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Guest Post: House Rules – And Things Are Heating Up

Another hilarious House Rules post by Annajjj. Over to her:

Last episode before reveal and it’s 38 degrees in Melbourne. This must have been filmed a while back since it was about half that there today.

Although camping in the heat is preferable to camping in Tasmania it’s not without issues. Our clothes are all over the place Jemma tells us, and Barry Jnr put my top on this morning thinking it was his. Barry grins sheepishly at camera and tries for an expression that says yes it was a genuine mistake.

The other teams turn up for work but two people are missing. We are given a few seconds to imagine Reese flying home to change the locks on their house, before we see her driving and its ok she has just gone to source building materials. She arrives back on site and is greeted by Leighton. They have been together two years and apparently drive each other insane and bonkers. It’s not supposed to be that hard Reese. Plus you managed to dump Ryan Phillipe so this guy should be easy

Jane is the other no show. She has hurt her back and can’t work today; she has to stay in bed and eat chocolate. Plinth is concerned about having to work alone. She’s a good back up says Plinth. Except not now.

Kel sympathises. He knows exactly how that feels as his back went in Perth, the subtext being he simply took some Panadol® and a teaspoon of concrete and got on with things. He offers to give Plinth a hand later on if he has some time. He appears to have time now but is busy chatting with the other teams.

More Michelle hollering for Kel. She won’t let him help Plinth and points out it’s a competition.

Homeowners Chris and Nick have moved off the couch and are now sitting outside drinking beer and trying to appear relaxed. Final house rule is take some risks. We don’t want a basic plain house adds Chris. Don’t worry Chris, log wall art and leopard skins are coming your way.

Speaking of horrible we get another look at the fireplace and Barry is well pleased with his work. He reckons he will quit if they don’t win this one.

Outside Michelle and Kel try to work out the tile pattern and I’m calling it now – they will be one of the 10’s from Joe. I think this tiny laundry is going to look pretty amazing.

Seamy are aiming to make the kitchen bold and there is no mention of the missing kitchen order. Meanwhile L&R are doing their den and Reese wants to confirm their paint colours; a flat burgundy for the ceiling with an aqua gloss trim. It will be interesting to see if that works.

Jane takes herself to hospital and the good news is the damage is not permanent. A couple of days rest and some Panadol® and she will be fine.

Boys have moved back inside to the couch and they tell us again that they don’t think the teams will be stupid enough to interpret No White as meaning they don’t want white ceilings. Cos you know, that would be stupid.

Seamy’s missing kitchen arrives and even while stressing over it these two are so pleasant and forgiving. Can anyone be that nice all the time? Doesn’t it get exhausting? They never go berserk and punch walls and kick stray animals or anything.

Reese arrives back from picking paint and Leighton gives her a quick hug. They are getting on today so that’s a relief for everyone.

Still Janeless, Plinth rises to the challenge of unpacking their orders. Another red cord jobbie says Plinth and oh god has Jane ordered these light fittings in bulk? Maybe the designer is a friend. Jane is the backbone of the family says Plinth but clearly not a very strong back bone.

Sean is a day behind due to the kitchen being unexpectedly cancelled and now he finds out his wall is crooked. What are you going to do asks Amy and Sean thinks about it. Small meltdown, stomp off and find a cat to kick? Done.

Barry reveals his feature wall fireplace and seriously? If this room scores the 10 from Joe I’m going out the window with Jane. Plinth and Kel inspect the lounge room and Kel quickly adds No feature fireplace to his list of House Rules.

The grate is in and Plinth is grateful. More dad jokes. Great.

Leighton has disturbing news – he witnessed a car crash on the way to the shops. He’s pretty shaken and has learned a valuable life lesson about the important things in life which don’t include riling up your girlfriend.

Next day and Jane has turned up at the house to try and milk some sympathy from the rest of the contestants. She’s here to supervise Plinth which is pretty much what she has been doing all along except now she has a pained expression to go with it. She goes shopping and WTF is that a gigantic cock out the front? Please please please buy it Jane. It will definitely fit with ‘Take Risks’ and you could hang Chris’s leopard skin dressing gown off it.

Back at the house Plinth says the two words which strike horror into the heart of Kel: Wallpaper. Muriel. Kel, who barely survived the living nightmare that is hanging wallpaper, tries desperately to discourage him and his earlier offer to help out is apparently revoked.

McCrave-Burger turns up wearing a red pop of colour to find fault with Jemma and Barry Jnr who are celebrating bizarre hat day and here’s where we get the complications of this program’s idea. Leighton’s bulkhead in part of the hallway is affecting the look of Jemma and Barrys entrance and McCrave advises Barry to think about ways he could minimise the impact. Barry obediently starts thinking. His solution is to highlight the bulkhead by cladding it with a mirror.

Kel wants to make a point to Michelle. Even though she numbered the tiles wrong he was able to figure things out. So there.

Boys are still sitting on the couch stressing about their house. It’s been a long week.

Jane wants to help Plinth but frankly the best thing she could do is go and change out of those orange leggings. She gets upset at this suggestion and turns to Michelle for comfort. Michelle has done 6 months of a fashion design TAFE course so she is fully qualified to offer advice. Leggings are not pants Jane.

Leighton is painting the ceiling dark pink. It looks horrible but at least it isn’t white. Teams take shifts working through the night. As usual Plinth takes both shifts for his team.

The next morning and Leighton is still being nice to Reese and although the cynical among us are wondering how long this will last, most viewers are just glad to see an end to the fighting.

Look at me orders Jane in her best Kath Day-Knight but poor Plinth’s eyes are hanging out of his head with exhaustion so he can’t focus on anything except robotic painting. Did you hear anything I just said? No. Do you still love me? No.

Sean is removing the tape edging and it pulls off the paint. He tries to salvage it but one of his tradesmen comes over and pulls off a great effing sheet of it. Amy stayed up all night to paint and she rightly loses the plot over this and goes off to find her own cat.

Preview of the house reveal and we see quite a lot of the finished house including the dressing gown hanging in Chris’s room. Will Plinth reign triumphant over wallpaper? We have to wait until Monday to find out.

*No animals were harmed in the writing of this blog and the author does not condone kicking cats. Husbands are fair game though.

House Rules on SEVEN, Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

May 31, 2013   13 Comments

Foxtel All-Stars Academy With Tim Cahill And It’s Free!

Your child may not be good enough to apply for Football Superstars, however this is a great initiative by Foxtel who are offering free soccer workshops for kids aged between 6 and 11 years of age.

Further details below:

Foxtel has joined forces with Socceroos superstar Tim Cahill for an exciting new initiative – the Foxtel All-Stars Academy.

The 10 two day program will reach children and clubs all over Australia and aims to provide young players with the inspiration to be their best and follow their football ambitions.

Over the next year, the Foxtel All-Stars Tim Cahill Academy will give 1000 children aged between 6 – 11 years (100 attend each academy) the opportunity to participate in a free 2 day school holiday program.  Academies are being held in:

    • 22 – 23 June – Sydney
    • 1 – 2 October – Newcastle
    • 5 – 6 October – Townsville
    • 7 – 8 December – Melbourne
    • 14 – 15 December – Adelaide
    • 18 – 19 December – Brisbane

(4 Academy dates and locations still to be announced)

Tim Cahill said: “I’m thrilled to partner with Foxtel for this exciting new initiative as my passion is to increase the footprint of football in Australia. This new grassroots program will help encourage and inspire the next generation of Australian soccer players.

“Growing up I was not the strongest or fastest kid playing but followed my dream to play at an elite level. This program will help kids follow their dreams too.” 

Applications are now open for the Sydney Academy at (further details regarding other cities will be available soon).

I presume spaces will go fast so get in fast.

May 31, 2013   1 Comment

Celebrity Apprentice Australia All Stars – Really?

In what I think is the weirdest rumour ever is the one on TV Tonight saying there might be a Celebrity Apprentice All Stars.

Seriously? There has only been three seasons and after the first season it has not been a big ratings hit.

They must be following the US series which had an All Stars version this year which just finished screening on Fox 8.

Agree with TV Tonight that Deni Hines would be a must if they do go ahead with it and suspect she could command a very high fee to get her back on the show.

But really what is the point of having an All Stars at this point and I surely there would be quite a few of the alumni who would refuse to come back on.

The plot line will be egomaniacs arguing whilst ringing sponsors to get cheques.

However maybe if one of the celebrities would bust out a scene like Gary Busey on the US Celebrity All Stars version I might be convinced to watch.

If they make a Celebrity Apprentice All Stars would you watch it and who would you like to see in it.

May 30, 2013   9 Comments

Guest Post: House Rules – Is Couples Counselling Needed?

Another cracker recap from Annajjj on the enjoyable series House Rules:

Day 2/3 in Melbourne and the demolition finishes up and the fun part starts. Say what you will about this show but as Rocky pointed out in response to the last post, over here we get fast results and we actually see the owner’s reactions each week.

We kick off with the usual recaps and previews and then straight into the action.

Reese tries to start afresh and offers to help Leighton. What can I do she asks and Leighton decides he can trust her with the high pressure cleaner. So far so good.

Next up are shots of Nick saying he hates the fireplace in his bedroom interspersed with Leighton and Reese carefully restoring his bedroom fireplace.

Kel has found a creative solution to no ceiling mirror. He is going with a full wall of mirror so good-looking Nick can see every square inch of his own masculine body. Still feels creepy Kel.

Jane is determined to have her free standing bath at the end of Chris’s ensuite. Not sure that’s ideal for guys already struggling with cleaning. Plinth is sent off to find a wide grate. Run like the wind Jane encourages as Plinth slowly drives off.

Barry is sure he is getting the fabled score of 10 from Joe the Hipster. He has a secret fireplace weapon and he’s not afraid to use it.

Plinth can’t find a shower grate so he calls for help. Jane is in the portaloo, which is now situated on the nature strip, and has dropped her phone in the bowl. Jane explains this to the camera man and seems to be expecting a hand fishing it out. Lucky Plinth is offsite.

Plinth is now Janeless and has to make decisions on own. His grate will be shipped overnight he is told. Overnight! Where the hell are we? Tasmania?

Michelle and Kel get this weeks brief visit from McCrave who seems to be here more to point out problems than to actually offer design advice. They’ve made the classic mistake of fixing a mistake and creating another. Really? That’s a classic?

Michelle and Kel need more room. Another look at the floor plan and wonder why didn’t they put the bathroom up the other end and create an ensuite for Nick? Also that bathroom is really small – half the size of Chris’s ensuite. Quick recap of yesterdays collaborative approach to the family/laundry space before the fireworks start but first an ad break.

Now we get to see the mighty battle of the States. QLD v NSW. We need 200 millimetres announces Kel. I can’t spare a square Elaine replies and Sean mumbles that he’s no pushover and the upshot is Michelle and Kel don’t get their extra space. That was exciting.

Chris hopes the other teams will be able to interpret Mad Men cool properly. There’s this friend of a friend see, and she suggested this be one of the rules and if the teams get it right there’s a good chance she’ll suddenly see Chris in a whole new light.

So Mad Men Cool: Jemma thinks it is corny old movie reels. Amy is pretty sure it’s sleazy stuff but Jane hits the nail on the head by buying Chris a leopard skin dressing gown and if there is matching undies she may be on a winner. She dresses up poor Reese who has surely suffered enough.

Plinth is out shopping and I’ve just realised he’s a dead ringer for Bill Gates. He chooses a gloomy wall muriel and it seems I can’t even think the word mural anymore.

Stupid ‘Bonus Extra’ of Reese offering to help and Leighton refusing.

Jane is anxious about Plinth`s vision and I’m anxious about Plinth`s driving. Oh its ok he’s just parking. Jane is not happy with Plinth’s decision making and he’s going to have to do something pretty impressive *cough* leopard skin dressing gown *cough* to get any action tonight.

Pausing for a moment to get this straight.
Jane and Plinth hate murals but get the boys a wallpaper mural.
Chris bans white from his house but an all-white kitchen was his first choice in Jemma and Barry’s reno.
Jemma specified no bright annoying colours in her house rules but chose a bright orange splashback for Jane.
If Kel’s house rules say no ceiling mirror…..

Sean has chosen a window for his kitchen splashback and does he know what the purpose of a splashback is? Another odd choice for boys not renowned for their cleaning abilities.

Barry White starts singing as Jemma and Barry enjoy a romantic driveway dinner. At the hotel Plinth/Hugh Hefner…well let’s just say we could have lived without having to see that. Michelle is feeling snuggly, hopefully Kel isn’t too exhausted from renovating because it looks like he’ll also have to rally some energy from somewhere.

Next day and the pressure starts to mount. Jane threatens to jump out the window if things don’t go well and Plinth tries hard not to let the light of hopefulness shine out of his eyes.

Can I have a Stanley knife? asks Reese and Leighton obliges by throwing one at her head.

Jane is anxiously pacing the pavement, checking the time on her phone and complaining about people not looking at their watches. Her grate arrives and although she is convinced it will be the wrong one it’s perfect.

Meercat Barry pops up in the woodpile to choose logs for his feature wall. He starts sawing off sections and placing them in a frame. I don’t want it too consistent he says as if there was ever any danger of that. His flue doesn’t fit so he hacks at his wall a bit and the fireplace goes in. Leighton comes in to inspect his work and he and Barry try to out-bloke each other. Leighton wins.

Major drama for Sean, his kitchen order had been cancelled. When did it get cancelled he asks which wouldn’t be my first question.

Barry has finished his log feature panel. Jane tells Jemma it’s gorgeous but tells cowards camera it is clunky and slapdash. As much as I don’t want to agree with Jane, she’s right. It’s awful. It’s next to the fireplace so at least the boys can burn it if they hate it too.

Chris and Nick are starting to stress about their earlier directive of Absolutely No White. They are worried the other teams might take them literally. Surely not.

Unpleasant scenes of Leighton and Reese fighting. The pressure is getting to these two and they are both behaving stupidly. Hopefully their house is up next and Channel 7 sends them over to ABC’s Making Couples Happy retreat for the week.

At this stage in the week everyone is still fairly relaxed, well everyone apart from Reese and Leighton. Expect things will start heating up tomorrow with a couple of last minute meltdowns before the house reveal on Monday.

House Rules on SEVEN Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

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The Biggest Loser – Two Endings Shot, And Two Series This Year

If you have always wondered how two endings of reality shows were filmed here is a little glimpse on how it works.

TV Tonight has photographic evidence of two photos released which shows shots of The Biggest Loser final.

The first the picture from the fake ending which I ran in my blog post here:

And you can see the other photo on TV Tonight here.

What I find interesting is how they get the contestants to make it appear real that they won maybe they are better actors then we think.

Also there is going to be a second series of The Biggest Loser this year this time set in Australia’s heaviest town, Ararat.

TV Tonight reported earlier this year that up to 20 participants taken from the town to The Biggest Loser house for the “accelerated course”, but also there will be educational programs and events in the town over the 12 week filming period.

It all sounds very worthy and it will be interesting to see the results achieved both this year and over the coming years in Ararat, however with all the different reality shows on TV I am not sure a second series of The Biggest Loser in one year is going to be a winner for TEN.

Also a former personal trainer on the show Andrew Meade has written an article in Daily Life criticising the weight loss techniques they use on the show.

Will you be watching The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia?

May 30, 2013   19 Comments