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Cricket Superstar – Burnt-out

The final 15 check into their luxury mansion but stumble when they have to explain why they should be captain.  The boys meet their mentor for the series, Graham Manou, before they take on their first match of the series.

Well, I didn’t make it to the first match of the series.  The synopsis of the episode sums up what I did see fairly accurately, though.  The mansion had all the trappings of luxury – marble entry, sweeping staircase, manicured lawns, a pool – and most of the final fifteen summed up their suitability for the role of captain with a series of variations on the syllable “um”.  Oh, and they met Graham Manou.

Then there was a lot of smoke, the sound of approaching fire engines, and then the luxury mansion was evacuated for… a challenge that was going to focus on “communication”.  And that’s when I turned off.  Sure, there seemed to be a lack of urgency during the evacuation that hinted that the guys were aware that it was a set-up, but that only makes it more pointless, doesn’t it?

Not interested.  Goodbye, Cricket Superstar, perhaps I’ll see one or more of the fifteen in the baggy green one day. Or, if not, in some Big Bash pyjamas.

At least I watched for long enough to have the life of a pro-cricketer summed up for me in one word.  “Freebies!”  Thanks, Lee.


January 12, 2012   6 Comments

Cricket Superstar – or find me an opener, stat!

The search for Australia’s best young cricketer begins with the hopefuls tested under the watchful eye of Allan Border, as the dream starts to become a reality for fifteen talented sportsmen.

After a montage of high-energy international games, we zoom in to Lee Furlong (“Foxtel personality and cricket lover”, according to the narrator) and Allan Border. “Are you in?” she asks, “Or are you… OUT?” completes Allan Border, who has clearly been put through dramatic-pause bootcamp.  More montage-ing, in which Ricky Ponting observes that he’d have liked Cricket Superstar to have been around when he was young, although I can’t see why.  He managed to get a baggy green and take the national captaincy without the help of a televised talent quest, which promises to include challenges of no cricketing value whatsoever.

This is the first episode and I was diligently taking notes whilst watching only to decide that the entire 61 minutes (including ads) was preamble and that I’d have to watch at least one episode with the top 15 to decide whether or not to persevere.  Some observations:

  • Watching cricketing hopefuls drop catches is not as much fun as Pants on the Ground-type Idol auditions.
  • In terms of entertainment value, the over-confidence of the Victorian “ladies man” was just as difficult to watch as the tongue-tied awkwardness of the poor South Australian contender.
  • There are 18 year-old radio relationship counsellors? I weep for the future.
  • The camera work needs to improve.  I was having some grumpy David Stratton “keep it STEADY!” moments.
  • Tension over who was to be selected was almost non-existent as most of those through had been featured heavily throughout the episode. Makes me wonder why they bothered with the “tryouts” episode at all, really, given how dull it was.
  • Really not sure why they needed to include a keeper and a range of bowlers in the fifteen. We need opening batsmen!

Next week – a fire!


January 5, 2012   6 Comments

Cricket Superstar Premieres On Fox 8 on Jan 4

The good news for people who have pay TV is that these channels don’t go on holidays.

Cricket Superstar will premiere on Fox 8 on the 4th of January. The show is based on the same format as Football Superstar, a show that really did not grab my attention. Please note I am not really into sport, also the sports guys were to too young and dumb to be able to check out. I do have some standards!

Anyway here is what the press release says:

Hosted by Lee Furlong, CRICKET SUPERSTAR is a competitive new sports-reality series following a group of promising young cricketers as they battle it out in a series of gruelling challenges for the chance of a lifetime.

After a nationwide audition tour earlier this year, followed by an intensive selection weekend at Cricket Australia’s Centre of Excellence, 15 young players were selected to take part in the show.

They are: Justin Avendano (18), Josh Clarke (18), Richard Potter (18) and Jake Scicluna (17) from New South Wales; Sam Brandon (20) and Jackson Smith (19) from Queensland; Chris Chellew (21), Jake Fawcett (21) and David Vernon (21) from Western Australia; Mason Crozier (20) and Ian Holland (21) from Victoria; Alex Frick (19), James Moss (22) and Cameron Williams (20) from South Australia; and Ben Cooper (19) from Tasmania.

Over the course of filming, these young sportsmen live together in a state-of-the-art mansion in Brisbane while competing in a series of carefully devised cricket challenges designed to show off their skills.

There is also a weekly non-cricket challenge that takes the boys out of their comfort zone in order to reveal their all important characteristics, from skydiving to catwalk modelling, rally driving and even Bollywood dancing.

Judging the boys at every step is cricketing great Allan Border. As chief judge, Border has the final say on who stays and who goes. Also on board is former Australian test cricketer Graham Manou, who is responsible for mentoring the boys on their journey from backyard cricket ace to CRICKET SUPERSTAR. Along the way, cricket legends past and present drop in to their training sessions to give invaluable advice.

The winner of CRICKET SUPERSTAR will earn a rookie contract for the 2012-13 season, as well as a four month scholarship at Cricket Australia’s Centre of Excellence in Brisbane.

I will check it out, however Injera’s on her new blog has a different take on it.

December 14, 2011   13 Comments