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The Mole – Another One Gone Was It A Shock

The Mole needs to quote Elvis “a little less conversation and a lot more action”.

Every time Shura Taft says one sentence there is then they cut to three contestants talking about it to camera. There were four Mole challenges, but to be honest I fast forwarded through most of it.

Though did slow down the the tram challenge where the contestants had to hop of and on a tram depending on whether the bag that they had a tag on it for a town that was the furthest away from Melbourne GPO. Interesting that two of the girls did not know where Katherine was.

In the end Alex the 32 year old enginner was eliminated with Ally doing her usual socked face. It was a pity as he was one of the smarter contestants.alex the mole

The Mole Australia on Wednesday nights at 9.30pm.

July 25, 2013   54 Comments

The Mole – Has Been Moled

The Mole has been pretty much dumped by Channel SEVEN. It started at three episodes a week and now there will only be a double episode on Wednesday night at 9.30pm.

The ratings had dropped to just over 350,000 this week and SEVEN had no choice but to act.

It is a pity as it iss a show I am still trying really hard to like. However the challenges seemed to be so long and drawn out, particularly the library challenge where we just about saw every person look in every box. In the end I was fast forwarding it but was then missing the too camera pieces that may  have been giving off hints who is the mole.

Also a lot of the characters are not that engaging.

Fans of the show will be disappointed it did not rate big but at least it is still screening and we will at some stage find out who The Mole is.

The Mole on SEVEN on Wednesday at 9.30pm.

July 12, 2013   25 Comments

The Mole – Who Do You Think It Is?

Last night on The Mole we finally had an elimination. This was after forty minutes on a challenge where they contestants had the choice of unlocking themselves and sleeping in a luxury camp, and if they all unlocked themselves $10,000 would be put into their kitty.

However if a person took the elimination card it meant they and the people who were not unlocked would be sleeping outside the whole night. There was little suspense as there was a storm rolling in. There was no way any of them, even the mole, would be prepared to sleep outside and they all unlocked themselves. The problem was this bit of non-action took up 40 minutes of the episode.

After that it was the elimination quiz and Seble was the one eliminated as she knew the least about the mole. Interestingly you get the feeling most of them think the mole is a male.

Quite frankly I have no idea, but at this stage I think I will plump for Ally as her over acting is appalling.

Who do you think it could be?

July 5, 2013   80 Comments

The Mole – Needs To Pick Up The Pace And Fast

The Mole needs to pick up the pace and fast otherwise it is going to lose viewers fast.

Episode two started with another 20 minutes on the rope walking over the ravine challenge and a lot of talking about “suspicious behaviour” by others to camera by the not so likeable contestants.

Shaun is not going to get a Facebook Fan page anytime soon nor will a few of the others.

After the viewer having to watch 40 minutes of the rope challenge it was revealed they only increased their prize pot by $2000.

Then it was onto another hiking challenge where they had to carry bags of money and decide which bonus flag to stop at to get that amount of money put into their kitty. Alex the engineer could have done a better job on making a money carrying contraption.

I suspect some producer interference on this challenge.  The first team decided to stop and carry a tray of champagne glasses for $10,000. But they had to hope the other team coming from the opposite direction will keep walking because they only get the money if they meet up within a certain time frame.

The second team were debating over whether they should stand at the $10,000 flag, but it was argued they should keep walking by Mozzie as his rationale is the other team could be standing next to one as well and if they don’t meet up they get zip. As he said better to get $500 than nothing. For some reason they may have been given a prod by someone to keep walking.

Ally whose idea to get the champagne tray which was either going to make her a hero or villain. In the end with the other team meeting up with them as they stood in the middle of the track balancing them she was a hero for insisting on getting it. However clearly not well liked within the group, Ally was not congratulated or included in the group hug. Having said that she is not that likeable but she is one of the more interesting contestants to watch.  Hopefully she will stay in for some time.

The issue is they are stretching out a once a week episode into three but the David from Reality TV Design, who probably one of the most knowledgeable people in Australia about this show writes a good article on the new version of The Mole. If this guy is not picked up by a production company soon I would be stunned. His knowledge on shows and challenges on reality shows and what works and what does not is encyclopedic.


July 4, 2013   59 Comments

The Mole – Interesting But Not An Attention Grabbing First Episode

I have to confess this is the first time I have really watched The Mole so I come into with fresh eyes and enthusiasm. However I thought it started off slow but there was enough in the first episode to get me to tune in again.

Not straight out of the blocks frenetic activity like The Amazing Race Australia does.

To be fair it is a different format where the twelve contestants have to try and flush out who the mole is. Also first episodes are always difficult as there are all new contestants who we are trying to get to know and in this case as well the host, Shura Taft.

The winner of the show can get up to $250,000. However to get that money they have to complete challenges and in them The Mole’s role is to sabotage them.

Five minutes in I realised this would be a reality TV show I would never go on. Too much physical exertion with too little cash prize. After the first episode there is barely $4000 in the prize pot.

The show started with them split into three teams blindfolded then dumped in the middle of nowhere and told to find their way to a flag on a beach. Each team that did it in the allotted two hour time frame would get $5000 for the prize pot. The second challenge was to rope walk over a ravine with each pair crossing they would get $500 for the prize pot.

Few quick thoughts about the episode:

  • At first I thought they had been dumped in Roxby Downs and I thought this will be very interesting indeed, but no it was at a beach;
  • All the cast look like they have been cast because they are assertive. Props to Ally for not being shy on telling people what she thinks. Considering two of the males on her team thought a majority vote was when the males decide what to. Alex the engineer decided they would be able to make it to the flag in time so pulled the help card where a car came and collected them. The girls were right when they said they had another hour to get there;
  • It was ironic the team to make it to the flag first were the only ones that arrived with their luggage;
  • Ally also lost it at Kerrie the HR manager who was nominated treasurer who had decided to sacrifice half of the prize pot to get herself an exemption from the elimination quiz;
  • Which raises the question how are they going to make watching do a quiz on a computer interesting;
  • The editing of the challenges need to be snappier as it felt too drawn out;
  • The most interesting contestants at the moment are Nick, Alex, Ally and Shaun just looks like a douche.

At this point I have no idea who the mole but suspect is not one of the obvious one.

What did you  think will you be tuning in again? Who do you think is the mole?


July 3, 2013   67 Comments