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Everybody Dance Now AXED

Network TEN have acted swiftly and axed Everybody Dance Now just a week after it premiered on our screens.

The show was a ratings and critical disaster, however it did showcase some amazing talent. Unfortunately it will spook networks from giving a dance show a go, which is a pity as So You Think You Can Dance was fabulous.

No word on whether it would be moved to Eleven or they will just cut their losses and pay the judges out. The people to really feel sorry for are the show’s crew and contestants. No one will have the opportunity to win that $250,000.

It is all little disappointing.

August 21, 2012   15 Comments

Everybody Dance Now – Did They Know It Would Tank Prior To Airing?

Heads are already rolling over Everybody Dance Now the reality show that had the potential to  be great but is sliding in the ratings.

The Daily Telegraph are reporting that Adrian Cam the Executive Producer is no longer with the show. However what is interesting is they say he left early August before the show premiered.

Does that mean Fremantle and Network TEN thought the show had issues even before it premiered? It is very unusual for an Executive Producer to leave at such a crucial time in production of a show.

Everybody Dance Now on TEN this Sunday at 7.30pm

August 21, 2012   3 Comments

Everybody Dance Now – Format Changed And Murdoch Admits It Was A Flop

Everybody Dance Now tanked in the ratings last week, but Network TEN have been quick to act to try and resuscitate it.

They have now cut it to one night a week, Sunday’s at 8.00pm, and it will only be a one hour show. The truncation means there will only be three heats and the winners of these heats will dance off for $10,000 and the other two will be eligible for the wild card vote into the quarter finals.

Inquiries late last week revealed the down side of this was some of the acts that were slated for the program have now been cut.

Also in the Sunday Telegraph today the host of the show Sarah Murdoch admitted the show was a horror flop and is wanting the viewer to give it another chance.

The article states:

Conceding the show’s original format had been a failure, a candid Murdoch said she had spent the past week in crisis talks with judges Jason Derulo and Kelly Rowland and the program’s creators, Fremantle Media, in a bid to salvage the series.

“It was a huge disappointment. The way the format was set didn’t work,” she told The Sunday Telegraph.

“We spent the entire week meeting and talking through every aspect of the show. We have taken on what the viewers have said and we can make it so Australia will fall in love with it.”

Imploring viewers to give the show another chance, Murdoch said the heavily promoted series had been completely revamped for tonight, with the number of acts performing cut to three and the program reduced from two weekly episodes to a solitary hour-long run on Sundays.

Network sources said the show was facing the axe and would likely be scrapped if the changes failed to impress.

The US judges were confident it could be saved, with 22-year-old singer Derulo saying the new format would give audiences a more action-packed experience. “We needed to move things around to give people the action-packed show they want,” he said. “Now we are giving them that. We have chopped down the excess.”

Singer Rowland, 31, said she would be most disappointed for the performers if the show was dropped.

“That’s why we went back to look at what we could do to make it better. I think the show is going to get better and better. We want viewers to love it.”

Well hopefully Jason will look a bit more excited about being there.

Everybody Dance Now will screen on Network TEN at 8.00pm Sunday nights.

August 19, 2012   7 Comments

Everybody Dance Now – Beat The Streets And Emily Seymour Were Amazing

It is a pity they can’t merge Everybody Dance Now with So You Think You Can Dance. The group dances have been some of the highlights of the struggling reality show, however I would like to follow the “journeys” and get to see more of the artists.

Last night Beat The Streets did an amazing performance. It was a mix of hip hop, tap with some incredible energy. And it wasn’t just because one the guys took his shirt off.  These guys have got to be one of the favourites to win. They also knocked out Machismo a group that had three So You Think You Can Dance Australia alumni in it. They were Charlie Bartley, BJ Rorke, and Hilton Dennis.

Check out their performance below:

However disappointingly Emily Seymour a very talented 17 year old dancer was knocked out in the first round. Her routine which was a mix of ballet and jazz, a naughty black swan, however she did not win the vote and therefore will have no chance to get a wild card into the quarter finals.

If this had been So You Think You Can Dance it would have been fantastic to see her dance again, and even pair up with Nobel Lakaev.

Her performance is below and it is well worth checking out.

The other performer who got through to the quarter finals last night was Drumstick a self taught dancer who is legally blind and partially deaf. He was good but as expected his technique was lacking, however it will be interesting to see what he does next.

Everybody Dance Now is on Network TEN at 8.00pm on Sunday.


August 15, 2012   12 Comments

Everybody Dance Now – Gasping For Breathe

Everybody Dance Now rated 304,000 last night, which meant it had fewer viewers then last weeks The Shire episode and it makes NINE’s Excess Baggage look like a ratings success.

This is not good for the much hyped reality dance show and there will be some unhappy faces around Network TEN and Fremantle Media today. It would also appear the Network is talking to the sponsors. Can it be improved or saved? Unfortunately in TV land viewers will desert a show if there is a stench of failure to it.

It is a pity as Networks will shy away from a dance reality show, when in fact the market is ripe for one it just needs the right format and cast.

Last night’s episode followed the same format as the night before Jason and Kelly’s teams go head to head in four heats. The winner of those heats go head to head against one of the other acts and two teams win $10,000 each and they move forward to the quarter finals.

I have to be honest I watched the episode this morning and scrolled through it and the 90 minute episode took me less than 30 minutes to watch. I cut out the ads (obviously) and the pre and post dance hype of the judges. Kelly Rowland is working the room the same can’t be said for Jason Derulo. Maybe Kelly should have been balanced out by an Australian judge.

Again there were some great dance acts but it did make me wonder if they had put some of the best ones in the first episode, because Nobel Lakaev would have easily won  if he had been in the second episode. Does this format allow the best acts to get through to the final? Probably not.  This was a format issue for The Voice but no one really spoke about it (except me) because it was rating its kahunas off.

The highlights of the night were winner SAEA Banyana a female tribal group, the burlesque girl group who really smoked up the dance floor, and an indian dance troupe called Singh Sabha Bhangra. Also circus must be the new dance trend, as there was a girl with hoola hoops who was a little intense as well as one of the winners of the night Liam and Tamika who did an amazing circus acrobatic act.

Maybe it is time to bring back the tested format of So You Think You Can Dance, but the downside of that format is we would have missed seeing all these group performances and they have been the highlight thus far. However you do get to see peoples “journey” and emotionally connect with them.

Everybody Dance Now continues tonight on TEN at 8.00pm.


August 14, 2012   11 Comments