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The Shire – Sophie And Vernesa Getting Their Own Reality Show?

It is fair to say the only memorable people from reality TV show bomb The Shire were Sophie and Vernesa and Beck and her father.

However at this stage the botox beauties are the only ones who are extracting their 15 minutes of fame from the show.

The Daily Telegraph are saying Sophie and Vernesa have their own reality show in the offing. Though it should be noted it was not said which Network it would be aligned with.

Clearly being involved in a scrag fight earlier this year is not hindering their TV careers or their invites to product launches like nose wax products.

The article says the girls were coy about revealing what the show was going to be about.

The Telegraph writes:

Now Vernesa Toroman and Sophie Kalantzis are set for a new reality show – and this time it’s all about them.

“We can’t give away too much,” Kalantzis, 27, said. “But it is what you could call a fish-out-of-water reality show.”

Toroman, 28, added: “It’s all about us. It’s always about us.”

They also say that they were viciously attacked on Twitter when the show The Shire aired, but now they say they have a positive fan base.

It is a tad ironic how the most interesting contestants on The Shire were not actually from it.

January 6, 2013   10 Comments

Three Of The Shire Girls Are In Court This Week

There was more interesting plot lines happening off camera then on screen on The Shire.

Today Sophie and Vernesa were in court in relation to that fracas they were in earlier this year at a shopping mall. See ACA report from tonight. They have taken out AVO’s against the girl with the knife. Also Sophie and Vernesa are enjoying their fifteen minutes and attended a nose waxing product launch yesterday.

Also Beckaa Noun was in court earlier this week in relation to speeding fines.

The SMH reports Beckaa was saying she needed her licence so she could get to University of Wollongong where she is studying her Communications degree and that instead of the fine she offered to do community service as she said she can’t afford to pay the fine.

She must have lied onscreen then as she spent a couple of grand a week or her father has pulled the credit cards.

Anyway what we do know is Beckaa has had her breast augmentation as she tweeted about it on the night of the final episode of the reality show. She said the operation was filmed but did not make it past the editing suite.

This won’t be the last of The Shire crew in the court room expect to see more over the coming months.

September 12, 2012   1 Comment

The Shire – Some Alternate Plot Lines To Give The Show Some Oopmh

The Shire is limping towards it end with the final episode next week, but don’t expect a cliff hanger. The show will never be on our screens again due to the low numbers of people watching it.

Whilst watching tonight’s episode I was wondering if some alternate plot lines might have made the show a bit more exciting.

Here are my suggestions for tonight’s episode:

Actual plotline: Kris has a crush on Beckaa and Stacey sets Beckaa on a blind date with him.

Alternate plotline: Love triangle with Stacey crushing on Kris, Kris crushing on Beckaa and Becka crushing on herself.

Actual plotline: Mitch and his monosyllabic dad try and have a conversation whilst fishing, neither of those ventures were successful. Mitch then invites him home for a BBQ.

Alternate plotline: Mitch and Dad actually have a conversation using words with more than two syllables in them. Mitch invites Dad home without realising his mother still has an AVO out against him.

Actual Plotline: Beckaa’s father drives her to her date.

Alternate Plotline: Beckaa telling her father she needed a break.

Actual Plotline: Sophie and Vernesa hired a receptionist and gave her a makeover.

Alternate Plotline: Sophie and Vernesa hire receptionist, she steals the fat burner machine. Once Sophie and Vernesa realise they chase after her and have a rumble at the shopping centre where they work. Oh hang on part of that did occur they just did not have the cameras rolling.

Can you think of any alternate plot lines for the show? Is anyone still watching it?

September 4, 2012   2 Comments

The Shire Will Not Be Renewed

If you are a fan of The Shire you will saddened to know there are only two more episodes left. The show will finish on 10 September.

It failed to rate well with numbers dropping consistently each week. Sure not the most entertaining reality show on TV but it has its highlights namely Beckaa, Sophie and Vernesa.

Will we get to find out if Beckaa gets that boob job? Does Mitch have an ongoing relationship with his father once his mum asks him for years of unpaid child support? Will Sophie and Vernesa ever get a date?

Some cast members have had so little screen times I don’t even know their names.

Source: (SMH)

August 31, 2012   14 Comments

The Shire – Beckaa Talks About Her Dad

The Shire star Beckka Noun talked to NW mag a few weeks ago and talks about going brunette, her dad, and plastic surgery.

NW interview from the magazine:

NW: Why did you decide to undergo a makeover?

BN: The blonde was pretty much killing my hair – it was so unhealthy, it was almost falling out!

NW: What’s your favourite part of your body?

BN: Booty! I love my big butt, I love curves – and I do have that. That’s what makes Kim Kardashian look so good, so heavenly – her shape.

NW: You call yourself a daddy’s girl. Are you spoilt?

BN: He does spoil me and my sister, but I’m not a brat about it. I’ll bicker about some things with him but it’s not like I’ll throw a tantrum if I don’t get what I want. But yes, I’m fortunate and I do really appreciate it.

NW: Do you expect your boyfriends to spoil you?

BN: I feel sorry for them, they have a lot to keep up with! No, my boyfriend doesn’t have to be rich, but I don’t like stinginess. The reality is I never look at people for money, because I already have a lot of things.

NW: How much do you spend a week?

BN: A couple of thousand, easy – and that’s being modest! I spend a lot on beauty – I get my hair done, spray tans, manis and pedis. I love handbags and jewellery, and plastic surgery takes up quite a bit of dad’s money!

NW: Do you want more plastic surgery?

BN: Yes, I want to have my boobs done. I’m very much for plastic surgery! If someone feels it’s going to help them feel more confident, what’s the problem?

NW: Have you always been confident?

BN: Sometimes I’ll go out and thing I look a bit rank, but I’ve always had this confidence. It’s the most important thing, and everyone can have it – no matter how they look! You stand out more in a crowd than some pretty girl standing in a corner. Guys go up to the girls who are having fun and popping bottles – no-one likes a sourpuss! Also, I like the feeling that I can do things myself, that I don’t need anyone to fall back on – well, other than dad.

NW: What would you do if your dad cut you off?

BN: Gosh, I don’t know! Guess I’d have to go to work or something, wouldn’t I!

NW: Is your goal to be Miss Universe?

BN: I know I’m no Miss Universe or Miss Australia, I just want to do some local pageants.

NW: How are you preparing?

BN: I wasn’t allowed to work out for a few months after my nose job, so I gained 5kg, which I want to drop.

NW: What’s your plan B in life?

BN: I’m just having a go now with pageants because I’m young. My long-time plan is TV presenting or broadcast, and I’m doing media studies in uni at the moment.

The Shire screens on Network TEN Monday night’s at 9.45pm

August 27, 2012   14 Comments