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Posts from — March 2012

Excess Baggage – Ajay Rochester And Matt Win

Excess Baggage continued to differentiate itself from The Biggest Loser by showing at the finale last night that there were contestants who had not lost a lot of weight.

After the calibration of points using a formula for health that was impenetrable (unless you had a Masters of Mathematics), the purple team of Ajay Rochester and Matt won the $100,000. Ajay’s portion goes to her selected charity.

March 30, 2012   13 Comments

The Shire – A Parody

With all the media chatter in the news some quick wits quickly whipped up a parody of the show. TV Tonight writes that Network Ten tried to get it pulled.

It was mildly amusing for some reason the Todd Carney joke did make me laugh.

March 29, 2012   2 Comments

Please Marry My Boy – No Marriages In This Bunch

If you were wondering if Vlad, Matt, Brendan or Tony had found lasting love on the show all was revealed on The Morning Show. Basically none of them are still together. Matt broke up with Amanda one week after filming finished, however Brendan did see Anna for about two months before they agreed to go their separate ways.
However Brendan does like Koa as he asked Matt for her phone. In fact from the interview it sounded like they were all single.

March 29, 2012   27 Comments

Excess Baggage And Big Brother – Vlog – Interview With Gabby Millgate

Excess Baggage contestant Gabby Millgate sat on my couch to talk the Excess Baggage finale, how it is different from The Biggest Loser (well that was said quite subtly), the ratings, what she is doing now, and Big Brother for those who don’t know she was runner up on Celebrity Big Brother.

Also check out Gabby as Julia Spillard on her YouTube Channel here. Or follow her on Twitter at @GabbyMillgate.

Excess Baggage finale on tonight on GO at 6.30pm.

March 29, 2012   3 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – Two Endings Were Filmed Hopefully The Judges Knew The Result

My Kitchen Rules winners Jennifer and Leigh said on radio yesterday that they did not know the final result as two endings were filmed. Props should be given to both teams for fabulous acting skills. The reason was to stop the winning team from leaking out.

TV Tonight has a good article on this specific issue and writes about how other reality shows try and keep the ending under wraps.

David Knox talked to Channel Seven and they told him:

“Until the final moments of the grand final edition of MKR only a handful  of  people knew the actual, final result.

“It was important to let the magic of television and storytelling carry the day. Two endings were recorded in order to preserve the actual result, which is not unusual in the business of television production.”

Hopeful some of those people were the actual six judges on the show, otherwise THAT would be a reality TV scandal.

March 29, 2012   33 Comments