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Gillard Takes On Alan Jones Gangnam Style

This was going to remain a Gangnam Style free blog, however just saw Excess Baggage star, Gabby Millgate, as Julia Spillard bringing the latest craze whilst giving it to Alan Jones.

So could not resist…..

October 2, 2012   2 Comments

Guest Post By Gabby Millgate On Excess Baggage And The Latest Elimination….

Gabby Millgate was unfortunately eliminated last night on Excess Baggage, but lucky for us she has written her swan song (well hopefully not her last blog post) here.

Over to you Gabby:

Dearest Youse!
My twitter friends and the curious gather round for the tale of the second human sacrifice on #excessbaggage-THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE
Two self sacrificing virgins

Even before we lost Benny and I both believe that it’s the way you play the game is important. That we help each other because the biggest prize  is the friends you win, and working together as a community makes us all stronger.

If we’re not fighting…what joy do can we bring?
If we’re not worrying…what are we imagining?
If we’re not serious…what lights up?

Benny, Mate…It’s up to you now. Give to yourself all that love and commitment that you give to other people…to yourself. I’ll do the same and let you know if it works.

I knew when we’d become as close as two fat people could when I could open up to you and asked you ( a 23 year old man from newcastle) what I (a glamorous movie star) should do if a guy poked me on Facebook. The answer was obvious to you “Finger bang him back”!  Like.

Aunty Christine…Look after Aunty Lisa. Tell Nathan I think he is a very funny clever man

Lana I swear to god next time I see you its ON! The old Orange Green rivalry. I will wrestle you like heavy velcro.

Kevin…I’m sorry Dr Jo and Christian took away the best drinkin’ buddy you’ll ever have the privilege to see throw up.

Thank you to everyone in Fremantle production and GO!/CH9.
Thankyou  tweeters. We’ve been through a lot together.  @talldark_clumsy inspired me to start the #virtualbuddy hashtag of support.

Thanks to the thousands of people who didn’t give up on us.
I want to stay in contact. So please leave a comment of contact me on @gabbymillgate, and I reckon I’ll continue to blog…just give me a week and I’ll be back.

Nigh Nighs everyone I reckon I’ve got a bit of recovery time from being thrown into a volcano of emotions.
Perhaps my lead will turn into gold?

Johnny, Brant I’m comin’ for a visit it sounds like heaven!

March 8, 2012   10 Comments

Guest Post: Gabby Millgate – Excess Baggage – The Athletic Challenge

Hello you!
The Sydney athletic challenge saw us all show why we are not representing at the 2012 Olympics. Although Lisa would definitely have a shot. Yup! she revealed a secret.  She has been the Australian Champion at shot put.

While we were waiting to start the shot put Sarah and Kate had an altercation. Kate came off looking hard arsed and Sarah
came off looking really sad. This elicited a lot of twitter support for Sarah and quite a lot of Kate hate.

What wasn’t shown on television was more of this dynamic. Girls can get emotional – nuff said

From my perspective it was two people trying to find new ways of communicating their frustrations. I was a little emotional myself.
I didn’t win the high jump which meant our team  may be in the bottom two for the 2nd elimination.

We need big check in numbers to stay in the competition. So I was a bit emotional when I said Kevin’s lifestyle choices
were catching up to him.

NOTE TO SELF….send high horse to the glue factory

March 8, 2012   Comments Off on Guest Post: Gabby Millgate – Excess Baggage – The Athletic Challenge