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Reality TV Stars At Derby Day

This is my attempt to get into the Spring Carnival spirit, as in acknowledge it.

matt and emma preston dd

Matt and Emma Preston at DerbyDay. Photo from

beauties dd

Jenna and Lisa from Beauty and the Geek, with host Bernard Curry. Photo

Sonia Kruger derby day

Dancing With the Stars Sonia Kruger. Photo from

andrew g and noa dd

Australian Idol’s Andrew G and Noa Tisby. Photo from

Charlotte Dawson and Ivan Zellick

Charlotte Dawson and Ivan Zellick from The Contender. Photo from


1 bella vita { 10.31.09 at 11:23 pm }

hope you had great day RR!

2 CG { 11.01.09 at 12:38 am }

Sonia’s outfit does nothing for her…those bootie shoes cut her long legs off and she loses her gorgeous shape? Don’t mind Charlotte’s outfit but I would have gone for a different hat.

3 Wurstsemmel { 11.01.09 at 11:08 am }

Sorry, Matt, but you need to go up a jacket size.

4 sourkraut { 11.01.09 at 1:56 pm }

So wot happened to the fascinators developed by the Geeks last ep?

I don’t think either of the 2 jockeys in the first photo above will take out the cup. In fact I can’t work out which of the 2 is wearing the Fascinator (disintegrator?)

5 Injera { 11.01.09 at 3:58 pm }

I was expecting to see Amber Renae front and centre at the Spring Racing Carnival this year.

Agree with CG – Sonia’s outfit does nothing for her. Then again, there’s not a lot to like on any of them here. Didn’t even recognise Ms Dawson under that severe hat. Very funereal.

Wurstsemmel – while Matt’s shopping for a new jacket, he’d be wise to get some new trousers, too!

6 Laura { 11.01.09 at 7:24 pm }

They all look awful.

7 charades { 11.02.09 at 11:38 am }

Time to stop dressing mutton as lamb !

Not you RR … you got your length and style right.

I still cannot bring myself to warm to jenna …. something not right.

8 reality raver { 11.02.09 at 11:45 am }

Sorry I realised my wording was quite weird and confusing, I will fix up. But I was not at the Derby Day, unfortunately, but it was a late night post, and just wanted to show I was acknowledging the Spring Racing Carnival.

9 sourkraut { 11.02.09 at 1:06 pm }

Singin……..”them knobbly knees has got me all A-quiver” (not sung to the tune of don’t cry for me Argentina)

10 Wurstsemmel { 11.02.09 at 5:22 pm }

Been resisting but Noa looks like a drag queen in this photo. Not a flattering shot at all.