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Sad News For Ada Nicodemou

Very sad news for Please Marry My Boy host, Ada Nicodemou. Her baby boy was born stillborn. It must be heartbreaking for her and her family losing a child. Best wishes to her and her family.

Here is the official statement:

It is with great sadness that we need to share some news with you.
Our baby boy Harrison was delivered stillborn on Thursday 7 August 2014.
We appreciate your love and support as we mourn the loss of our precious son.
We understand we have lived some of our lives in the public eye.
But we respectfully ask for privacy at this difficult and extremely painful time so we can grieve
and heal.
With love Ada, Chrys & Johnas

August 7, 2014   8 Comments

Please Marry My Boy – The Second Season Is A Repeat Of First

The Bachelor producers must be pleased Please Marry My Boy is being screened as it is going to make their dating show look high end.

There was barely one season in Please Marry My Boy and there is definitely not two. Same format where three girls are picked out of ten at a speed date and they go and live with the mother at her home.

She sets different tasks for them to do and chooses one girl to go on a cheesy date with their boy each week. This year they are mixing it up a bit when a fourth girl arrives at the house.

The characters are similar to last years with Carlo’s mother Maria like Vlad’s mum thinking cooking and housekeeping skills are more important as he would not be expected to do that for himself.

Nathan is a duller version of Tony. I suspect more on there to self promote then look for love. However he did go on a date with a sports model so maybe they will hook up.

Carlos went on a date with Tanya the conveyancer who appears to have a thing about food. Her most treasured possession was her juicer, how if she has juice in the morning she can eat food later.

You get the feeling Maria won’t be picking Kristie as she has a son and Amber will be deemed to be too old even though she is 40 and younger than Carlos. She will want grandkids.

Brad is the most likeable guy but he needs to be a bit smoother, his date with Anna could only be described as awkward.

Who do you think will hook up on the show?

Please Marry My Boy on Monday and Thursday on SEVEN




August 2, 2013   9 Comments

Open Post: Please Marry My Boy

Sorry guys I know I promised to recap Please Marry My Boy, but tonight there is Big Brother, Masterchef and The X Factor so won’t be able to do it.

Tell me what you think of the first episode and the cast here.

July 29, 2013   39 Comments

Please Marry My Boy Is Coming Back To Seven

Please Marry My Boy which had a lacklustre season one is coming back to SEVEN. The producer of The Amazing Race Australia must be peeved thinking “I won an international Emmy and I can’t get it renewed but this dating show is”.

But let’s face it this is cheap TV to make.

Please Marry My Boy is a dating show where the mother gets to pick the women he should date and eventually marry. First there is the speed dating where three girls are picked to go live with the mothers. Over the weeks they go on dates with the son and in the last episode the mother picks the girl for them to “marry”.

There were no lasting relationships from season one.

This series there is only three guys and their mothers in it down from five last year. It must be difficult to find mothers and their sons both willing to go on a show.

The three contestants are:

  • Brad King 27 – a buyers assistant for a camping store. He says he gets tongue tied around women. His mother Margaret King 59 who has been married for 40 years is going to help him.
  • Carlo Cimino 41 – is a small business owner who previously has been married and he wants a wife to give him children. His mother Maria who is Italian is hoping he will settle down soon.
  • Nathan Secomb 30 – is a model and a tradie. His mother thinks he picks the wrong type.  

You get the feeling Nathan is going to be this series Tony.

Ada Nicodemou will host the show.

Please Marry My Boy is coming soon to SEVEN.


June 11, 2013   29 Comments

Now Casting: Please Marry My Boy Looking For Contestants

In I didn’t see this one coming but it looks like Channel Seven are considering going ahead with a second season of Please Marry My Boy.

They have announced they are looking for mother’s and sons, and single ladies looking for love.

The show rated OK for the network but maybe because it was cheap to make – no big prize money, people staying in the family home, and sponsored dates so maybe that  is why they decided to have a crack at another series.

They applications are open for nearly three months until 1 March 2013, there has been no official announcement, maybe they are waiting to see what type of applicants they get before they give it the official go ahead.

If you are interested go to Yahoo7 Casting.

December 11, 2012   17 Comments