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The Renovators – Good Result But The Elimination Challenges Are Unfair

The key holder challenges are unfair. How do you compare a lounge/dining room to an outdoor garden?

Also the challenge sleighted towards the sitting keyholder. Tonight at the half done house with Peter versus Sam it was another team challenge. Props to Peter for playing strategy and picking Natalia and Keenan to stop them from giving Sam ideas about the garden. Also he admitted leaving Jason on her team because he had a busted knee.

Sam definitely had the tougher brief, she had to fix a deck, fill holes, take out plants and re-plant and bring in a mountain of soil. Also she was dealing with getting a lot of material up a very small side passage. I don’t blame Peter for not allowing her to bring it the dirt though the house, he would not have been able to get his work done, also it would have made a mess.

Sam was cracking up, but she was unrealistic. She sent Jason off with a long list of things to collect and said be back in 30 minutes. That was impossible, he was gone for two hours, she was shitty with him, and also told him to paint the wood faster.

By the way if you are wondering where August was, apparently once you have won the keys to your house the contestant does not have to be involved in these challenges. Not sure the logic of this. This means they have the advantage of having more time to work on their houses. It will also mean the last team up for elimination it will be an individual challenge.

Peter’s room was stylish, however I have to agree with Peter Ho the step that goes up to the dining room and kitchen has disaster written all over it. Also the living area is quite small considering it is a three bedroom and two bathroom house. Maybe he should have extended out. However that size is normal in the area.

It was a good result that Peter won. He does have a polarising personality however he has been one of the stand out competitors, also Sam has had very few highlights in the series. In fact the only one in recent history was the decoration of the wall.

September 30, 2011   56 Comments

The Renovators – A Hipster Wedding

“I can see a couple walking down the hallway and one is hot and the other is not…” said Jarrod, well that is what I thought he should have said.

The couple were getting married and The Renovators were having to design their wedding reception. The concept was either an indoor forest or an industrial look. But the subtle message was the couple were a pair of hipsters so the teams needed to factor that into it.

The reward for the winning team  was each member would get $2000 to go towards the house.

Melissa said the Parramatta weatherboard had a sewage issue so that might explain where their money went.

Melissa was leading the black team which consisted of the green, navy blue and grey team. She was going for the flowers, the guys were doing the furniture, and August was going to do a mural.

Natalia was leading the gold team which consisted of the orange, khaki and light blue teams.

Melissa spent two hours at the florist as she was going to work with the florist on the flowers, whilst Jason J just  grabbed the stuff and ran. In the end Melissa had the better strategy.

I love how August had Michael working on his mural for a while, however it was pretty good for a piece knocked out in two hours.

Jason J said the hero of the room was going to be his light or him building the light. Lucky for him the bride liked it but clearly not enough.

It was getting tense towards the end on the black team. Melissa said “I cannot handle this camera in my face today”

In the end the couple preferred the industrial look as it was a space they could visualise themselves in. The forest team stuffed up with having a separate bride and groom table looking down on the rest of the space. The couple wanted to be amongst it all and I don’t blame them they had been together for ten years so really didn’t need to be eating up there alone.

As well as winning cash, the black team had to decide which team next had to go head to head in an elimination challenge. They chose the half done house, and Peter was not phased he would be happy to be rid of Sam. Again the challenge is not an individual one but one involving the whole team.

September 29, 2011   31 Comments

The X Factor – Tyla Bertolli Is Eliminated

Firstly two commenters Kaylen and Sheng_huang picked the bottom two, Tyla and Jaqui so well done guys.

Does anyone else think that Guy Sebastian and Ronan Keating have an advantage in the competition as they went through it all last year so learnt from their mistakes?

Anyway Mel B had to kill one of her own last night with two of her under 25 year old girls landing in the bottom.  Jacqui sang Respect, and Tyla sang Fighter. Guy Sebastian coming in via satellite from Singapore kicked off the comments, and criticised bother singers – Jacqui for being out of tune, and Tyla for screeching. He then cast his vote for Tyla to go.

Natalie Bassingthwaite appeared to be copying what Guy said and cast her vote for Tyla as well.  Ronan disagreed and thought the performances were OK, but he cunningly voted for Jacqui to go to ensure Mel B was put on the spot and would have to decide who was going.

Props to Mel B she made the tough the decision and casted her vote for Tyla and not Jacqui which would have meant the person eliminated would be the singer with the lowest public vote.

Mel B’s rationale is she thinks she has a better chance with Jacqui.

September 29, 2011   5 Comments

The Renovators – The Grey Team Now Has A Keyholder

Due to a three year old bouncing off the walls until midnight I have not seen this episode yet. As Lady Gaga sings “I’m on the edge”….

However Christie was eliminated? Was this the right decision? How much assistance did the August and Christie receive from the other players?


September 29, 2011   28 Comments

Spoiler: The Renovators – The First Two Auction Prices Are Out

You always knew it would happen but the auction results for the two houses that were up for sale last night are now out.

Frankly I think it is a bit bizarre that Property Observer are the ones dropping the clanger on how much the Parramatta Weatherboard and the Marrickville shop sold for.

I am not going to put the prices up on the blog as there will be readers who won’t want to know.

I am always a bit conflicted by spoilers – you think you want to know them, but then finding them out always takes the suspense out of the show.

However click here if you just have to know now.

I would advise people who don’t want to know to not look at the comment thread either.

September 28, 2011   74 Comments