pauline however did return fire and thought Deni is a bit brash about that she says what she thinks.

The boys were saying they were now “team unity” working harmoniously together, and this may have helped them win the night.

There was a lot of money raised with $47,400 going to  Team Ignite, and Team Unity raised $55,250.

If Channel Nine are not exaggerating it looks like Tuesday night’s board room is going to be a cracker with Deni Hines and Pauline clashing.

October 31, 2011   24 Comments

Brynne Edelston At Derby Day

It is racing week so I suppose I better acknowledge it.

Here is a picture of one of my favourite reality stars Brynne Edelsten showing off her style at Derby Day in Melbourne. Also if anyone has a decent tip for Melbourne Cup day can you put it in the comments section. Thanks.

Photo from SMH

October 31, 2011   7 Comments

The Only Way Is Essex Star Is Making Some Major Cash

If you don’t think that reality TV can transform your life well think again.

Amy Child’s from The Only Way Is Essex was a beautician and struggling sometime model and now she is in major advertising campaigns and has her own reality TV show.

Amy who has now hired security due to two of her former co-stars being badly attacked.

She was also named at the UK Reality TV awards as the “Personality of the Year”.

She has now left the show and the Daily Telegraph reports Childs’ latest modelling job is to be the face and body of new lingerie range Bra Queen – designed for Tesco stores. After quitting TOWIE in August, Childs went into the UK Celebrity Big Brother house, then landed her own reality show following her life. She is also a regular on morning TV in the UK and her own clothing range has been launched.

The Only Way Is Essex is now into its third season is on Lifestyle You. If you are wondering who this star is check her out below in the YouTube clip, and yes I don’t have a clue what she is talking about either.


October 31, 2011   2 Comments

Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costume Pretty Grotesque

Heidi Klum is known for hosting fabulous Halloween Parties and dressing up in over the top costumes.

This year appears to be no exception she is dressing as a corpse.

October 30, 2011   4 Comments

Masterchef Australia – Former Contestant Claims It Made Him Fat

Craig Young from season three Masterchef Australia says the show made him fat.

Newsflash: If you are going to enter a cooking show, chances are you are going to put on weight!

Young told the Sunday Telegraph that wen he entered the Masterchef house he weighed 110kgs and after he left he was 125kgs and had to book into a weight loss clinic to get it off.

He told the Sunday Telegraph:

“The biggest problem was that you were not allowed to leave the house,” he said. “So I found it quite hard to exercise at all. There were some weights in the garage, but that was not a nice place at all to exercise.”

Young said the program’s producers were “paranoid” about people leaving the house because “they were worried about paparazzi”.

“But I never saw a photographer outside,” he said. “There were nine days where I had nothing scheduled and I was going stir crazy and it would have been so much easier to go for a walk or jog . . . but that’s the rules of the show.”

Young said other contestants also had problems with weight gain because MasterChef was “not a low-fat food show”.

Well it would appear the scene where Hayden comes jogging into the house was staged. No wonder there was no sweat on him.

I liked Craig but seriously I am not feeling much sympathy for him on this issue.

October 30, 2011   7 Comments