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Planet Cake – Paris Cutler Were A Guy Would She Be More Likeable?

Planet Cake on Lifestyle Food has been on our TV screens for five weeks, and it is a great viewing. There is drama, the cakes are amazing, and the characters interesting.

The show for those who are not watching it is a reality show based in high profile cake shop Planet Cake in Sydney following the highs and lows of making amazingly creative cakes.

However the ‘star’ of the show, and the owner of Planet Cake, Paris Cutler, has been getting some very negative feedback in the social media sphere.

Here are some examples of the tweets:

How shit is that #planetcake show? That woman is fecking horrible and only seems interested in how much ‘her’ cakes are.

I don’t actually like #planetcake, the blonde chick/owner doesn’t do anything she just orders her staff around. ugh.

ehh, that Paris chick from #planetcake is the bitchiest drama queen ever. won’t be wasting time watching again!

And I wondered if Paris was a man whether she would have attracted the same criticism there is double standards when it comes to men and women in business.

Here are some examples:

  • Whereas women are seen as pushy when pitching for business, men are seen to networking;
  • Women when telling it how it is are being bitchy, men are just seen as being assertive;
  • Women who take no nonsense and have high standards are seen as tough, in a negative way, whereas men in same situation are seen as tough in a positive way; and
  • Women who get angry are seen as neurotic, whereas men are seen as being forceful.
And don’t even get me started on the issue of looks and outfits. No one notices if a guy wears the same suit two or three days in a row, however if a female does it is commented on and normally in a negative way.
Conversely I have some reverse sexism going on where I admire women with children who are doing incredible high powered jobs, whereas a guy in a similar positions with children I don’t even think about.
Having watched all the episodes I have felt conflicted about Paris Cutler. At first I was surprised she did not touch or make a cake, but now realise she is a business woman not a cake maker. She runs the business and has the staff with the skills to work for her.
Had we expected her to be a sweet little thing in an apron rolling out the icing fondant, and stirring the cake mixture. I think I had. However what we are seeing is a person running a small business with ten or more staff and juggling all that goes with it. No cash flow then no wages are going to be paid.
Sure she is a tough boss, but it is her brand and she has built it. Also why are women bosses expected to be nurturers, those expectations are not placed on their male counterparts.

Yes I want to know that when her staff are pulling the all nighters that she is paying overtime and penalty rates. However to get the best staff and to retain them she must be paying higher then the going rate for their skills.

If there is no one to produce those masterpieces Paris’s business is going to be in more trouble then the early settlers.

The other criticism has been the cost of the cakes and they cost a lot.  Should the Australian Navy been spending $18,000 on a cake well that is something to debate. In fact the Navy tweeted that they did not pay for it. So a win win for them a free cake plus free advertising for the navy on a TV show was in fact good value.

And yes it is a first world problem that people will spend big bucks on something that is going to be cut up and eaten.

However a business is about making profit, and enough profit to get you through the slow times, pay the bills, and make all the hours and stress in worthwhile.

If she were a guy would I be even writing this blog post? I think not.

I am not sure I like Paris Cutler, but I sure as hell admire her.

Planet Cake – Lifestyle Food – Wednesday nights 7.30pm.

December 1, 2011   21 Comments

Planet Cake To Premiere On Lifestyle Food On November 2

If you like Ace Of Cake, and Cake Boss you will be pleased to know there is a local version currently being filmed called Planet Cake.

The reality show is about the business Planet Cake in Sydney where of course they make high end fancy cakes.

Lifestyle Food says there the show will be eight-part, half-hour observational documentary series, which will premiere exclusively on the channel on Wednesday November 2 at 7.30pm.


Planet Cake owner is Paris Cutler aka “The Cake Queen” is apparently a perfectionist, so hopefully this will give us some good reality drama.

Each episode will show a cake being design, created and delivered.

PLANET CAKE screens Wednesdays at 7.30pm (AEST) from November 2 on LifeStyle FOOD, FOXTEL and AUSTAR.

September 23, 2011   2 Comments