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Aussie Pickers Announce Hosts And They Look Like Hipsters

Aussie Pickers is the Australian version of American Pickers being made for A&E channel on Foxtel. The show is about going on the road to find forgotten relics or trash to turn them into treasure.

The hosts have now been announced and they are Lucas Callaghan and Adam McDonald. They both look like hipsters or maybe I should not think that everybody with a beard is a hipster.

Here is what the press release had to say about them:

Born into the industry, Lucas is one of countries most prolific Pickers. His specialty is “unique objects from the postwar period” that he restores to their former glory for profit. Renowned auctioneer Andrew Shapiro describes Lucas’ collection as “one of the more eccentric design collections he’s seen, spanning four or five decades.”

A Picker for 25 years, Lucas once Picked a 50c Cat In The Hat book and sold it for $18,000. Recently finding more permanent storage for his finds, Lucas has opened up a shop in Paddington, Sydney, and is on the hunt for even more stock to add to his picks.

Originally a Bricklayer and hip hop MC, one rainy day Adam helped a mate working at an Auction house and he’s never looked back. After 10 years working as an auctioneer at Lawsons Auction house in Annandale selling 250 items a week, there is nothing this man hasn’t sold. His most profitable pick was a $3 bus conductor’s ticket book he sold on for $2,750. With his diverse knowledge of collectables and passion for ‘Industrial Antiques’ or as he likes to call them ‘Mantiques’, Adam is the perfect picking partner for Lucas.

Also joining the Aussie Pickers line up as resident auctioneer is Cecily Hardy, the mate that hooked Adam onto picking that fateful rainy day long ago at the Auction house. Hailing from a family of auctioneers and collectors and growing up surrounded by antiques and collectables, Cecily has worked in and around auctions since she was 5 years old and by the age of 21 became the youngest female furniture auctioneer in Sydney. Auctioneering and collecting are in her blood and she is the perfect person to complement Lucas and Adam.

Aussie Pickers, will be an eight part Australian series for 2013 on A&E. American Pickers is one of the channels most popular shows. For those without Foxtel American Pickers can also be seen on 7MATE, however you can only see the Australian version on Foxtel.


December 11, 2012   Comments Off on Aussie Pickers Announce Hosts And They Look Like Hipsters