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My Kitchen Rules – Are These The New Villains?

Reality TV is like the modern day vaudeville, the heroes and villains are very much flagged so the audience knows when to boo and hiss.

This year on My Kitchen Rules, this Little Miss Cupcake team from South Australia look like the first set of villains on the show. The promo above seems to have in flashing neon lights “villain, villain, villain”. Not that this is a negative thing as last year’s villains, Jen and Leigh won the series.

This apparently saw them receive a lot of negative comments on the social media according to a recent interview in TV Week.

However good to see on the comments on the finale blog post on Reality Ravings most commenter’s here thought they were worthy winners.

However they did say in last week’s TV Week they had received some flak who did not believe they should have won.  They said online forums were flooded with complaints and a current affairs program even questioning whether the girls had any help along the way. This A Current Affair story (which I was in and you get to see my kitchen as well…) could be the one they mean.

However Jennifer says “I cried, because the story was so horrible – saying that we had earpieces on us [so we could] hear the recipes”. And this was not in that story so I am not sure which show she meant.

The TV WEEK story says:

The girls are adamant they played the game fairly putting the backlash down to jealous contestants who were put out by the fact they weren’t there to make friends.

“[A rival contestant] spoke to a New Zealand radio station saying we were conniving, horrible people who were rude and abrupt,” Jennifer says.

“It was a year ago and they’re still carrying on about it,” Leigh, 33, adds. “We didn’t socialise with [the other contestants], purely because it was a game for us. We didn’t want to get caught up in a friendship trap and then play against each other for a lot of money.”

The also dismiss claims the show is rigged:

“If it was rigged, then Nic and Rocco would have won, because they were the people’s choice,” Leigh points out. “It just doesn’t make sense – it’s such a contradiction.”

Since the show Jen has been busy having a baby boy called Harlow, as well as just releasing her own range of Thai curry products. Leigh also has become engaged to Anthony Nemet they will marry in 2013.

Last year My Kitchen Rules was one of the best reality shows on TV due to its casting and it will be interesting to see if they hit the jackpot again in 2013.

My Kitchen Rules season four is likely start on SEVEN after the Australian Open finishes as it has previous years.

December 31, 2012   21 Comments

Britney Spear Brother-In-Law Fathering Her Child Was A Hoax

It has not been a great week for The X Factor judge Britney Spears. First there is rumours she won’t be coming back as a judge on The X Factor, and also there was a story that she had slept with her brother-in-law Christopher.

The added twist to that story was he was the father of her first born not his brother, Excess Baggage contestant, Kevin Federline.

According to the Daily Mail this story has now been revealed to be a hoax. Thanks for sending story in Julie-Anne.

December 30, 2012   Comments Off on Britney Spear Brother-In-Law Fathering Her Child Was A Hoax

The Biggest Loser: The Next Generation – The Host Is Finally Spotted

The new season of The Biggest Loser has started filming and for the first time this season the host, Hayley Lewis, has been mentioned.

Last year there had been rumours denied by the Network TEN that there would be a different host this year. The rumours were not helped by the fact that Hayley was not in any of the promo material for the show at the 2013 launch.

Personal trainer  ninja Tiffiny Hall was also missing from the promo material and she will not be on this season of the show.

Today in the Daily Telegraph Hayley is talking about how excited she is about the new season now filming in a new house out in Dural.

This year it is all about two generations with teens on the show with another relative.

The article says:

Presenter Hayley Lewis, 38, who won Commonwealth and Olympic Games medals for swimming, says her fourth season will be the most emotional.

“For me it was difficult because I am a mum and some of these kids have been really badly bullied and they have decided to change their lives,” she said.

“When you ask the kids how they feel about themselves there is also desperation in their parents’ faces when you hear what they say. They feel responsible.

“In some cases the child seemed stronger than the parent.

“Some of the teens had asked their parents to come on for their sakes.”

The Biggest Loser: The Next Generation will screen on TEN in 2013.

December 30, 2012   27 Comments

The Block Showing It Knows How To Hit The Refresh Button

It was a big risk for NINE to commission two series of The Block for 2013 as they could be risking viewers getting fatigued of the format.

However it appears the producers have been thinking of ways to keep the series fresh. First they went with an All Stars series to start soon.

Now it looks like the fourth season will see the couples renovate an apartment block/motel.

The Age reports:

FANS of The Block, this is a spoiler alert. Look away now if you don’t want to know what happens next.

Despite the best efforts of Nine to keep the future of its top-rating reality show a secret, Fairfax Media can reveal the network’s plan for the biggest twist in the history of the series. Not even the contestants are in on the reveal yet.

In a bid to reboot the show’s ageing formula, next year’s crop of amateur renovators won’t be tasked with something as easy as fixing up a few derelict houses or flats.

Ratcheting up the difficulty – and, it hopes, the drama – Nine is planning to set them loose with power tools and decorating budgets on an entire six-storey building in South Melbourne.

The task, it appears, will be to transform a drab motel into a high-end apartment tower in little more than two months.

The network refuses to discuss its plans for the 2013 series or confirm The Block will be set at the Park Street building. In fact, it won’t even confirm that Melbourne is the setting for the sixth series.

But property records show production company Watercress has spent $6.71 million for the four-star bizMotel, which closed its doors a few months ago.

It is the most ambitious and expensive project for the producers, who spent only about $4 million to buy the four South Melbourne terrace houses used in the most recent series.

Security fencing and scaffolding have already gone up around the building, with construction crews apparently stripping out the walls, fixtures, electrics and plumbing before they are handed over to the contestants. Filming is expected to begin in late January.

Each floor is about 25 per cent larger than the average Australian home, which could see them transformed into luxury penthouse-style apartments. With so much space to work with, it’s also possible more couples could be added to the standard four-couple roster seen in previous series. They could even be tasked with creating a luxury boutique hotel rather than individual units.

Secrecy is kept tight in a bid to boost hype and protect The Block‘s position as a ratings winner and advertising revenue cash cow.

More couples competing will be interesting and if there is six couples this would be the same as the new renovation show being filmed for SEVEN House Rules.

Either way more couples and an entire six storey motel block definitely makes the show different from previous seasons.

The Block to be shown on NINE in 2013.

December 30, 2012   45 Comments

Marco Pierre White Defends Masterchef Buddy Curtis Stone

Marco Pierre White came out to defend his former protege Curtis Stone however at the same time revealed what a women’s role is.

In an interview in the Daily Telegraph he said that it was fine that reality TV chef Curtis had not worked in a kitchen since 2002 is no sell out and in fact has more influence then a chef working behind a stove.

The Telegraph writes:

MASTERCHEF Professionals mentor Marco Pierre White has turned the blowtorch back on critics who have accused his protege Curtis Stone and other celebrity chefs of “selling out.”

The tempestuous chef turned restaurateur defended food TV personalities who promote products, arguing their public platforms were more powerful “than an individual who has three hats, serving 40 covers.”

White said Stone, a brand ambassador for Coles supermarkets and host of US TV series’ likeTop Chef Masters, should not be criticised for “making a living and securing his family’s future.”

Stone’s international career and lucrative endorsements have irritated food snobs here, chipping him about his small screen presence despite not manning the pans or owning his own restaurant.

White, who trained and made Stone head chef of his London restaurant, Quo Vadis, said the Aussie’s accessibility made him more influential than a burners-bound chef.

However in his defence of Stone he revealed who he thought did the cooking in home with this cracker quote:

“Look at how many lives he’s touched, look at how many people he’s inspired to come into the industry, how many mothers he’s inspired to go shopping for better produce to feed their family. It enriches their lives, so how can you criticise a man for doing it? You can’t.

He might be overstating Curtis’s influence but why shouldn’t Curtis and his celebrity chef cronies spruik products,  actresses like Nicole Kidman flog vitamins and no one calls her a sell out.
 Curtis Stone is more comfortable in front of the cameras hosting food reality TV shows. He is the current host of Top Chef Masters, and he does a good job at it. His other role as host of Around The World In 80 Plates was not so well received but this could have been more about the concept than his role in it.
Masterchef Professionals starring Marco Pierre White and Matt Preston starts on TEN on 20 January 2013.

December 29, 2012   5 Comments