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Ajay Rochester ‘Gut-Gate’ – Collateral Damage In The Magazine War

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The adage of “All publicity is good publicity” may not apply in the case of the large amount of media the Ajay Rochester’s gut-gate debacle has garnered.

The former The Biggest Loser host posed on the cover of last week’s New Idea in a pink bikini looking very svelte, and in the article she spoke about her amazing weight loss. At the time there was much chatter about how much the photo had been photoshopped. With Andrew Horney in his column in the Sydney Morning Herald said New Idea had not seen the un-altered prints. The article stated that New Idea had been told “only minimal digital enhancement” had occurred.

 The latest edition of Women’s Day has photos of Ajay, which they admitted were seven months old, with excessive skin, stretch marks, and some lumps and bumps. In the article she talks about possible plastic surgery including liposuction, however Women’s Day claims she has yet to have it done. This of course is a not so subtle dig at their magazine’s main competitor New Idea.

 Ajay on Twitter also claimed the Women’s Day photo’s were used without her permission, and at one stage tweeted she was going to sue. This tweet has now been deleted. But a new tweet states “Planning my next step so pls excuse me not saying much till I get the “right advice”. The truth WILL prevail!”

Ajay may have managed to get herself blacklisted by the two of the highest circulation weekly magazines in Australia all in the space of a few days.

Firstly by threatening to sue Women’s Day, who have not taken a backward step and standing behind the article.

A statement released by Editor Fiona Connelly said:

Woman’s Day stands by the accuracy of our story about Ajay’s plastic surgery plans and we support the actions of our reporter.

“The information in the article came directly from Ajay’s agent and from Ajay herself. Ajay is correct in saying the photos were taken seven months ago as was clearly reported in our article.

Also they pointed out the photos were taken by Women’s Day in her home. It is unclear whether payment was made for those photos. (Source: Daily Telegraph

However New Idea did pay and if I was them I would be asking for my money back. Because I think they would be feeling a tad bruised. If it is true that Ajay has not had plastic surgery it would indicate a significant amount of “˜photoshopping’ of the photos. Also in the article she talked about her healthy lifestyle and life in LA.

 “I hike it (a canyon) every day – sometimes twice!” she told New Idea.

 “I’m absolute testament to the fact that you can do it (lose weight) yourself.

 “It is all about exercising with Kai (her son) and preparing healthy foods that both of us can eat and enjoy.”

 Her Facebook page indicates that her son is not currently living with her in Los Angeles and that he is still in Australia. Something New Idea may or may not have been aware off when they were writing the article. Or it just could have been the way the story was edited.

Ajay has not had a great year it started off with a court appearance for Centrelink fraud, with her facing a custodial sentence. However she asked the court not to give her a jail term, as she was the only carer for her son who suffers from Aspergers, a form of Autism. She was placed on a twelve month good behaviour bond. It would appear that the carer issue has now been resolved while she establishes herself in the US.

Her year is finishing with a hostile Australian media, particularly the women’s magazines who have in the past played a significant role in raising and maintaining her profile. She must be wishing she kept her clothes on and her mouth shut.


1 Culinary Boner { 10.14.09 at 3:18 pm }

Having now compared the two photos I am wondering just hard the photoshopping software was made to work.

Is this her abdomen at all? Or is it a cunning substitute? Do mag photo stars now employ body doubles, just like movie stars. Are we seeing a gut double and does she have one for her butt?

Heaven help us if she does a Penthouse spread, ’cause based on this episode what is on display could be any one a million designer fannys available at a click on the internet. Adds new meaning to the expression ‘cut and paste’. As the immortal Mrs Slocombe would say, “Has anyone seen mah pussy?”

2 Annon { 10.14.09 at 4:11 pm }

I just can’t believe that no one at New Idea picked up just how much ‘photoshopping’ had been done on the pic. It all seems rather odd.

3 Kyvyny { 10.15.09 at 2:57 am }

New Idea must be immune or too overloaded on all the other photoshopping that goes through their pages to even notice this.