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Mel B Unhappy On The X Factor Because She Thought Josh Brookes Was A Winner

Mel B was particularly feisty on The X Factor on Tuesday night and according to the Sunday Telegraph was that she thought she was on a winner with young Josh.

Unfortunately for Mel B he ended up turning into a loser. He was kicked off the show after it was found he had asked for banana pictures from his girl fans.

Personally I prefer Carmello to Josh and think he will be the last of the under 25 boys standing.

The Sunday Telegraph states:

 There was no denying the former Spice Girl brought Scary Spice to the judging panel for Tuesday night’s live show.

And while there’s been a lot of online speculation about what’s going on behind the scenes, we can reveal the reason for her cranky mood is Joshua Brooke being disqualified from the show.

You see, Mel B was banking on the handsome WA lad as her big hope to win the competition and wasn’t at all happy about his exit.

“Mel was really thrown by the whole thing,” says one on-set source.

“She knew she was on to a good thing with Josh as he was very popular so she wasn’t happy that he left.

“She was as much annoyed with Josh for what he did as the outcome.”

Brooke was kicked off the show for breaching the rules and conducting a lewd online chat with his fans.

Insiders tell us that Mel B was forced to bring back Carmelo Munzone, who wouldn’t look out of place on the set of The Hobbit.

On the night, Mel B made her feelings very clear to the judges, dismissing their comments and having little interaction with them during the show’s filming.

“Mel was nervous about bringing Carmelo back but seems to be happy with how he is going so far,” the source says.

September 30, 2012   9 Comments

Masterchef Australia – Hugely Influential Here And Abroad

Masterchef Australia judges Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris will be travelling to India as Tourism Ambassadors later this year to promote Australia as a holiday destination.

It just shows just how popular the show is in India and the impact it has on the increasingly important tourist market for Australia. Season Four started there mid-year.

The Herald Sun reports:

MasterChef Australia is surprisingly popular in India, so the Federal Government asked Mehigan and Calombaris to perform a series of cooking shows there.

Travelling in Italy yesterday, Mehigan told “It’s just quietly pretty cool that MasterChef Australia has made the original franchise a worldwide phenomena.

“We have a huge number of people tweeting us from India, and a number of Indian tourists visiting Fenix, [his award-winning restaurant in Melbourne] all because of the show.”

India is an important trading partner to Australia, said Mehigan.

MasterChef Australia 
was broadcast in India from the second season on the Star World network.

This also shows why Victoria was so keen to get the filming of the show to their State. It is a definite loss for Sydney and no more will there be those iconic shots of the Harbour Bridge or Opera House to tantalise the overseas viewers.

Masterchef’s influence does not stop there in a recent Power List of Food Masterchef Australia Executive Producer, Margie Bashfield was named number four.

The Power List highlights who is influential in the food industry in Australia. They write:

Nearly every chef, restaurant critic and member of the food industry The Power Index interviewed noted the impact of MasterChef on the way the Australians talk about and view food. When asked why our bookstores are over-saturated with cookbooks, iconic Penguin cookbook publisher Julie Gibbs replies: “We can happily blameMasterChef”.

Parents and teachers talk of children playing MasterChef at lunchtime and practising ‘plating up’. “The most positive thing that has come out of MasterChef is the influence the show has had on children,” says chef Kylie Kwong. Or, as Bashfield likes to call her, a member of “theMasterChef family”.

At least you know the catering would be good at that family reunion, with Bashfield reeling off Maggie Beer, Peter Gilmore, Neil Perry, Christine Manfield, Jacques Reymond, Shannon Bennett, Justin North, Guillaume Brahimi and Adriano Zumbo as other Australian chefs who have an ongoing relationship with the show.

But if Bashfield isn’t a foodie, who’s the one prompting increased sales of Kewpie Japanese mayonnaise and croquembouches?

It’s a collaborative effort. The food team and producers sit around the very same table The Power Index is perched at, brainstorming ideas on a white board: “Some that are dogs, some that are good”, laughs Bashfield.

Personally I would have put her higher than number three Neil Perry, apart from having better hair than him,  she has reached into just about every Australian home.  We have bought products related to the show, cooked recipes, bought magazines, gone to events and visited eating establishments of the contestants and chefs. This is not even counting the jobs created within the local economy.

Margie Bashfield and co have created stars, new businesses and media identities. Also the judges and guest chefs have had their profiles increased exponentially because of exposure they have received. You cannot buy advertising like this.

It should be noted that George Calombaris and Matt Preston were in the top 25 of this list due to their involvement on the show.

If there was a Hall Of Fame for television programs this one deserves to be one of the first to be inducted in it.

September 29, 2012   7 Comments

Big Brother Australia – Josh’s Chances Of Winning Are Fading Fast

Josh’s chance of winning Big Brother is slowly slipping out of his grasp. He was one of the early front runners but now he has hooked up with Ava he has turned a tad dull.

It is boring for his housemates and it is boring for the viewer. No wonder the producers are giving Ava a crap edit, as having two of the housemates locking lips for the next few weeks is not going to make great TV.

As Zoe aptly described it tonight Ava is like one of those koala clips stuck on to Josh.

The housemates were also bitching about Ava being cryptic when telling them details of her life. Stacey is guessing she is famous in the Ukraine. However we can confirm she has not been a contestant on Eurovision yet…

It was good to see footage on how Angie received her love bite. It was not in the kitchen with Sam but in the garden. Also they smooched a few times and she looked like she liked him. No wonder there was the big fight between Angie and Layla.

Sam said to Big Brother that he was sick of all the one on one conversations and just wanted to do stuff that was going to stir the house up. Angie was wondering if he was a plant by Big Brother.

Michael must have realised his bitching about Ava may not be making him look good outside the house and he went in to the diary room to say Ava was not as bad has he first thought and if it was helping to distract Josh he was fine with that.

Josh does appear to be in love, however he may also be going a bit crazy in the house and implied to Michael that all the conversations were doing his head in. He did looked peeved at Bradley when he was having a go at him about hooking up with Ava and that the old Josh had gone.

Also props to Bradley for trying to crack a move on Estelle when she was talking to him on eviction day.  She said this could be their last day in the house. He moved over and said “Lets make it worthwhile”.

The other scene that was amusing was Layla and Angie’s work out it lasted for less than five minutes. It is a bit weird that Angie who is a former weight lifter does not like exercise.

Benjamin had a nice treat of seeing a message from his partner, but he had to complete a challenge first which was to take the mobile phone and do what BB requested of him. He only appeared to do two challenges which were jump in the pool in Ava’s dress and arm wrestle Bradley and let him win.  When he told the other housemates about the challenge and that he had to do some things to get it,the housemates asked did you burn Layla’s rollers. He gave an emphatic no,  now that was amusing.

September 28, 2012   46 Comments

The Taste – Two Of The Hottest Cooks Now Have A Reality TV Cooking Show Together

Why did I not know that Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson are both mentors/judges on a US Reality TV cooking show called The Taste?

Anthony Bourdain has the same effect on women as Nigella has on men, but also they are very engaging personalities. This is standout casting!

What would be your perfect cast for a reality TV cooking show? has the story (from a press release) and yes it is from July but this is what the show is about:

It’s all about the taste! U.S. network ABC has ordered eight episodes of “The Taste”, America’s hot new cooking show. Famed foodies Nigella Lawson and Anthony Bourdain head a distinct panel of four judges in this unique cooking competition pitting America’s most skilled cooks against one another. “The Taste” was created and produced by Kinetic Content, Red Arrow’s US production company led by Chris Coelen.

Caroline Kusser, Director North America of SevenOne International, says, “Anthony Bourdain’s trademark of holding nothing back coupled with Nigella Lawson’s extensive culinary experience create a strong backbone for a completely innovative cooking competition. We are thrilled about ABC’s pick-up and look forward to capitalizing on this success with a series of strong international partnerships.”

The Taste

For the first time ever Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson are teaming up to get down to what truly matters, the way the food tastes! Our culinary superstars are going back to basics: the taste! Both home cooks and restaurateurs are given the opportunity of a lifetime, as they sharpen their skills and train with the best culinary experts in the business. Our superstar mentors will each coach a team of cooks, who they hand pick based on their dishes alone. In each episode there are two challenges; a team challenge and an individual challenge. At the end of each show the mentors must decide together who to eliminate.

Lifestyle Food or ABC has to pick this up. If it is a ratings hit we might get an Australian version if we are lucky.

September 27, 2012   6 Comments

Kitchen Cabinet Season Two – Starts on 10 October on ABC2

Not strictly a reality show but popular political commentator Annabel Crabb is back with Season Two of her TV show KITCHEN CABINET.

On this show she goes around to politician’s homes to share a meal and chew the fat.

It again screens on ABC2 and starts on Wednesday 10 October at 9.30pm. The first house she goes to is Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey who lives in a share house with previous inhabitants being Ross Cameron and Brendan Nelson who lived out the back in a shed.

It will be interesting what is said about Ross Cameron whose career came to an end when it was revealed he was having an affair whilst his wife was pregnant with twins. He had been running a very family friendly Christian values ticket for the seat of Parramatta at the time the affair was revealed.

I am not sure what Brendan Nelson was doing staying in a shed? Considering the over night allowance at that time was well over $200 maybe he was saving it rather than spending it. Which does raise the issue of should you retain travel allowance you don’t utilise?

Don’t expect either of those topics to be raised whilst they are having dinner.

Here is more information about the show:

After cooking up a storm with some of Australia’s most surprising politicians in the first series of KITCHEN CABINET, Annabel Crabb is coming back to ABC2 with a second helping.

Over six episodes, our veteran political journalist invites herself over to the home of a sitting member offering dessert in exchange for dinner.

In episode one, Federal Member for North Sydney and Shadow Treasurer JOE HOCKEY invites Annabel over to the notorious Canberra based share house that has provided accommodation to many senior Liberal figures including Ross Cameron, Bob Baldwin and most famously, Brendan Nelson who whilst Liberal Leader, lived out in the back shed.

Barely any real food is ever consumed there, but Annabel is so keen to get the gossip on Hockey’s share house shenanigans she accepts his offer to come over for a BBQ. Over what can only be described as an exceedingly modest meal our Shadow Treasurer discusses media gaffes, upsetting John Howard, and how it feels to be punched out by Liberal Leader Tony Abbott. Annabel also learns more than she ever wanted to know about fire buckets.

Kitchen Cabinet – Season 2 starts Wednesday 10 October on ABC2.

September 27, 2012   6 Comments