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The Great Australian Bake Off Is Back But On Foxtel

Good news The Great Australian Bake Off is going to be back on our screens but this time Foxtel has commissioned Fremantle Media to make it for Lifestyle FOOD.

NINE made one season of the show but since it did not rate for them they dumped it.

Maggie Beer & Matt Moran are to be the judges. I must confess I am a big Dan Lepard fan and he is a baking specialist something Maggie and Matt are not. But I suppose there is no chance of Matt and Maggie having a torrid affair like the judges on the US version on the show did.

THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN BAKE OFF will see 12 home baking enthusiasts put through a series
of gruelling elimination challenges, and one will be crowned Australia’s Best Home Baker. It is based on the popular UK series which also airs on Lifestyle Channels.

THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN BAKE OFF will commence production shortly and the series is looking for contestants. Amateur baking enthusiasts can register at

April 1, 2015   16 Comments

Cake, Bake And Sweets Show – Meet Dan Lepard, Julia Taylor And Zumbo

dan lepard 1

Kicking off today the Cake, Bake and Sweets Show is being held in Sydney and if you are a keen baker there looks like there are some interesting workshops. It is three days showcase of all things baking and caking and off course lots of good exhibits to spend you money on.

The Great Australian Bake Off judge Dan Lepard is just one of the big names who is going to be attending as well as Julia Taylor, Zumbo and even Carly and Tresne from My Kitchen Rules are doing a Lemon Meringue Cupcake workshop! Duff Leopard from Ace of Cakes, Pick Your Poison Girls from Cupcake Wars and Eric Lanlard from Baking Mad is also here.

It three-day live event devoted to the world of baking and the art of cake decorating.

As the official website says this one-of-a-kind event is packed full of celebrity demos, competitions, classes and interactive workshops. You’ll learn new skills and techniques, get top tips and baking advice, sample and buy tasty treats, stock up on the latest supplies, and have book signings with the stars of baking and much more.

Nic and Rocco who were runner-up on My Kitchen Rules will be doing a masterclass on the Cronut. Julia Taylor will be showing people how to make the Ombre Cake and her Masterchef Australia protege Kylie Millar will be showing people how to make Salted Caramel Popcorn Eclairs.

Dan Lepard will be in the Baking Theatre showing people how to make the Great Aussie Burger Bun and the Great Australian Meat Pie. Please note these are different sessions. The full program is here.

If you want to get your bake on go here to get tickets. 

March 21, 2014   1 Comment

Australia’s Got Talent May Be Dumped By NINE

Even after Australia’s Got Talent rated 1.39 million for the Grand Final it is being reported it is not certainty to be back on our screens in 2014.

TV Tonight is reporting the future of the show is undecided and with The Voice and The Voice Kids it just may be one too many talent shows for the Network.

If it does not return hopefully they will give Julia Morris  another hosting gig. Maybe she will be the host for The Voice Kids, though I would have thought they would go for a Gen Y to connect with the target audience.

The good news is The Great Australian Bake Off is still on the table for 2014 neither confirmed but also not ditched.

Great show that was treated shabbily by the Network placed in a 8.30pm Tuesday spot where it was either a 6.30pm Sunday or 7.30pm show. The cast was great and there was a nice chemistry between Kerry Vincent and Dan Lepard as well as being well cast. Let’s hope they give it another crack and give it a chance to find an audience.

Do you want AGT or Bake Off to return?

November 12, 2013   7 Comments

The Great Australian Bake Off – And The Winner Is…

Nancy Ho was the winner of the first season of The Great Australian Bake Off when she beat the favourite to win Maria and the last man standing Jonathan.

Her petite fours got her over the line as they looked stunning and Maria’s profiterole was deemed to be to big.

However the judging is interesting as Nancy came last in the technical bake which was a Religuese and her gateux was not deemed to be a gateaux. However Maria’s cherry chocolate gateux had not set either. Jonathan whose decorating skills were not the best was never in the mix to win.

Nancy wins a trip to Byron Bay and a kitchen makeover. The make over will be handy as she revealed to the Herald Sun that she does not have a working oven at home. She also said she is going to go to culinary school in Sydney. However she still has not given up on architecture either. For the young 22 year old it looks like she has a lot of choices and talent in a few areas. Congratulations it was a deserving win.

Great show, wrong timeslot hopefully NINE will give it another season.

August 28, 2013   29 Comments

The Great Australian Bake Off – The Grand Finalists Are Known

Next Tuesday is the final episode of The Great Australian Bake Off and you get the feeling there will be little fanfare about the winner.

Bake Off was a good series which ticked a lot of boxes. Good contestants and cast, great cooking and with a nice “there are no villains” vibe.

However because of the time slot after 8.30pm on a Tuesday night it just has not been able to find its audience. It would have been perfect in the 6.30pm time slot on Sunday night as it was perfect family viewing.

It is kind of sad that after the great casting of Dan Lepard and Kerry Vincent that they were not able to find a wider audience and because of this that there might not be a second season. Last night it only pulled 622,000.

It was the semi final with Nancy, Maria, Monique and Jonathan had to cook a gluten free tart, croissants and jam and a strudel.

In the end Monique was eliminated and Maria was named star baker. Next Tuesday Maria, Jonathan and Nancy will be battling it out to be the winner of the inaugural season of The Great Australian Bake Off.


August 21, 2013   34 Comments