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Dance Moms The International Phenomenon Hits Sydney Or How I Lost My Cool Over A Bunch Of Girls

I have met a lot of famous people in my time including Prime Ministers, Premiers, International Dignitaries and Reality TV stars, but I have to tell you I lost my mind over meeting some young girls, yes the Dance Mom cast on the red carpet at the ASTRA’s.

cast of dance moms

Now the majority of my readers will be going who the hell are Dance Mom’s and the others will will be fully signed up to the cult of this reality TV show.

The show, with series five currently screening on Lifestyle,  revolves around Abby Lee Miller the owner of a dance studio in Pittsburgh. She has a troupe of girls which she takes around to dance competitions with their mums. Much criticism about her no hold bars teaching style has been made as well as the fact the mum’s erupt in fights each episode. But the the dancers whose, ages range from 8 years to 14 years, are bona fide stars in the tween world. Unusually for reality TV the episodes are watched over and over again. How do I know this? I have a 10 year old daughter.

Fans are full on and they are huge in the US as well as an increasing audience in Australia. In fact if you want to know how tween girls lose their minds over this show read this interesting article from Jezebel titled The Terrifying Instagram World Of Dance Mom Fans.

The dancer’s from the show girls Nia, Kendall, Maddie, Jo Jo, Mackenzie, Kalani, Abby and Gia (the girl who does a lot of the shows choreography) are out in Australia. Two episodes of the show will be filmed in Australia as well as being brought out for Abby’s Ultimate Australian Tour which gives their fans opportunities to meet them.

For those who don’t know the show you you may know the break out star of the series Maddie Ziegler who is Abby Lee’s favourite.

Abby and Maddie

Sia (who is a huge reality TV fan) cast her in her hit videos like Chandelier below:

Nia, Mackenzie and Kendall all have singles out. Also Maddie and Mackenzie, who are sisters, have a clothing range out.  Yes they are the new Olsen twins.

Abby-Lee was kind enough to give me a few minutes of her time on the red carpet.

My Dance Mom’s fiesta continued today when my daughter and I attended Abby’s Ultimate Girl Party. Yes I forked out $300 for two tickets as a bribe to my daughter. To be honest I was not expecting much however, my expectations were met and exceeded. In short, my daughter had a great time and her and all the other tweens were exhausted by the time they left.

The girls choreographed a small dance with them and they were very accessible at various stages of the event. Abby-Lee Miller arrived later and was fantastic working the crowd and choreographing dances from the 1940’s to the 1980’s as well as talking about Dance Mom’s and how it started. Apparently Cathy and her child Vyvyan were the first to be cast! They had not expected the show to be as successful as it has been. As Maddie said that is why they are not well dressed in those first six episodes. At the end the girls were on the floor getting selfies with their fans and Abby was getting photos taken with the mothers. Even Dance Mom’s Melissa and Jill were selling the merchandise.

The person taking the photos of Abby and the mum’s looked vaguely familiar and at one point I thought he was a guy that tried to sue me, which I thought could make it a tad awkward. Thankfully it was in fact Phil Dry as in Phil and Amity from The Block who is the promoter who brought them out here.

Phil DryAnyway in the end I did get that photo with Abby.

10649687_10153143769708664_3662057630698352978_nDance Moms on Lifestyle You on Monday’s at 8.30pm.



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Dance Mom’s To Film In Australia – And They Are Looking For Australia’s Ultimate Dancer!

Dance Mom fans will be very excited to here that Abby-Lee Miller and her dancers are coming to Australia but also that two episodes of the next season will be filmed here.

So there is an opportunity to be on the hit series as they will be holding a dance competition as well looking for Australia’s Ultimate Dancer. Tween mums in Australia will be feeling the pressure to get their little Veruca Salt’s into the classes or enter the competition. Needless to say I won’t be telling Miss 10 about this as I am still paying off the Katy Perry tickets.

Long time fans will be disappointed that Chloe, Paige or Nia won’t be making the tour as Paige and Chloe have left the show and maybe Nia will be as well.

Full details below from the press release:

Space Events and Foxtel announced today that world-renowned dance choreographer and teacher Abby Lee Miller and the cast of the hit U.S. TV Show Dance Moms, are returning Down Under this March to find Australia’s Ultimate Dancer. And, for the first time ever the tour will be filmed for two episodes as part of Dance Moms Season 5, airing exclusively on LifeStyle YOU.

After last year’s hugely successful visit, Foxtel and LifeStyle YOU are teaming up with Space Events to bring the famously outspoken Abby Lee Miller back to Australia where she will hold a series of Master Classes, Showcases and Dance Competitions.

 Joining her on tour will be Maddie Ziegler, Abby’s 12 year old protégé and star of the recent Sia video “Chandelier”, her assistant Gianna, and students Mackenzie (whose self-titled debut album “Mack Z” hit number 1 on the U.S. Pop iTunes Chart), KendallKalani and their infamous moms Melissa, Jill and Kira.

 With the tour kicking off in just over three weeks, Abby Lee Miller says she is excited to be coming back to Australia:

 “We had an amazing response to our last tour Down Under and are excited about coming back, and this time we will be searching for Australia’s Ultimate Dancer!” she exclaims. “We’d love to bring the winner back to LA to appear in an episode of Dance Moms and show the world just how great and dedicated Aussie dancers are. This time we’ll also be filming Dance Moms while in Australia making it even more special for everyone who joins in the creative chaos!”

 Aspiring dancers can take part in one of Abby Lee Miller’s famous Master Classes, while avid DANCE MOMS fans can attend the Showcases to get up close and personal with the stars of the hit reality series (including photos with Abby and the dancers) and watch never-before-seen choreography from the talented pupils of Abby Lee Miller’s Pittsburgh dance studio. Dance Teachers and School owners are encouraged to enter their students in the competition because Abby is also looking for Australia’s ultimate dance studio!

 The first of the Master Classes kicks off Friday, March 13th at Bankstown Sports Club in Sydney followed by the Showcase and Dance Competition at NIDA on 14th and 15th March. The tour then heads to Adelaide before concluding in Melbourne.


March 13         Sydney            Master Classes           11am & 2.30pm          Bankstown Sports Club

March 14         Sydney            Dance Competition     TBD                             NIDA

March 15         Sydney            Showcase                   12pm – 2pm                NIDA

March 16/17    Adelaide          Master Classes           4pm / 2.30pm              Norwood Concert Hall

March 18         Adelaide          Dance Competition     TBD                             Norwood Concert Hall

March 19         Adelaide          Showcase                   5pm                             Norwood Concert Hall

March 21         Melbourne       Master Classes           10am & 3.30pm          St Kilda Town Hall

March 22         Melbourne       Dance Competition     TBD                             Ivanhoe Great Hall

March 23         Melbourne       Showcase                   5pm                            Ivanhoe Great Hall

Tickets are on sale now and selling fast.

For show & ticketing information, visit

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Lifestyle You Must Be Loving The Sia Video Drama Over Dance Mom’s Maddie

Dance Mom’s series 5 starts on Lifestyle You on Monday 12 January and the Network must be loving that a huge scandal has engulfed its star dance Maddie Ziegler.

Maddie who danced in Sia’s hit song Chandelier was again cast in her new video clip for Elastic Heart (see above), this time with Shia Le Bouf. The 12 year old is in a leotard dancing with the adult Shia Le Bouf who is topless and just in lycra dance has led to claims that the clip was promoting paedophilia.

The dancing in the clip is amazing, but I have to admit that I felt slightly uncomfortable watching it. Though this might have been related to the fact that Shia Le Bouf has been in the news a lot lately for very bizarre behaviour which may or may not have been related to addiction. But I did read one commenter on a media sight say “are we going to cry out paedophilia every time a man touches a child” and that is true as well. Needless to say the song is now a huge hit.

Sia has now apologised:

January 10, 2015   10 Comments

Wanting Something To Watch? New Shows Starting In January

It is a quiet time on the television front and in fact I have been taking a break from the box, which I am sure you can tell, but in the next few weeks, prior to ratings starting, there are some shows starting that will be worth looking at.

American Idol Season 14 starts on ELEVEN on Thursday January 8 7.30pm and Friday 7.30pm.

Ryan Seacrest as host is back with Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr who was fantastic in his first season on the show. Also there is a new face replacing Randy Jackson as mentor, it is Big Machine Records president and CEO Scott Borchetta.

The series kicks off with auditions in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Friday they are in New Orleans.

Top Chef Season 12 starts on Arena Thursday 8 January at 9.30pm

This is one of my favourites and this season the series is set in Boston. Padma Lakshmi as host along with Tom Collichio. Richard Blais is joining the judging panel, fans of the show will know he competed on it a number of times. Chefs battle it out for the title of Top Chef as well as cash and other prizes. The quality of the cooking is high and the one hour episodes are fast and furious. Recommended watching if you like food shows.

Celebrity Apprentice starts on Arena on Monday 12 January at 8.30pm

Donald Trump is back with a new batch of celebrities and they include: two-time World Series champion Johnny Damon; actor and comedian Gilbert GottfriedSig Hansen, the star of “Deadliest Catch” and Captain of the Northwestern; Grammy Award-nominated and multi-platinum musician Kevin Jonas; Golden Globe-nominated actor Lorenzo Lamas; NFL great Terrell Owens; award-winning journalist, author, and talk show host Geraldo Rivera; and television and movie actor Ian Ziering.

The line-up of women include Gold Medal Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson; movie star Vivica A. Fox; best-selling author and television icon Leeza Gibbons; reality star and best-selling author Brandi Glanville; TV personality, author, and mother of eight, Kate Gosselin; world-class gymnast and gold medal Olympian Shawn JohnsonKenya Moore, former Miss USA and star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”; and television icon Keshia Knight Pulliam.

Yes I know I have not really heard of many of them either.

The Great British Bake Off on LIFESTYLE FOOD starts on Thursday 8 January at 8.3opm.

Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry are back in series 5 the UK version of The Great British Bake Off. It is a elimination reality show all to do about baking. Each episodes consists of three rounds with one person eliminated each episode.

Dance Mom’s Season 5 starts on Lifestyle You on Monday 12 January at 7.30pm

Abby-Lee Miller  and her dance troop are being fast tracked from the US. This is my daughter’s favourite show so she will be thrilled it is back on. Also the show is rating very well for Lifestyle You and Season 4 has been getting high rotation of episodes as well as Abbey Lee’s Ultimate Dance Competition and Abbey Lee’s Studio Rescue. People are going to be over her soon.

Flea Market Flip on LIFESTYLE HOME starting on Thursday 8 January at 9.30pm.

This show is a bit like Bargain Hunt but with a difference. Two teams compete against each other to see who can buy objects from flea markets and flip it for the most profit. The teams start off with $500.

Bar Rescue Starts on A&E on Wednesday 21 January at 8.30pm.

Jon Taffer is the Gordon Ramsay of the bar and nightclub business. In each episode of this series, Taffer helps transform a struggling bar into a vibrant, profitable business, utilizing his expertise as a nightlife consultant. I have seen a few episodes and each one I have enjoyed.

BBQ Crawl Season 1 starts A&E on Saturday 10 January at 4.30pm

This looks like a cooking and travel show rolled into one. If you are into dude food you might like this even though it looks like it aired in the US in 2013! BBQ Crawl sees Danielle Dimovski, a barbecue champion from Canada take a road trip through the Southern U.S. to reveal America’s grilling roots. Along the way, she aims to win a few titles on the barbecue circuit and stops at every fiery-food joint to experience the best finger-lickin’ chicken, ribs, pork and brisket.

Leeann and Eddie starts on Arena TV on Wednesday 7 January at 9.30pm.

Leeann Rimes now has a reality show with her husband Eddie. This is pretty niche and won’t rate highly but the twist here is Eddie used to be married and had two kids with Brandi Glanville and they all hate each other so it will be interesting to see if this is talked about onscreen. Also Eddie did not give permission for the children to appear on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills which Brandi stars in so ti will also be interesting to see if they make an appearance on this one.

My Strange Addiction start on January  8 on Lifestyle You at 9pm.

Yep this show is what the title says, people with strange addictions and what not talking cigarette smoking. In the latest series there is a person who eats eye shadow. The show is only recommended for people with strong stomachs.

I have probably missed a few television shows. But would love to know what you have been watching over the summer break. Any television show recommendations?


January 6, 2015   43 Comments

Dance Moms The Second Part Of Season Two Start Tonight

Dance Moms is a show you either love or hate, and I have to confess I am in the former category probably because my daughter has it on repeat constantly, that and Cupcake Wars!

Apart from the dancing interestingly enough the other favourite aspect of the show for most fans is the star, the dance teacher Miss Abbey.

The premise of the show is a dance troupe from Miss Abby Miller’s dance studio in Pittsburg. Each week the girls compete in a dance tournament and it show the rigours they have to go through to get there. Of course it is also about their mothers as well who sit there and bitch and moan about Abby and about each other.

This show is not for everyone but the people who do tend to like it turn into fanatics.

Dance Moms start tonight and will be on each Tuesday on Lifestyle You at 8.30pm.

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