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My Kitchen Rules – Stefano Says Ashlee And Sophia Spoiled His Marriage Proposal

Here’s a tip if you don’t want to have your “special moment” spoiled maybe don’t have it with five cameras stuck in your face.

Stefano Guerra of the South Australian team told the Canberra Times were rude particularly about the marriage proposal.

The article states:

“I was surprised at first, but a gatecrasher has a meaning, so they came to ruin something and they came and destroyed a beautiful moment,”

Having been out here for four years, Guerra said he knows Australians are helpful, kind and considerate, but the likes of Sophia and Ashlee are something different.

After the proposal, the gatecrashers called Gabel a “cougar” and said it was a “mother and son” relationship.

“I was surprised at first, but a gatecrasher has a meaning, so they came to ruin something and they came and destroyed a beautiful moment,” Guerra told AAP.

“I have never experienced anything like that since I have been here in Australia.

“Australia gives me a beautiful experience with honest people, but I have never faced rude people like that before.”

Guerra said Sophia and Ashlee may have a point to make when critiquing food but they rub everyone the wrong way with their comments.

He said they should learn some manners and to fight hard but fair.

It is interesting how he did not think they were playing fair, but seems to think that by scoring everyone very low scores giving out one points that judges were giving a ten that he and Lisa was doing was playing fair either. In fact the NSW team have been scoring higher than most in this last round.

Sure they called Lisa a ‘cougar’ and that it was a mother/son relationship to camera not to him, but neither of those comments from what we had seen of the relationship was untrue. Lisa kept on telling Stefano to focus something I tell my four year old son to do regularly.

Sure the NSW team are polarising viewers, some are loving them and others hating them, they are definitely entertaining and they showed last night that they can cook their traditional cuisine something Stefano struggled with.

Also for those who do like Sophia and Ashlee’s one liner the Daily Telegraph have given a list of them.

Thanks Little Petal for sending both links in.

February 28, 2013   12 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – The NSW Team Smashes It Out

Seriously Sophia and Ashlee are hilarious in fact tonight they came up with some of the best one liners of the series. Though the downside was the constant use of the word babe, and repeating the phrase we’ve got to “smash it out”.

They seemed to take a long time with their shopping which was weird as they should have been able all they needed at Bankstown which is not that far from Cabramatta. It must have been close to the end of the day as they were running around Bankstown frantically looking for gas for their blow torch and the shops were all shutting. Ashlee said I feel like we are in The Amazing Race.

Their instant restaurant was called The Factory a homage to Andy Warhol, but it was not really Pop Art but Rust Art, not a known art movement though samples might be found in downtown Detroit. However they did not have the a luxury house rented for them ala Lisa and Stefano.

Lisa said the restaurant was simple and Sophia retorted to camera “Simple? Their one looked like a pinata threw up”.

For an aperitif they served up absinthe. “Pretentious” says Natassia as she then proceeds to give the table a lecture on the alcoholic beverage.

“If you get good absinthe it is beautiful” she said. The Victorian team said “Is it good absinthe?”  Natassia responded in the negative, clearly she has imbibed it before.

Sophia was getting overly confident but still keeping her dry sensen of humour she said “If we get a good score tonight I am going to get the local council to name a park after me!”.

Their menu had a Vietnamese bent with an entree of Poached Chicken Salad with Sweet and Sour Sauce, Shrimp and Pork Pancake, and Lime Brulee.

Lisa said she expected the Lime Brulee to be on a french restaurant menu not a Vietnamese one. Newsflash Lisa, Vietnam used to be a french colony, that is why the coffee and bread is good over there or so I have heard.

Lisa also thought it was a simple basic menu. Which was a tad ironic considering she and Stefano served up a dip for entree in their first instant restaurant round and was that a choc chip cookie on their dessert menu last night.

Natassia was also saying too simple, but seriously with the standard of food being produced this round, maybe most of the teams should have kept it simple. Prior to tonight only one made it over the pass mark.

Keiran articulated that he  was worried about the sweet and sour sauce as sometimes he finds it too sweet and sometime he finds it too sour. And that is why he is working at JB Hi Fi.

Manu liked the salad but he did not think the dressing had enough impact, and Pete also thought the dressing was lacking.

“Where’s the zing we were promised?” said Lisa. Also Stephanie thought it only took her halfway to Vietnam, and Dan quipped “Yes to Bali”.

Melina was hard line “You can’t over promise or under deliver,” said Melina. Which is exactly what every team had done this round except for Tasmania.

There was freaking out going on in the kitchen between entree and main. First they fiddle with the sauce, then with the pancake mixture, and then there was the toughness of the pork belly. But it was surprising it took them 2 1/2 hours to serve up the main meal.

Pete says he has been to Vietnam and eaten pancakes there. Babe they are in every vietnamese restaurant in Sydney though they are anglocised and the prawn heads are taken off. .

Angela did not look happy about the judges comment nor the fact she was going to be eating  a prawn head, but in the end she quite enjoyed it.

Lisa thought the pork was tough and said it was average.

Interestingly Lisa’s negativity had been noted up on by the other teams. Dan said “In this last instant restaurant round we have sat down to 18 dishes and Lisa has not liked one of them”. The viewer has barely seen her comments about the food until it is time for them to score as the producers have been concentrating on the NSW teams bitchy remarks.

After battling with the blow torch, they plated up the dessert and Sophia put a carnation on the plate. Ashlee did not think it should go on because you could not eat it, however Sophia said people put umbrellas on banana splits and they don’t eat them. However some flowers are considered edible but no umbrella sticks are.

After all that running around looking for gas for the blowtorch the girls did not do a great job in using it. Manu said the brulee top was not great, but the cream was great. Pete agreed and said the praline and the cream went really well together

Stefano thought his was runny and thought it was not cooked. but then he prefers his food and women dry and Lisa thought hers had curdled. However this was probably wishful thinking.

The other teams gave low scores Western Australia gave a 3, Victoria a 4, Tassie a 4, Queensland a 5, and South Australia a 1. Vic gave a 4 saying the reason was they had to wait 2 1/2 hours for the main. Stefano and Lisa were even contemplating giving a zero. They really need to fix up the scoring in this show as this year particularly this last round it has been a farce. Pete and Manu are giving out eight and nine’s and the teams are giving out threes.

They then had to head off to kitchen head quarters the next day to hear the score and Melina in “real housewife” style managed to fit in a spray tan session before getting there.

Sophia was surprised they received that much as was  Lisa as she thought the meal was terrible.

In the end the judges scores easily got them over the line, Manu gave a seven for entree, a nine for main, and a seven for dessert

Pete gave a six for entree, ten for main, and an eight for dessert. This was a total of 64 which made them second on the scoreboard.

Everyone seemed to be sad Lisa and Stefano were going. Samuel said he was gutted for Lisa as they are really nice people.

I wonder if they still think that after seeing these episodes and the scores they gave out. Hopefully now the teams in the MKR kitchen we will finally get to see some good cooking.

My Kitchen Rules on SEVEN, Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

February 28, 2013   99 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – The Ring WAS On Before The Proposal!

It was an editing error that eagle eyed commenters spotted, Lisa was wearing the ring a scene that came before the actual proposal.

Mashing the potato at the 20 minute mark:

At the 23 minute mark:

February 27, 2013   37 Comments

The X Factor Australia – LMFAO Singer To Be One Of The New Judges

With the rumours continuing to swirl on who The X Factor judging panel this year, it appears Redfoo (surely not his real name) from pop band LMFAO is one of the new judges.

It is a good choice as he will appeal to the younger viewer. He will join Natalie Bassingthwaite, and Ronan Keating. The other person rumoured to be joining the panel is Dani Minogue.

The Herald Sun reports:

Confidential can reveal Seven has all but signed on the dotted line with former LMFAO frontman, Redfoo.

The writing was on the wall when the network shamelessly plugged the wacky singer throughout their Australian Open coverage.

The hairy rapper, who dates tennis champ Victoria Azarenka, is said to have impressed Seven executives when he was here, with plenty of wooing off court.

Stefan Kendal Gordy, aka Redfoo, certainly has the DNA to pick a star.

He is the son of Motown founder Berry Gordy Jnr, who discovered worldwide acts such as the Supremes, Marvin Gaye as well as the Jackson Five.

Meanwhile, Dannii Minogue has firmed as the other seat on the judging panel next to Ronan Keating and Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

The X Factor Australia to seen on SEVEN later this year.


February 27, 2013   6 Comments

Monica Lewinsky Rumoured To Be Going On Celebrity Swan

It is not often I would think it is a negative thing that a person goes on a reality TV show, however in the case for Monica Lewinsky it is a definite no.

There are rumours circulating that she may be going on Celebrity Swan, which is a celebrity version the radical plastic surgery show, The Swan where they transform ugly ducklings to swans.

Sure if it was Dancing With The Stars, or Celebrity Apprentice I would be saying sure go for it. But this show is not just getting a new pair of boobs it is radical change and for someone as intelligent has her it would be surprising that she would.

Daily Life have a great article on this and also on how she has been despised, blamed and made fun of since her affair with President Clinton emerged. As they say she was 22 years old he was the President, just a slight power imbalance there.

Also it was reported last year she has signed a $12 million book deal to write a “tell all” book about the affair so she doesn’t need the money. Chances are she won’t be on the show.

The other celebrity name to be talked about as being on the show is Erin Moran aka Joanie from Happy Days. I would have thought going on Celebrity Rehab would be more appropriate for her.

February 27, 2013   3 Comments