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Grant Denyer Denial Of Meth Addiction Is Unravelling

Grant denyer

Grant Denyer this week denied he was in rehab for meth addiction and said he would be taking legal advice concerning the story in this week’s Woman’s Day.

However Woman’s Day decided to fire back quickly with what looks like the knock out blow, with a person claiming to be at the rehab centre at the same time as Grant Denyer and his wife.

The article has Askin Karahan telling the magazine he had been at rehab with him. He says:

“Arriving at the rehab centre in Thailand was a blur for me. I was there for help with my drug addiction and didn’t know what to expect.

It was the following day in a roomful of people in group therapy I saw Grant Denyer and his wifestand up and say they were addicted to meth.

Was I shocked to see him? To hear that? Of course I was. I knew him from the weather. I think anyone would have been shocked, but that’s the thing about drugs. It takes over the best of us. Role models, actors, sportspeople, musicians, your next door neighbour…

Last year was hard for me. My mum passed away and I’d started going out a lot with my friends just to forget about it for a while. Eventually partying wasn’t enough and I started taking cocaine.

It just sort of numbed everything but my family knew what was going on and they were worried about me.

It’s not really about my mum, though – I don’t want to play the victim here.

Plenty of people lose someone and they don’t turn to drugs. That was my choice and I know I’m not blaming anything.

My family told to me get my life sorted out and a friend suggested The Cabin drug rehab, so I called them.

I spoke to their psychologist and they said their success rate was high because of their 12-step program, so a couple of days later I went. My family helped me with the $14,000 fees.

I recognised Grant as soon as I saw him. I didn’t expect him to be there – would anyone? But now I understand that ice is pretty big in Australia and a lot of people are users.

Like all of us, Grant had tried and failed to get clean before.

Everyone tries and fails, but his main reason was that drugs in a relationship doesn’t work. It’s too unstable, so of course they wanted to get clean to save that. That’s what they said.

Full story on Woman’s Day website.

Grant Denyer’s threats of legal action might have made it into a bigger story then it was. It is a bit like Craig Thompson whose life has now imploded since he decided to sue the Sydney Morning Herald about using his union credit cards to pay for the services of sex workers.

Interesting that Grant Hackett’s father is not allowing him to be in denial about his prescription drug addiction and has been in the media saying it is true after Grant said he was in the USA at treatment centre to take some time out.

February 26, 2014   50 Comments

Uncle Jed Announces Tour Dates

The winners of the latest series of Australia’s Got Talent have announced their tour dates for their Australian tour.

If you are a fan hopefully they will be coming to a town near you.

Here they are:


Jan 18 – Clarendon Guesthouse, Katoomba, NSW
More Info

Jan 22 – Rhythm Hut, Gosford, NSW
More Info

Jan 23 – The Small Ballroom, Newcastle, NSW
More Info

Jan 24 – Finnian’s Tavern, Port Macquarie, NSW
More Info

Jan 25 – Yamba Shores Tavern, Yamba, NSW
More Info

Jan 26 – Cre8 Festival, Coffs Harbour, NSW
More Info

Mar 21 – Dee Why RSL, Sydney, NSW
More Info

Mar 22 – The Basement, Sydney, NSW
More Info

Mar 28 – Heritage Hotel, Bulli, NSW
More Info

Mar 29 – Brass Monkey, Cronulla, NSW
More Info

Mar 30 – Brass Monkey, Cronulla, NSW
More Info


Feb 6 – Toff In Town, Melbourne, Vic
More Info

Feb 7 – Karova Lounge, Ballarat, Vic
More Info

Feb 8 – Musicman Megastore, Bendigo, Vic

Feb 20 – Clancy’s Fish Pub, Feemantle, WA
More Info

Feb 21 – Ya-Ya’s, Perth, WA
More Info


Mar 14 – Hotel New York, Launceston, Tas
More Info

Mar 15 – Republic Bar, Hobart, Tas
More Info

South Australia

April 3 – Grace Emily Hotel, Adelaide, SA
More Info

April 10 – Old Museum Studio 3, Brisbane, QLD
More Info

April 11 – Sound Lounge, Gold Coast, QLD
More Info

April 12 – Woombye Pub, Sunshine Coast, QLD
More Info

Contact the venue for ticketing information.

January 15, 2014   2 Comments

AACTA – The Best Reality TV Nominations Are A Tad Controversial

The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards aka AACTA’s have released their nominations today and the Reality TV nominations will raise some eyebrows of reality fans.

The shows nominated are Australia’s Got Talent, Masterchef: The Professionals, My Kitchen Rules and The X Factor. 

What is interesting is that neither The Voice or The Block were nominated and they were two of the highest rated shows of the year. Also Big Brother could have done with a look in this year as it was such a great series considering the amount of hours they had to pump out.

It is good that these things are not based on ratings alone but producers of both these shows must be pretty disappointed.

December 3, 2013   17 Comments

Timomatic Says Industry Needs To Support Aussie Talent

Timomatic was at the ARIA’s on Sunday night and he is seriously are very nice, intelligent guy and of course knows what it is like being a contestant and a judge on a reality TV show.

We talk about that and also how the Australian industry needs to back in Aussie talent as cast on reality TV shows.

He would make a great judge on The Voice Kids but he said all those swivelling chairs were filled!

December 3, 2013   5 Comments

Tommy Franklin AKA Salty Rain 15 Minutes Of Fame Continues

Tommy Franklin that guy with the freaky dancing who somehow made the finale of Australia’s Got Talent was walking the black carpet at the ARIA’s. Yes I was surprised as well that his 15 minutes was still continuing. In the interview he says he has been speaking at schools and THAT disturbed me. Not sure he is a great role model but maybe I am just getting old and maybe he has just found his niche.

Uncle Jed the winners of Australia’s Got Talent this year also were walking on the black carpet and I did get a really great interview with them but somehow stuffed up the recording. However an album will be out and they will tour.

Uncle Jed cropped

Also when asked if professional musicians now saw reality TV shows as legitimate platform to gain recognition. Their official website is here and has upcoming news and gigs on it.

Photo courtesy of Selina O’Connor.

December 2, 2013   3 Comments