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Young Talent Time – New Judge/Mentor Is Chucky Klapow

There must be no Australian talent or none that are available as yet again a person from the USA has been imported to fill in a judges role on a talent show.

However the kicker on this one is that very few people have ever heard of Chucky Klapow.

The press release says:

The California native has forged a stellar career as a dance instructor and performer, winning an Emmy Award for ‘Outstanding Choreography’ in the film ‘High School Musical’ and performing alongside some of the best in the business including Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, and Paula Abdul, as well as roles on tv series, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’[US] and ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ [UK].

Also another contestant has been announced, Tyler is a 14 year old, who likes ’80’s rock.

January 9, 2012   11 Comments

Young Talent Time – Ayden The Youngest Member Of The Cast

Well it looks like we won’t be getting a Tiny Tina in this reincarnation of Young Talent Time as it was announced today that Ayden will be the youngest member of the team.

He is eleven years of age and from Victoria and he started dancing at the age of four.

I am a bit disappointed there is not an cute eight year old on the show. It looks like it is going more High School Musical feel then the original version.

January 3, 2012   15 Comments

Young Talent Time – Second Contestant Revealed And It is Lynette

Lynette who is 15 years old is the second Young Talent Time contestant to be revealed. I must say she looks older than 15. She is a singing and dancing powerhouse apparently and has been in training since  she was very young. She was one of 30,000 who auditioned to get on the show.

The first person to be announced was Adrian. And yes I realise my readers are underwhelmed by the return of Young Talent Time and is probably not reality TV in the strictest sense of the word.

December 22, 2011   1 Comment

Young Talent Time Cast Starting To Be Announced

Young Talent Time on Channel Ten is cast and the first young kid on the show is Adrien his is 15 years old, and it looks like the show is moving with the times and the cast is not going to be all anglo. He will be on The Project tonight on Network Ten.

I know the show is not strictly reality TV, however I do feel a sense of nostalgia about the show.

Rob Mills will be the host, and Tina Arena is also involved.

I suspect it is going to find a whole new fan base of children of the previous generation of Young Talent Time fans.

December 20, 2011   19 Comments