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Tim Brunero Writes How He Assisted Sarah Brunton On Ladette To Lady

On Live News Tim Brunero writes about how he  gave Ladette to Lady contestant Sarah Brunton tips on participating on a reality TV show. He also reckons that a “feminist wet dream” is when a women act like a bloke. I think he needs to be flamed for those comments.

Elimination Interviews With SYTYCDA Dancers Jesse and Max.

Here is Jesse’s elimination interview in TV Week basically blames it on the choreographer. It was a pretty poor routine not helped by Max’s very poor dancing to it. And here is Max’s. She does talk a little bit about the fact that Jason’s dislike have her may have been a factor which got her eliminated.

Sonia Kruger’s Divorce Story All Over The Weekly Woman’s mags.

The only in town for the women weekly mags this week is the bust up of Sonia Kruger’s marriage. She has made the cover of both New Idea and Woman’s Day. Both have exactly the same story in them. All about too much work causing them to go their seperate ways.

A tiny bit of the Woman’s Day story is here.

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1 tim brunero { 02.20.09 at 10:02 am }

i think that’s a little unfair. sarah is a trailblazer in her trade as a woman. i was making a comment on that. i may not be an expert on gender studies but i would have thought a woman getting out there and doing work men have traditionally done is a feminist in practice.

2 Reality Raver { 02.20.09 at 11:55 am }

I agree that it is great the Sarah is working in a non-traditioinal female workplace, however maybe I got confused but I also included your wet dream statement to include the ‘male’ behaviour something I would hope a woman would not have to take on (if they did not want to ) within a male dominated work environment.

Now who said reality TV couldn’t spark a stimulating debate?

3 onadrought { 02.22.09 at 7:51 am }

Tim, is it you feeding Sarah those classic lines, eg “decorated fuck dolls”?

Working in a male environment is not necessarily feminism in practice – sometimes it’s just a job.

4 Reality Tidbits | reality ravings { 03.14.09 at 10:43 pm }

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