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Posts from — August 2012

The Shire Will Not Be Renewed

If you are a fan of The Shire you will saddened to know there are only two more episodes left. The show will finish on 10 September.

It failed to rate well with numbers dropping consistently each week. Sure not the most entertaining reality show on TV but it has its highlights namely Beckaa, Sophie and Vernesa.

Will we get to find out if Beckaa gets that boob job? Does Mitch have an ongoing relationship with his father once his mum asks him for years of unpaid child support? Will Sophie and Vernesa ever get a date?

Some cast members have had so little screen times I don’t even know their names.

Source: (SMH)

August 31, 2012   14 Comments

Big Brother Australia – BB Con Just Made It An Extended Episode

It felt like an extra long episode of Big Brother Australia last night as BB Confidential flowed into it. There was not real difference in content except for some fancy graphics to be honest I had a hard time staying awake during it.

Though one interesting thing is Ray breached rules by revealing to two of the housemates that he had nominated Benjamin and it looks like he was not sanctioned by Big Brother for it.

Some thoughts on the episodes:

  • Bradley stalking Estelle around the compound gives me a bit of a creepy vibe, and props to Estelle for not yelling at him;
  • It was revealed last night for all of Estelle’s “Estelle from The Block” vibe she is from a Range Rover and horsey background, Michael doesn’t think she knows who she is yet;
  • Can Ryan please just go, his trying to pretend he can even string a sentence together is irritating, even Estelle looked bemused when he was say he was quite capable of having a conversation about the purpose of life. He wasn’t.
  • Michael does need to cut his hair he looked far better when he mocked up a rockerbilly hair style in the shower;
  • Josh and Angie are definitely sleep buddies yet to be shown any snogging;
  • Sarah won the right to go into the captain quarters and she took Zoe, however just as Zoe was about to eat a fillet mignon she was told to swap with Ray;
  • Not sure the psychology of why Ray is getting all the food, yes it is  part of the Yes No challenge, however surely he will be up for nomination this week because of it;
  • Benjamin is bitchy but by christ he is entertaining if he is eliminated this week it will be worse for it. Apparently Ray and Ben don’t get on at all, probably because of similar personalities I expect;
  • Not sure I would take an animal to Ray, as Angie says he does get very irritable, I just find him a tad strange;
  • Props to Angie for eating all those cupcakes without moaning and just getting on with it, however she is going to have to be careful about her continuous bitching as well;
  • Michael thought Layla was the hottest but now he thinks Stacey is because of her sense of humour, it is interesting how looks overcomes personality a lot of the time for guys. I like Layla but I know who I would want to have a drink with.

Big Brother on NINE weeknights at 7pm.

August 31, 2012   14 Comments

Big Brother Australia’s – Intruders Trying To Get In the House?

What I love about the Big Brother show is the shenanigans that goes on around it and it appears some smart person or corporation is trying to “enter the house”.

In the last 48 hours, an attempt was made by an unknown source to get past BB security to get a message inside the compound.

The only connection to the activity so far is via a Twitter account called @HLFU_au which has been posting images and clips for the last couple of days.

The bio attached to the account says: We’ve offered $20k to a #BBAU housemate to claim their freedom as we believe that no one should be locked into their home. It makes that $500 that Surly gave Zoe last night look pretty paltry.

They have tried to chopper in their offer as well as drop it off in a pizza boxes.

I expect all will be revealed at some point. Who do you think is behind it and why are they not wearing Reality Ravings logos…

Below are some small vignettes of their attempts: Here is the a blow up dolphin being choppered in: Let me know if you know who are behind these stunts.

August 30, 2012   2 Comments

Big Brother – Is George Going To Turn Into A Cad?

George popularity is going to go down with female viewers since he had “the talk” with Layla about how this was a fling only for inside the house.  Layla acted like she was not after anything serious either, I don’t see the relationship making it to the end of the series.

However again have I missed something apparently Angie and Josh have hooked up, I knew they were sleeping together but had not seen any snogging. They also have had the talk about it going no further once they are out of the house.

Other highlights of the episode:

  • Surly the talking fish making a reappearance with Zoe getting her to do two challenges for $500 one was telling all the boys a “When I was in New York” story, and throwing a pair of Ryan’s shoes across the fence.
  • “You’re making me think Big Brother” Ryan said when BB queried that maybe the reason Zoe threw his shoes over the wall was because of food deprivation.
  • Stacey as part of her yes no challenge had to tote around a cardboard cut out of Ryan Gosling but it even funnier when she thought she was going to meet the real thing running around putting on lipstick.
  • Ray said Benjamin hated him by ignoring him, I think Ben probably has the hots for him.
  • Interesting the two people who said no so far on the yes no task have been guys, George and Michael, and they have refused to cut their hair.
  • Ryan, Ben and Bradley had to cook a dinner this week as they were up for elimination. Benjamin said he would host it, then they decided Ryan would so he would come out of his shell. Apparently since being nominated Ryan has become more vibrant. Not sure I have seen any sign of that.

Time to vote to save Benjamin as the show will be really dull if he is gone.

August 30, 2012   20 Comments

Big Brother Australia – The Post Elimination Fallout

The post elimination fallout was predictable with Bradley in tears, Benjamin thinking everyone hated him, and Ryan just not computing it at all.

Other then that it was all pretty smooth. The main problem for the housemates is they are bored, and that makes them a little boring. In fact Ryan is the worst as he can’t even follow conversations. When Estelle was telling George that she loved how everyone was going slightly stir crazy, and how they were all behaving in the house he just sat there looking like he had no idea what they were going on about.

The task this week is a Yes challenge where they must say yes to everything Big Brother asks they are only allowed to say no three times. Ray managed to get two meals made for him, though he puked the last one up because it was too much.

George said no to having his dreadlocks cut off, but for all the other challenges they said yes.

Sarah received a letter from her boyfriend and Josh read it out. However what was interesting that Ray and Ryan don’t like her because she is nice all the time. Note to future contestants going into the Big Brother house don’t be too chirpy.

Estelle and Ryan must be wondering if their nominations came about because they were sleeping together as tonight they went to separate beds or maybe the romance is dying. If so Estelle will be hoping he is evicted this Sunday.

August 29, 2012   9 Comments