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The Apprentice – Ratings Still Not Great

mark bouris

The ratings for The Apprentice  are now in and it is not great. Last night episode recorded 657,000 viewers in its timeslot. (Source Mumbrella). On the up side none of the shows at that time did any good.

Hopefully Channel Nine won’t fire the show.

One of Australia’s leading media blog’s Mumbrella were backing in their boy Lynton Pipkorn, but apparently this may not be the last we see of him as soe of the eliminated contestants return to the show.

The article says:

Pipkorn told Mumbrella: “It was a bit tough to take. To be called Machiavellian was a little bit harsh, and a bit puzzling.”

He said that he was also disappointed that the broadcast had concentrated on him forgetting the names rather than the presentation. He said: “They focused on the fact that we did not dance around with silly hats like the girls did.”

However, despite his firing, Pipkorn will feature again towards the end of the series when some of the ousted contestants return.

He said: “˜I’ve got no regrets about doing it although I had thought the series would be more like the UK version where they were interested in one’s abilities. I’ve got a career and I did not want to cause conflict and shout people down which is not my style. Bouris seems to like the battlers and kept them in.”

Pipkorn labelled contestant Carmen – saved from eviction in the first week – as  “rubbish”.

Pikorn is currently working with website My Property Partner and consulting with Urban Media.


1 Big Gary { 10.06.09 at 4:57 pm }

Lynton too was my personal pick to win. He is both hot and smart which makes a powerful combination in the boardroom or bedroom ;0)

2 Rob { 10.06.09 at 5:26 pm }

Big Gary – you are indeed a twat.

3 Brix { 10.06.09 at 10:05 pm }

I was glad to see the back of Lynton. His mouth reminded me of a cats arse.

I don’t think channel 9 are doing themselves any favours by putting this show on at a 9.30pm time slot.

4 sourkraut { 10.06.09 at 10:26 pm }

Don’t tell me Popcorn is going to be the Poh of this series. Talk about Lazarii with triple bypasses!
CMON PIPPLE get offn yer bums and tell 9 to keep it on if only to give ole sourkraut something to bitch about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111