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Geordie Shore Australia Fast Tracked From The UK

Geordie Shore season six, which was filmed earlier this year in Australia, will be able to be watched at the same time as it is screened in the UK.

If you are a fan of the show you can watch in tomorrow morning Wednesday July 10 at 7.00am on MTV. Which will also means there will be more people to chat about it on twitter as UK fans will be going bonkers over it as well!

Of course if you can’t be bothered to get up that early there will be multiple repeats over the week.

The cast this season is Charlotte, Gaz, Holly, Vicky, James and Sophie are back as well as Jay is returning for this series as well.

They stayed in a house in the beach side suburb of Coogee, and of course were boozing and hooking up. Why would the production team change the format when it works so well. What is interesting is the show only premiered in 2011 and it is now up to season six. It is a wonders the casts livers are holding up.

This show even though it is trashy does make me laugh.

Geordie Shore Australia premieres on MTV Wednesday July 10 at 7.00am.


July 9, 2013   2 Comments

Geordie Shore – The Sex Is Actually Real On Screen

Would you hit this?

To think I thought the sex on Geordie Shore was faked for the cameras and the cast were just pretending under doonas and sheets!

Apparently casting directors have been out scouting Sydney for people to have sex with the cast members of the show. The Sunday Telegraph reports former Australia’s Next Top Model Contestant Madeline Huett was asked to have a threesome with Gary, one of the cast members of the popular MTV show.

The Sunday Telegraph writes:

People’s Choice winner of the 2012 series of Australia’s Next Top Model, Madeline Huett, revealed how she was approached by a “researcher” two weeks ago at a party and asked if she would have sex with one of the stars.

“I felt humiliated,” Ms Huett said. “This guy came up to me and told me he was bringing the Geordie Shore crew out to Australia and asked if me and a friend would have a threesome with Gaz.

“We were at my boss’s house who owns No Vacancy nightclub and we got chatting. He said he was going to bring the cast to the club and asked if I would pose as their head waitress.

“He said, ‘Would you f*** Gary?’. Then he said, ‘You’d have to do it on camera though’ and said me and my friend should have a threesome with him on camera. I told him no way.”

The researcher was referring to popular cast member Gary Beadle.

It would be interesting to know what the producers of the show were actually paying for the “pleasure” of shagging Gaz. Reality TV is notorious for its low wages for contestants but hopefully they pay big bucks for these roles as it is unlikely any of the participants would get a lift in their careers from it.

I wonder how Gary feels about the producers having to pay girls to have sex with him. Geordie Shore the Sydney version looks like there is not going to be a lot of reality about it.

Scary Canary barmen Iain McDonald and Luke Bridgman also tell the paper  how they had been scouted to appear in the show as members of the public.

They were filmed travelling with the cast on a party bus. “The producers asked us if we wanted to party with them and be in the show,” Mr McDonald said.

For those who are interested in the first type of this fly on the wall genre called The Real World there is a good article on about how it changed from its original intent to something far more sensational. Though to be fair The Real World is currently in its 28th season.

Geordie Shore is currently screening on MTV on Tuesday nights at 8.30pm

April 14, 2013   8 Comments

Geordie Shore Coming To Sydney But What About Responsible Service Of Alcohol Laws?

Geordie Shore is coming to Sydney, in fact to beach side Coogee which is full of backpackers so there will be no shortage of people to party  and hook up with.

But how are the show’s producers going to get New South Wales strict responsible service of alcohol laws where anyone with a slight speech impediment have been known to be refused service. Well that is my story and I am sticking to it. Also people have been know to go out side for a cigarette and not be allowed back in.

Seriously, Geordie Shore is all about getting drunk, and laid unless of course they are going to fake being drunk when they are in a drinking establishment or will they have a special arrangement with the night spots they will frequent or just arrange private parties.

Not sure how many hotel proprietors will want filmed evidence of people being inebriated at or after they have been at their licenesed premises.

The current series of Geordie Shore is on MTV.

Source: The Australian


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