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Liz Hurley Wins Scrag Of The Week Award

Now Liz Hurley once had a tin pot reality show where she was flogging some probably now defunct bed linen, so this make her fodder for this blog.

Liz Hurley showed how charming she was when yesterday she told sports reporter, Caty Price, to  f**k off as she tried to interview her fiancee Shane Warne. You can see the clip above. The reporter was just doing her job and asking a legitimate question about why he had not captained his side the previous night.

Ms Hurley push through between them and when the reporter asked what she thought about the issue she turned around and told her to f**k off. The reporter backed off and Liz strutted on smirking.

Unfortunately Caty Price did not give it back to her on camera. For example asking “Did you just tell me to fuck off?” or “Why are you such a bitch?” or  put Shane Warne on the spot and asked him about whether he thought it was appropriate response.

News flash Liz Hurley, Shane Warne is a sports person walking through a public place, and Caty Price asked a legitimate question. She should apologise or the next time Shane or Liz want to flog a product in the Australian market all media should refuse interviews.

Editor’s note: It should be noted that I had no idea he was actually playing cricket again.

January 18, 2013   16 Comments

Octomum Moving To Australia -She’s Dreaming

The odd rumour of the week award has to go to Octomum otherwise known as Nadya Suleman who says she wants to move to Australia.

Nadya is famous of being a the mother of octuplets as well as six other kids and her father says she wants to move here because she is disliked in the US.

Women’s Day reports:

Her father, Ed Suleman, told the magazine she was coming to Sydney to escape “toxic” America.

“People in America hate my daughter and that breaks my heart, so I think the only solution is for us to all move away,” he said.

“And I can’t think of a better place for us to go than Australia, as living in California has become toxic for Nadya.

“She’s constantly being attacked by paparazzi and judged by her peers for going on government funding. Australians are very laid back … they’re very friendly and I think our family would fit in nicely there.”

Under what visa do they think they think they will be coming in under? As not sure she would get a work visa as she has no skills. She recently declared bankruptcy.

However stranger things had happened and probably in this country she would be seen as a celebrity.


July 10, 2012   13 Comments