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Ajay Rochester – Now Threatening To Sue Woman’s Day Entertainment Editor Phil Koch



The former host of The Biggest Loser, Ajay Rochester, has been getting major publicity in the weekly gossip mags in the last few weeks, with a flattering cover on New Idea last week, and some not so flattering shots in the Women’s Day this week. I am not sure which is the most accurate, with the possiblity of the Women’s Day ones being old. See previous post on that

However Ajay is continuing to cut the cord that is currently feeding her, by announcing on Twitter that she is thinking of sueing the entertainment editor Phil Koch. Even if she sues him as an individual, ACP will obviously pay his legal bills. The The Australian states the photos were taken for the magazine six months ago. She is claiming the magazine used the photos without her permission.

Also on her twitter  she said:

“Shame on you Woman’s Day! Photo’s are 7 months old and u didn’t have permisson to use! Shame Shame Shame!”

“How dare they decide when or even IF I should share what is a most sensitive part of my healing,” she wrote.

“I have shared so much of my life in the aim of helping others heal theirs but in my own good time. This is so disrespectful.

“AND talk about TRUTH…..those photos are OLD!!!!!! So WD…what’s your point? I am devastated…..feel like I’ve been violated.”

“(B)etter get a lawyer son, better get a reaaaal good one! You had every op to do this with respect, integrity and honesty.

“Thank You Twitter for giving people like us the op to shout back at the injustices the media think they can just take with our lives.

“Had many things said about me in the last year – mostly untrue twisted by people intent on hurting me. But this is THE WORST. No respect!”

If anything positive comes out of this for Ajay, she will probably increase her twitter following.


1 Anonymous { 10.13.09 at 2:33 pm }

One word about this.


2 Katie { 10.13.09 at 2:54 pm }

Oh AJ, you got busted. You got caught out. Simple.

3 Katie { 10.13.09 at 5:41 pm }

It appears the ‘better get a lawyer ect’ comment has been removed from AJ’s Twitter page. Interesting