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Recipe To Riches – A Popular Winner


Michael Cainero is the winner of Season 2 Recipe To Riches 2014 with his Chunky Pork & Apple sausages at Woolworths. He is a popular winner, not only for his product but also the fact that he came up with the product when his very young child was suffering from leukaemia.

His sausages reached his sales target and he wins $100,000 on top of his $10,000 heat win as well as a business partnership with Woolworths.

Both he and Darcy Taylor met their sales targets but Michael reached his sales target faster.

 And in other tear jerking news he is expecting his second child any day now.

“We’ve gone through a lot and now with the winnings we can enjoy life a little,” said Michael. “Izzy is very excited because I told her if I win I’d get her a massive cubby house for the backyard.”

The sausages will be on sale in Woolworths stores nationally from January 5, 2015.

December 9, 2014   17 Comments

Recipe To Riches – The Sausage Rolls Look Good

Dear Woolies if you are going to have products for sale from a television show you are sponsoring please have them placed in a spot where the consumer can find them. This week I gave up and could not even find the Gyros.

Hopefully  I will have better luck with Zoe’s Pork Sausage Rolls with Sage and Macadamia as they look good. Though mothers on social media are not happy that the Chicken Nuggets with Hidden Vegetables did not win. They make a good point that there are no children in the Woolworths tasting lab.

However children are smart and you could not put on a label Chicken Nuggets With Hidden Vegetables as they would read that and go no way….

Maria’s Eggplant Chutney looked good but not sure I would classify it as a bite.

November 26, 2014   18 Comments

Recipe To Riches – Did The Right Dish Win The Mains?

 Savva Argyrou won the main section of Recipe To Riches with his Greek-style pitta kebab named Sav’s Kebab. The fashion designer beat out Binne’s Ragu and Sarah’s Pulled Pork.

 Savva’s recipe was a family recipe and had a compelling back story as his mother who has dementia no longer remembers the family recipe. He is also her carer.

 The kebab looks good, as yet I have last years Baked Beans in my fridge which I have yet to try.

Did you think the best dish won?

November 19, 2014   13 Comments

Recipe To Riches – And The Baked Beans Have It

It was pretty obvious Ricardo with his Latin Baked Beans was going to take out the win this week in the breakfast challenge. Not only was it judge Carolyn Cresswell saying she had been dreaming about them since the Golden Ticket round, but the two people he was up against were hopeless.

David put together a healthy banana bread but when he was in the big bake he did not have a proper recipe and was just doing it by feel. He substitutes all the fats with yoghurt and I don’t care about what the judges were saying it looked pretty dry. Also they slathered a lot of ricotta on.

Heather’s Breakfast Icecream was a novel concept. But really is anyone going to want to eat ice cream for breakfast? And it would not sell at all during winter. She also was having recipe issues. As instead of using cream, she spent 90 minutes of her big bake time reducing the milk. Also she was a bit dumb as she did not even know what cream was, she just thought it sounded bad. Darren Robertson barely contained an eye roll at the camera.

It was Ricardo whose beans are on now sale at Woolworths who took home the $10,000 prize.

November 11, 2014   29 Comments

Recipe To Riches – The Choc Balls Win #awesome

#recipetoriches #carla #painful #sogladshedidnotwin

It was health food night on Recipe To Riches and Carla was prepping up her avocado chocolate mousse which was paleo. Apparently she has a blog and of course an instagram account with her sister and it is all about paleo but to be frank neither of them looked particularly healthy. Carla was painful with her constant talking and hash tagging. She finally shut up after the head chef tasted her mousse and pulled a face. She was like it needs more rice syrup or whatever the sugar substitute is and cinnamon. But I suspect nothing was going to save it. Carla is a health and happiness blogger and social media addict and clearly she is doing the right thing there as her Facebook page has over 12,000 likes.

The other two duking it out this week was Kelly Phelan who was making Flakers, a flaxseed, chia, kale biscuit and Darcy who was making protein chocolate balls.

Darcy in his intro was talking about sharing his balls with his sporting friends. This had me befuddled as he was the most unsporty looking sports person, but then it was revealed he was a diver and cue a cameo from Matthew Mitchum later in the episode. Matt should take comfort in the fact that he was the best thing to come out of the reality TV bomb Celebrity Splash.

In the end after marketing it was the choc bombs that won as the Flackers were too expensive to make. This was disappointing as they did look interesting. However will be buying the bombs though suspect they will be expensive. I did not try the sausages as I am not a huge fan of them.

Did you think the best product won?

November 5, 2014   32 Comments