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Ladette to Lady – The Dinner Party

This week’s challenge for the ladettes was to host a dinner party for people from society. I wonder if  Skye’s new beau was one of the guests at tonight’s shindig.

TV Week reports that Skye has captured the heart of one of the gentleman who was on the show. Apparently she is madly in love with Leuan Walker who she met on one of the challenges. “I’ve been screaming every second I mention his name,” Skye reveals.

They met at the cocktail party on week one but did not take any notice of him until one of the other soirees.

“Me and Leuan were out the front drinking a bottle of whiskey. I just started talking to him and thought,’Alright!’ she laughs. “I thought he was a gentleman, well-mannered and a sweetie. It just went from there and we’re dating. He’s so cute!”

She is planning on moving to the UK on a work visa.

 Skye had other challenges this week other than hooking a guy, she was made the school prefect for the whole week. Which meant if something went wrong she would be responsible for it. The other girls were persecuting Sky as she has previously not treated the other girls with respect.

For the first time in the series we got to see Krislyn a girl who has the usual problems with the booze and biff. She does look much better with her flapper style bob rather then the cheap blonde dye job she had before the show. She was one of the girls giving Skye a hard time, but other than that she did nothing memorable.

Just as I was getting  a bit bored with the episode they introduced the wine tasting, and told not to get drunk. I think the producers would have been very disappointed if they had stayed sober. They all got stonkered. Zoe seemed to be particularly bad. But to be fair they were left with Bollinger I would have been drinking heavily as well.

The cook Mrs Shrager counselled Zoe about her alcohol problem and told her not to drink. Why don’t they take her to the village AA meeting.

Also there was a witchhunt for the missing alcohol which of course was found by the school princiapl Mrs Harboard. Some of these ‘plotlines’ in the show are very obvious.

The dinner party was uneventful the food looked fantastic. The souffle looked sensational even though it was a bit late.

Zoe was a surprise elimination (to her at least). She was told to go and deal with her alcohol issues. Hopefully she will conquer those demons.

Next week they said a Prince would be at the masked ball. has Prince Lorenzo flown over to be a special guest? 

I am not sure the Ladettes are worse than the english lot, I remember them getting up to a whole lot of naughtiness.  However Channel 9 must be thinking it is a sucessful show as they are currently casting for new series.


1 Culinary Boner { 03.04.09 at 1:59 pm }

This show is a complete yawnathon because the girls and their sourpuss teachers are too thick between the ears to say or do anything interesting or amusing. With the exception of Sarah B – loved her astute f***doll comment – the rest possess all the spark and personality of smacked-out Kings Cross streetwalkers. They wouldn’t look out of place in a George Romero film. With the difference being that these zombies hunt down booze to ‘come to life’. Ch9 cannot be serious about another series of this unentertaining and tired format.

2 Ladette To Lady - The Masked Ball | reality ravings { 03.11.09 at 12:39 am }

[…] The main sub-plot of the show was Skye burgeoning romance with rugby player and trainee doctor Lueane. I kind of got the feeling she was taking seriously what was being poked at her in fun. More information on this romance is here. […]