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Celebrity Splash Contestant Koby Abberton Hated Being On The Show

koby abberton

Don’t expect to see Koby Abberton on a reality TV show anytime soon as he said he hated his time on Celebrity Splash.

Celebrity Splash bombed in the ratings but Koby was one of the contestants that could actually dive.

The Daily Telegraph writes:

Abberton, the big wave surfer took to Instagram today to tell his 23K followers that he regrets appearing on the reality show.

“I really f***ing hated this show,” he said, underneath a promotional picture of himself and Demi Harman.

“I look back on it and cringe. Made some good friends actually great friends but that was about it.

“I remember the director asked me to do something which I did and I was doing it I thought to myself, WOW that was a real low point in my life..”

It must has been bad as the Maroubra lad who has also had dysfunctional childhood,  been declared bankrupt and spent a few days behind bars in the USA. Maybe if it had rated better he might have enjoyed is time on it more. The instagram rant has now been deleted.


August 8, 2013   6 Comments

Celebity Splash Final Tonight

Celebrity Splash final is on tonight on SEVEN at 8.45pm but the first part is the semi-final that was meant to air on Monday night. Don’t expect Denise Drysdale as she has quit. I expect Koby Abberton to win.

The series have been kind to him if the rumours are true and he is now seeing Home & Away starlet Demi Harman. Koby has form in going out with attractive women with one of his exes being Cheyenne Tozzi.

House Rules is also on tonight and it will be interesting to see if the Tassie team will get through renovating the bathroom without some life altering injury. Also will Leighton and Carly’s marriage survive the show as he seems like a complete control freak with a does of chauvanism thrown in.

House Rules and Celebrity Splash on SEVEN from 7.30pm.

May 16, 2013   7 Comments

Celebrity Splash – Denise Drysdale Quits

Denise Drysdale has quit Celebrity Splash citing age and fear of heights as her reason.

I am a fan of Ding Dong’s but she really should have thought about that before she signed on for the show. Maybe after seeing her semi-final folded into the grand final episode maybe she just decided it was not worth it.

The Daily Telegraph reports:

The TV veteran told Confidential she has been experiencing heart palpitations every morning since signing up to the show. And she’s cited age and a fear of heights as her reason for throwing in the towel.

“I am just too old to get hurt,” Drysdale said.

“I have come into the pool every day and felt sick in the stomach and I just thought, I don’t think I can do it.

“I feel fantastic, now I’ve made a decision.”

The crowd favourite said she felt guilty simply pin dropping while other contestants were flipping, diving and somersaulting off the three, five, seven and 10m boards.

“I watched the show last week and everybody was so good diving and flipping off 10m and I was just doing a pin drop,” she said.

“I thought that is not going to be good enough for a semi-final for the judges.”

Not sure why she thought that as her first “pin drop dive” aka jump scored her the second highest score of the evening.

If I was a betting person I suspect Brynne Edelsten will be the one to return to replace Denise.

Celebrity Splash final on Thursday night at 7.30pm.


May 10, 2013   3 Comments

Celebrity Splash – Has Been Kind Of Dumped

Channel Seven have decided to flick the ‘I don’t care’ button on Celebrity Splash and are ditching Monday night’s semi final episode to amalgamate it into the grand final episode to be screen next Thursday night.

TV Tonight who as a full story on it reports contestants Denise Drysdale, Nick Bracks, Adam Richard and Koby Abberton who were due to qualify in Semi-Final 2 will now dive at the beginning of the show before a Grand Final dive.

The last episode had viewers of 831,000 which was about 500,000 less than its premiere episode. There has been no official word from SEVEN but I am presuming they are not wanting to get lower numbers in that timeslot and have people entrenched watching The Block and The Voice before their big ticket show House Rules starts.

What is interesting is I have seen shows dumped completely like Everybody Dance Now or moved to digital like Excess Baggage but I can’t remember when episodes have been dumped but then they have screened a final.

Can any of you guys think of an example of this?

May 8, 2013   7 Comments

Celebrity Splash – The Semi-Final Dived

You know a show has problems when the most potentially entertaining thing is whether Brynne Edelsten’s breasts are going to pop out of her bikini.

Which led to a question from Miss 8 asking me why people have fake breasts? I actually did not have an answer. I am better prepared for her inevitable “What is sex?” question.

The best thing about last night’s episode was Brynne. She is likeable and I do think SEVEN should have renewed her reality show, as she is great TV but there is not a lot she can do on the small screen.

Unfortunately even though she did a great solo arm stand dive her premature take off in the synchronised dive put her on the bottom of the scoreboard and the audience vote could not save her.

What we now have is Andrew Symonds and Tamsyn Lewis in the grand final from this semi, and really if I want to see professional athletes dive I would prefer them to be actual divers. It is not going to be good for SEVEN if there are no celebrities in the grand final.

I note they have changed the order of the judges talking and it is good they have put Matt Mitcham first, he is great on TV and hopefully he would get another gig.

Ratings are not looking good for this show after a strong start last night’s episode sunk to 831,000.

Celebrity Splash on Monday night at 7.30pm on SEVEN.

May 7, 2013   22 Comments