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Guest Post: Gabby Millgate Blogs On Excess Baggage For Reality Ravings

The fabulous Gabby Millgate has agreed to blog on Excess Baggage for Reality Ravings, so we get a unique perspective of the show, plus a witty recap. You can follow her on Twitter @gabbymillgate or check out her website or her YouTube Channel for a laugh.

Over to you Gabby Millgate:

Hello you!

I’ve been asked by Reality Ravings to write a guest blog about last night on excess baggage WED 29 Feb on Go!

As I am a contestant on Excess Baggage my perspective is going to colour this whole blog (…as being informative & self indulgent is  such a rare opportunity).
My perspective is this :I watch the show & tweet after a day of workouts & challenges.

IN A NUTSHELL:High rise stairs from hell with aspects of Gold Coast Meter-maid
BEST TWEET: @MrsMRecommends “might have guessed Ajay wouldn’ do it #shirker I feel for the camera and sound crew having to do it! #excessbaggage”


Firstly the most important info:
WHO VOMITED? Nathan…its his usual reaction to anything extreme.

WHO NEARLY DIES? Kate DeRugio AND Nathan

Lets start with Darryn and Lisa (RED TEAM).
They come last again but not before @MarniKelly tweeted “@lusheslamour call @DarrynLyonsMrP geriatric & a cockatoo in 1 show,brilliant”.

The Orange team with Dippa and Lana continue to delight me. Lana unique turn of phrase describing Dippa’s frustration made judge @joannanutrition  tweet this “Thank goodness Dipper is a gent I kept my teeth :)”.

The Blue team K-Fed /Renea showed us love and exhaustion. It’s amazing how K-fed pulls all the chicks…right up 78 floor of stairs. and Renae seemed to do it effortlessly…Is she a robot from the future sent back in time to loose weight?
He said I love you and she heaved onto his chest…..which is understandable  78 floors with Matt Purple team behind her…somewhere down a few flights a giant man
on a mission to win.

It was like watching something from a horror movie.

Then Nathan vomited (in his team colour-yellow), and then Kate nearly died.
Ben (my teammate) came to the rescue and got her to safety, but to do that they had to keep climbing.

Watching this made me ask some important questions.

What is the purpose of the competition element?
Is it survival of the fittest?
If it was for Ben he would have kept walking and left Kate to be taken care of by someone else.
Helping your mate no matter what team you’re on, seems to be at Ben’s core.
How do you score that in a competition?
Are we on a battlefield or a playground?
I’m glad this show is about choice.

Me…I was very brave and waited really hard at the top having taken the elevator.
I closed my eyes and imagined sending Ben energy…dunno if it worked
That can’t be measure either.

Next show:
Thursday Night March 1 is the first Elimination. Who will be in the bottom two?
Who do you think will be standing in front of the judges explaining and justifying why they deserve to escape ELIMINATION?!!
Everybody’s worried. Everybody should be. Understandable

February 29, 2012   11 Comments

My Kitchen Rules: The B&B Challenge

Tonight they were cooking for Bed and Breakfast owners and their families. The team that receives the most votes wins and is safe from elimination. Manu and Pete gets to pick the worst two dishes and those teams will be in a cook off.

They have to cook for fifty people. I love the way they rock up to the B&B’s with two half full shopping bags each. Coles shopping bags must use the same technology as Dr Who’s tardis.

However I don’t think the fifty people actually taste all the dishes so the B&B people were voting on the best dish of the ones they tasted.

Helen and Steve made Mediteranean Pancakes. I know I am meant to like this pair, and Steve is allegedly funny but they just seem like they force themselves to be jovial. Hopefully viewers will get to know them better to be able to form an opinion as they have not had much screen time.

Manu liked the flavour of the buckwheat as he thought it was different and I thought they were unlucky to not win.

Megan and Andy made a Bacon and Leek with Gruyere Tart with Roasted Tomatoes. Megan forgot to prick the pastry, her poor attention to detail is quite funny. However the judges liked it, but they said the pastry was not cooked properly.

Carla and Thomas made Honey Chicken and Roasted Almond Filo with Blueberry Maramalade and goats cheese. When will this pair learn not to put so many ingredients in their dish, it sounded foul. Pete could not keep a neutral face when judging it he looked like he was about to heave. Manu said he liked the jam! Pete said the presentation was good, however said it was not enjoyable to eat.

Jennifer and Leigh were smart and going for few ingredients but high technical skill with Slow Cooked Eggs with green sauce. Unfortunately for them their thermometer broke so this was an issue as they had to keep the water temperature at 62 degrees. However they found another thermometer.

The judges loved the dish and the egg was cooked perfectly. The presentation was also appealing.

Carly and Emily went with a Blueberry Brioche Cup with Labne Yoghurt, the judges thought it was a great dish.

Peter and Gary are making crepes with veloute, it was interesting to see if they would actually get it done in time considering the time it takes them to chop ingredients. However they did. Manu gave them a tickle up about the constant cooking of french classics from the 70’s and told them to be a bit more modern if they wanted to stay in the competition for any length of time.

Peter also wanted Sam and Jillian to be at the bottom as he felt they were the ones that stabbed them in the back when they did their first instant restaurant. Peter clearly was repressing the memory of his moaning about the time it took for Sam and Jillian to put out their main.

The judges thought it was very old school but thought the flavour was not too bad.

Scott and David made Field Mushrooms with asparagus, poached eggs, and roasted tomatoes with David’s home made chutney. The judges thought there was a lot going on  but it worked.

The WA girls, Angela and Justine, cooked Baked Pancetta Eggs with Italian Baked Beans and Corn Muffins. Pete thought the muffin let the dish down as it was doughy. However they thought the rest of the plate was beautiful.

Nic and Rocco cooked Bacon, Egg and Spinach parcels. Pete thought it was not the standard they delivered in the restaurant. Pete said there was no wow in the dish.

Jillian and Sam were cooking French Toast with Banana Cream. The judges thought the bread had not been soaked enough as it was dry, and they did not like the flavour of the banana cream. Manu thought it tasted like unripe bananas and far too gelatinous.

Carly and Emily won the peoples choice award and were safe from elimination.

Peter was not happy about it as he thought it was wrong that they won with a dessert. Long time viewers of these shows like this and Masterchef Australia know the majority of time the sweet dish wins, particularly if kids are allowed to vote.

It was no surprise that Carla and Thomas would be in the elimination cook off as the dish was inedible. However the look on Thomas’s face was priceless he looked so angry, however I could not work out whether he was cranky with Carla whose dish it was or the judges for not being able to taste their brilliance.

February 29, 2012   26 Comments

Survivor – Aussie Contestant Guilty of Backstabbing His Ex-Girlfriend

On Monday February 27, as reported by the Sydney Morning HeraldAustralian Survivor contestant Joel Betts pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend Samantha Holland. The incident occurred in April 2010 when he stabbed her twelve times in the back after the couple broke up in heated arguments.

Ms. Holland was taken to hospital and survived the ordeal.

Betts, who finished in 3rd place on the first and only season of Australian Survivor, is on trial for detaining and wounding his former girlfriend with the intent of murder. Details of the attack was brought forth last year during the committal hearing, where the court was told about how Betts stabbed Ms. Holland before throwing her on a couch and trying to kiss her.

The incident took place in a unit that they shared in Chippendale, Sydney.

Betts remains in custody and will return to court for sentencing on April 27.

It would be interesting to know if his anger issues were picked up in the psychological testing contestants are given before they are cast on a reality TV show.

February 29, 2012   1 Comment

The Biggest Loser – Baron von Campsite

I knew I was in for disappointment with this episode. The website promised that a team would be banished to a “baron campsite” and, whilst I hoped that this meant a costume drama crossover (or, at the very least, an appearance by The Dictator), something in the back of my mind warned that the homophone bug had struck.

My recording missed the first part of the ep so I just had to rely on my powers of observation to figure out the result of the eviction. Bye, Bek. Fortunately I tuned in just in time for the middle of the night wake-up as the trainers “shake things up a bit”. Tiffiny hasn’t seen “the hunger” in this year’s contestants, so maybe they’ve snuck in more than some illicit booze. I love that Margie thought that she might have been dreaming about Michelle, given that she’s a “pretty lady”. Shannan reveals his literal side – the competition needs a “wake-up call”.

There is a lot of screaming as Shannan decides the contestants should have mastered push-ups from their toes by now. He then picks on Kasey as the group practices their planking technique. This part really annoys me – Kasey is one of the few who is actually trying to do this properly and a couple of times he calls her out for dropping the pose before she actually does. Meanwhile, the others are all over the shop with their form, unless they were supposed to be attempting downward facing dog.

Commando does some screaming at Graham, which motivates him to do some push-ups but not to open his eyes. Lydia receives acclaim for her power and they all seem to think they’ve done a good night’s work. The appearance of Hayley on the beach raises some eyebrows and they are told they need to race back to the camp. By the time they are running, it’s light, so this has been an epic.

Margie does a pretty amazing job at motivating her team in the race. Hamish shuffles along consistently in true Cliffy Young style but is not able to defeat the Reds. The Black team have Selina in their sights but it’s a bit tough on Alex with his leg in a brace. Still, he digs deep and gets past Selina who fails to respond to Tiffiny’s encouragement.

So, now I guess the Reds get to meet the Baron! Um, no… they are to choose a team to leave Camp Biggest Loser “immediately”. “For… good?” asks Lydia, in a mix of shock and hope. Nah. Just until the next weigh-in. “They won’t be training, eating or sleeping (at all? Seriously?) here,” continues Hayley, confirming that their new environment will be the bush! The Reds decide the White team won’t cope without showers, and banishing them has the added bonus of splitting up Hamish and Michelle (so they are adhering to the relationship script here).

Whites head off to play with leeches and pitch shelters. They sleep on eskys and tarps, wrapped in mosquito nets.

Contest: Reds, Blacks and Blues play Last Man Standing. This is so Survivor. Teams choose a pole-stander and the last one standing will “take the walk to power”. Hamish looks around, then nominates himself. Margie takes it for the Reds and Simon for the Blacks. Rivetting television, this. Margie starts chatting to Hamish about Michelle and we get a montage of Hamish/Michelle clips as filler. Well, it has been an hour and a half. The left side of the platform is removed at this point, and at two hours the right side goes. Hamish’s feet hurt and the only thing that stops him from calling it quits right there is an ad break.

Margie trots out the “world of pain” cliche about Hamish a number of times, going on to describe all the body parts she thinks he’s feeling it in. After three and a half hours and some deal-making between Margie and Simon, Hayley decides that the two out there could stay all day. It’s on to one foot and… out of time for the episode. Tune in next time to find out who won the gripping standing-still contest!

February 29, 2012   4 Comments

Sarah Murdoch To Host So You Think You Can Dance?

It is about time So You Think You Can Dance Australia returned to our screens so hopefully the rumours in the Daily Telegraph about Sarah Murdoch hosting a new series on TEN this year are true.

At the moment there are no dance reality TV shows on our screens. Fox 8 have announced Got To Dance more times than Carl Scully announced the Parramatta to Chatswood rail link, and we know what happened to that!

Basically I will not believe Got To Dance has got the green light until it is on my screen.

So You Think You Can Dance Australia should be a ratings winner for TEN as it has been a few years since it was last seen on our screens and a new batch of talent will be ready to audition.

Sarah Murdoch who has a knowledge of dance will make a great host, and really she has the runs on the board to be able to easily handle the live shows.

Also I would only keep Matt Lee as judge from the first incarnation, he really hit his straps in the final series giving good critical advice that the viewers who are non-dancers could understand. Also he has the recent experience as a professional dance and performer in his recent role in Mary Poppins.

Also after Jason Coleman’s turn on Celebrity Apprentice Australia, he kind of damaged his brand and came across as a egomaniac. Also I found him to be saying the same thing series after series. And well I have nothing to say about Bonnie Lythgoe that was just wrong.

So fingers crossed we see So You Think You Can Dance Australia back on TEN in 2012.

February 29, 2012   2 Comments