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Ladette to Lady – Episode 1 –

What in the hell is sexual incontinence? Mrs Brewer the etiquette  teacher in an interview with Sky asked about her sexual incontinence.

I thought what is that? Did I miss something when the girl was urinating behind the bus? But apparently the sexual incontinence occurred when Sky pashed Zoe at the cocktail party. It means lacking in restraint.

I think I will try and drop it into a sentence this week.

Now who was the girl peeing behind the bus with the full stream seen on camera? She will never live that down.

Ladette to Lady Australia premiered tonight  on Channel 9. It is an exact replica of the english version, where the teachers at Eggleston Hall try to turn ladettes into ladies. Each episode a girl is eliminated until only three are left and they participate in a debutante type ball and one of them is named a winner. I think the only prize is the title.

With the English version of the show I had a love hate relationship due to a couple of factors.

Firstly do the people at Eggleston Hall really think they can adequately treat girls with severe alcohol problems? Some of these girls are alcoholics. Which is probably why they are picked as the producers know as soon as the booze comes out they will get some great footage eg Sky pashing Zoe.

The other reason I have an issues with the show is the assumption that knowing  how to arrange flowers, mixing the right cocktail and cooking and serving  food to men is what a lady should aspire to.

Having voiced my objections I know I will still be tuning in each week, if this episode is anything to go by, and really it is just a reality TV show with all the normal manipulations that occur within this genre.

Tonight’s episode was really Sky’s show as she showed just how bad she could be. Now if this had been a genuine “worst girl goes home, Sky would have been the one to leave.

But you knew she was not going to be gone due to the amount of footage they are getting out of her. Zoe one of the girls with a drinking issue was also kept in because of entertainment value.

After all the screen time Zoe and Sky received we barely got to see the other ladettes. Sarah Brunton the electrician wanted to go on the  show to learn more feminine ways. She is the eldest of the ladettes and I wonder how she handled being stuck with out of control early 20’s girls. The Sun Herald reported that Sarah had been coached in the ways of reality TV by former Big brother reality star Tom Brunero. So I don’t expect to see excessive drinking, chundering, stripping or making to much of a dick of herself. She will leave that up to the  other girls.

Maria the girl who was eliminated tonight barely received any TV time. In fact I find it a bit ironic but the best behaved ladette was sent home. Hopefully in tomorrow night’s episode we will get to see more of the girls we did not see  tonight.

Channel 9 are on a winner and they know it. That is why they are advertising for contestants for series 2.


1 Injera { 02.17.09 at 1:21 pm }

Yeah, “sexual incontinence” was a new one for me, too! Maybe they were just trying to pursue “incontinence” as a theme for the night after the behind-the-bus action.

There is something very wrong with Sky and the EH women have no resources to help her with it. Who gets incoherently stressed out making cocktails and canapes?

I did notice the miner/electrician being a bit stand-offish with the girls. It’s interesting that she’s been coached! She will need to step away from the wall a bit, though, if she’s going to be kept on, given that they really do seem to be focussing on keeping the entertaining messes on.

The recorder timed out before the end – so now I know it’s goodbye Maria (I hardly knew her…). Was she the Melbourne girl they criticised for being fake?

2 Jenny { 03.17.09 at 7:27 am }

I saw this show a couple of days ago. I’m not sure if Maria was the best behaved out of them, although there wasnt much focus on her, her behaviour at the end suggested she’s actually a very silly girl. Mooning the tutors was a naughty thing to do, and they were right not to let her say bye to the other girls. And when she was leaving she was very childish, not behaving like a girl in her 20’s, pulling faces at the window. Most of the other girls didnt seem to find her funny, apart from Skye, who herself doesnt seem to know how to behave!

3 Reality Raver { 03.17.09 at 4:53 pm }

Sky gets a lot of airtime. And she has parlayed her Ladette to Lady fame into posing for Zoo a mens magazine. Was this what Mrs Shergold wanted for her girls?

4 Tim { 06.04.09 at 5:50 am }

Sky is crazy…..and very very sexy.

5 matt roberts { 06.10.09 at 7:59 am }

im gunna find sky and marry her….shes my kinda girl!