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My Kitchen Rules – Nic and Rocco among reality stars up for Cleo Bachelor of the Year!

Cleo’s list of Top 50 eligible bachelors was announced last week, with some of the hottest contestants on reality TV in the running, including Nic and Rosso from My Kitchen Rules.

The list of 50 bachelors is a good mix of actors, athletes, comedians, musicians and everyday Aussie men making the cut. Among them this year, is a good number of reality hopefuls who now have a real chance of winning something more than a TV competition!

Some bigger names in the running are comedian Matt Okine, Packed to the Rafters actor Ryan Corr, Home and Away and Underbelly actor Richard Brancatisano, politician Wyatt Roy, Rugby Union player James O’Connor, AFL player Israel Folau, Neighbours actor Chris Milligan and Channel Ten news presenter Matt Doran.

I also want to mention NRL player David Williams from Manly, because on his bachelor profile on the Cleo website, he was asked what pisses him off and he said reality television!

Who will you be rooting for? Check out the hunks of reality TV below!

Nic Mazzone and Rocco La Bella – My Kitchen Rules

The two friends are teamed up on Seven’s cooking show, but Nic and Rocco are going head to head in this beauty contest!

While the Cleo competition is for unmarried bachelors, project manager Nic says he’s ready to settle down and get married! His big life goals are to get hitched, start a family and earn enough money to retire!

When asked about what he thought of making it into the Top 50 list, the 26 year-old’s first thought was: “They’re scraping the bottom of the barrel this year!”

Meanwhile, Rocco is already offering to bake cakes in exchange for votes!

The 29 year-old finance manager admits that his first celebrity crush is actress Alyssa Milano, but claims his idea of a perfect date doesn’t exist because it can be anywhere or anything, as long as it’s with the right girl.

Johnny Ruffo – The X Factor Australia and Dancing with the Stars

The Dancing with the Stars hopeful is definitely in for a chance to win, with participation in two high-profile shows. And he certainly had enough votes from the teenage girls when he was competing on The X Factor.

The singer and dancer says he deserves to win the Cleo Bachelor title because he’s “cheeky, down to earth and lots of fun.” But maybe those qualities weren’t enough to get him into the Top 50, as Johnny jokes about sleeping with the editor to get a spot!

Nathan Jolliffe – The Amazing Race Australia and The Celebrity Apprentice Australia

Having won the first season of Australia’s version of The Amazing Race, 26 year-old model Nathan is now eyeing both titles of Celebrity Apprentice and Cleo Bachelor of the Year!

The former beau of Miss Australia Erin McNaught sure is confident about his chances. When asked about why he deserves to win the Cleo Bachelor crown, he says because “I really like winning?”

Tim ‘Timomatic’ Omaji – Australia’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance Australia

The 24 year-old singer and dancer is currently single after a split from girlfriend and SYTYCDA winner Talia Fowler last year. The couple attributed the break-up as due to work commitments and time apart.

He is currently focused on furthering his music career, and says that his drive and ambition should appeal to the ladies. When it comes to qualities in women, Timomatic likes girls who know how to ‘get down’, and is turned off my cockiness.

Hayden Quinn – MasterChef Australia

The aspiring foodie didn’t win the title of MasterChef in 2011, but he now has commentating gigs on Network Ten across a number of sporting events. The 25 year-old surf lifeguard seems quite comfortable with his masculinity in his interview answers on the Cleo website. He talks about his secret knitting talents and crying during the romance film, Dear John.

For Hayden, the biggest turn-off when looking for a potential partner, is too much make-up. And when asked about how he is in the bedroom, he says he’s “usually asleep”.

Lachlan Cosgrove – Beauty and the Geek Australia

While Lachlan’s reality TV relationship with beauty, Jordan Finlayson is going steady, the 23 year-old geek is still eligible as a ‘bachelor’ as long as he has no plans to wed in the near future!

Lachlan hasn’t always had luck with the ladies, as it wasn’t until Beauty and the Geek Australia that he found confidence is speaking to the opposite sex.

David Cardamone – The Family

Last on the list is the eldest Cardamone brother, David from SBS’s The Family. The 21 year-old university student is in a long-term relationship with girlfriend Jess, who also appeared on the reality show.

What David likes in a girl is the confidence in being comfortable in one’s skin and not having to hide behind too much make-up.

You can check out the rest of the Bachelor hopefuls on the Cleo website, where you can also vote for your favourites!

(Source: Cleo)

March 25, 2012   18 Comments

Reality TV Shows Nominated (or not nominated!) for the 2012 Logies

The nominations for the 54th Annual Logie Awards were announced this afternoon, with many Aussie reality shows not making the cut into the small five-contender field of Most Popular Reality Program.

In the running is the award’s reigning champion and two-time winner, MasterChef Australia (Network Ten). But it’s not the only cooking show in the mix, with Channel Seven’s rival program My Kitchen Rules is also vying for the title.

Seven has the most nominees in field, with Beauty and the Geek Australia and The X Factor Australia also making the cut. And in the final slot to round off the nominees is The Block from the Nine Network.

If I had to predict the winner out of this bunch, my money would definitely be on either MasterChef or My Kitchen Rules! Seeing the popular of MKR at the moment does make me question what faith I have in Ten’s cooking series, but I will back Matt, George and Gary just for another year! Sure, the quality of the show has declined since the brilliant first season, but I still think it has the upperhand over MKR for the loyal fan base that it has.

But I do wonder how many votes were pulled away in favour for Junior MasterChef, even if the kids version of the show failed to make the top 5 list. In the end, I think people would have voted for MC because it really got the reality genre back where it belonged: at the top! However, MKR likely to take the crown in next year’s race. The show keeps getting better and better.

Now, back to the other nominees. I haven’t seen much of Beauty and The Geek Australia and The Block last year, but I don’t think neither have the support to win.

Same goes for The X Factor Australia, which I did watch religiously last year! It was too good to say no with Mel B and Natalie Bassingthwaighte rounding off an amazing panel of judges. It’s a singing show, so the mentors should be performers and not radio hosts! Though I must admit, in order to watch it, I had to give up on The Renovators. I would’ve stuck with Ten’s design show otherwise, but it was getting to a point that things weren’t moving quick enough. And surely, despite realityravings readers voting it the number one reality show in a recent poll, it failed in the ratings and hasn’t landed any Logie nominations. I don’t think there was much support by Ten in the Logie contenders submissions stage to begin with. No presenter from the show was put forward for Most Popular Television Presenter.

So it’s the five nominees for the category are: Beauty and the Geek AustraliaThe BlockMasterChef AustraliaMy Kitchen Rules and The X Factor Australia. I’m really not surprised by this list, but I must say this category is definitely one of the most competitive. We’re currently in a television landscape that sees reality shows doing generally better than Aussie dramas.

Two programs that have been consistently nominated in the last few years but dropped out of the field this year are The Biggest Loser and Dancing with the Stars. As a big supporter of last season’s families edition of Loser, I am upset that it hasn’t been included. It’s actually the show that I voted for! (Didn’t go for MasterChef because I knew it would have enough votes). On the other hand, I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars and it’s popularity has slightly dwindled over the last few years. It still rates considerably well, but struggles to receive the same buzz that it use to.

The good news for Loser fans is that trainer Tiffiny Hall is up for Most Popular New Female Talent! She’s unlikely to win being up against Underbelly‘s Anna McGahan and Chelsie Preston Crayford, Melissa Bergland from Winners & Losers and Demi Harman from Home and Away. But it’s lovely to see her nominated as she brought a different air to the program and livened it up! Realityraver seems to disagree with me about Tiffiny, so maybe she could chime in in the comments?

Realityraver’s Logie pick, The Amazing Race Australia also failed to land a nomination.

Also, not appearing this year is The Farmer Wants A Wife, hosted by Natalie Gruzlewski, who actually shared hosting duties with Bondi Vet‘s Chris Brown at the Logies nominations party in Sydney this afternoon. I’ll only consider voting for the dating show if we start seeing some gay farmers.

From the Nine shows, it was clear The Block would come out as their strongest contender. But some may be disappointed at the omission of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia, which exceeded expectations and really delivered the goods by the end, with comedienne Julia Morris taking about the winning title. You can catch Julia as a presenter at the Logies when the awards special airs on April 15.

Of course, you might not be able to catch it live if you’re watching Dancing with the Stars or MasterChef instead! Seven, Nine and Ten are going all out to win ratings on the Sunday night. If last year’s ratings is any indication, MC has the upper hand in the TV battle, as it averaged 1.569 million viewers to the 1.363 million the Logies pulled. Though, Nine did have the highest overall share for the night (Source:

On another note, I know not many people watch The Family on SBS, but it was really interesting viewing for me to watch the Cardamones in their suburban family life in Melbourne over a few months time. It definitely got me wanting to see Big Brother on air again. It’s a shame the fly-on-the-wall program isn’t being recognised anywhere. It could have been nominated for Most Outstanding Light Entertainment Program (peer-voted as opposed to viewer-voted), but the Logie judging panels obviously don’t agree with my praise for the SBS show.

Speaking of Big Brother, maybe we’ll see it nominated next year in Most Popular Reality Program? That’s only if it doesn’t flop and Nine’s willing to put it up for submission, which is something Network Ten didn’t do for the last series. Since it was axed, they just didn’t bother. I was very upset when the show was missing from the initial voting ballot in early 2009 (for the 2008 television year).

And lastly, if you’re wondering why Australia’s Got Talent hasn’t had a mention in this category, it’s because Seven has been submitting the show in another field: Most Popular Light Entertainment Program. It’s definitely an easier category to break into, when you’re going up against shows like Sunrise, and in previous years, Deal or No Deal. Though I really don’t understand why Seven would qualify the program as light entertainment when it’s a talent quest just like The X Factor Australia. The season that saw young singer Jack Vidgen win the competition, is also nominated for Most Outstanding Light Entertainment Program.

A full list of nominees can be found here.

You can see who wins on The 54th Annual Logie Awards, airing Sunday April 15 on Channel Nine.

March 18, 2012   9 Comments

The Family – No Sexy Times In The Cardamone Household

It would appear that as much as children don’t like the idea of their parents having sex nor to do parents like the idea of their children doing it either.

The Family this week was a much better with showcasing issues that most families face.

Last week the show lived up to this family is “nothing remarkable” tagline with banal conversations and tedious plot lines. In fact I had wondered whether SBS has selected the Cardamones so their viewer could congratulate themselves for not being like them. SBS viewers are very much the latte set, and put it this way the Cardamones are not your typical SBS fans.

This week the main plot line was the Cardamone men trying to get laid. The father was having no hope, probably because they have been married for 25 years, and there are cameras in the bedroom. Now apparently they are turned off for a few hours a night, but this is not conducive for romance.

The eldest son who is 20, had his girlfriend over to stay, but the rule in the house was they were not allowed to sleep in the same bedroom. Now it looked like he did not sneak, but again that could have been because of the cameras. The girlfriend Jess’s body language looked like she was not really into him so she was not going to encourage him to break the rules.

And there was no enthusiasm when he was trying to lock her in for a shag at her house. But then maybe she was turned off after she waxed off his chest and abdomen hair. Why are Gen Y’s so hair phobic?

The other romance was a sweet one between the 18 year old son, and his new girlfriend Marlana. If there is any link between brain cancer and mobile phone use, he will have it after hours of conversation with her late at night. Also they were sweet with each other when she came over for a gathering at his place. She knew how to get on the mums good side by giving her a box of chocolates. The dad looked vaguely bemused by this.

However these girls need to beware, these boys are not going to be great catches as their mother waits on them hand and foot. Yet to see one step foot in the kitchen to wash or wipe up. The mum is doing no one any favours by doing this.

What did you think of The Family tonight?

December 1, 2011   18 Comments