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Big Brother Australia Wanting Older People To Apply

The producers of Big Brother Australia are saying this year they are looking for older people to apply to be on the show.

Alex Mavroidis told SMH his ideal mix would be would be a combination of Generation Y, Generation X and baby boomer participants.

”I guess in an absolute ideal world, you’d have two people over 40, maybe four or five in their 30s and maybe six in their 20s. That feels like a good mix,” he said.

He also said ”What we don’t want to do is end up casting a house of wannabes.”

Well not sure happened last year as quite a few slipped through. However to be fair a high percentage of people who apply would be seeking the limelight.

Hopefully they will get a balance of people that were old and not just a few as they tend to get nominated by the younger people. But an  even mix of all ages with an above average IQ could make it very interesting indeed.

The article shows Andrea Fisher a 39 year old librarian is applying for the show and people like that could be very interesting indeed. We don’t need the dumb good looking types like Ryan or George, even with them hooking up with some of the girls did not add anything to the show.

Mr Mavroidakas appears to be on board with this idea

‘We really want men in suits, mums – you know, professional people who you’d look at and think, ‘There’s no way they’re going to get on Big Brother‘ – this year, we want them,” Mr Mavroidakis said.

So if you fill that brief and were hesitant to apply, do so, this year you might get on and spare Big Brother fans from the usual stream of himbos and bimbos.

Auditons are currently occurring and will be in Melbourne and Sydney in the coming weeks. For more information on how to audition go to the official website here.

Big Brother Australia on NINE later this year.


March 31, 2013   49 Comments

My Kitchen Rules To Go Head To Head With The Voice

My Kitchen Rules had been placed as against the first episode of The Voice Australia next Sunday in a move to try and put a dent in the talent shows inevitable rating haul.

Both of the shows will screen before the Logies at 6.30pm this Sunday.

The Daily Telegraph writes that My Kitchen Rules will have a special episode where one of the eliminated teams will have an opportunity to win their way back into the competition and be in the finals week.

The episode is a service challenge in judges Colin Fassnidge’s restaurant 4Fourteen.

It is a clever strategy, however My Kitchen Rules and SEVEN might want to take note from the Masterchef Australia Final and The Renovators debacle from a few years ago when viewers turned off because they thought TEN were being too tricky and not treating them with respect. It ended up being a big public relations disaster for the Network and the program.

Also the other issue is that Colin Fassnidge may have accidentally  let out a spoiler recently about who wins the challenge and returns to the show!

It is also a controversial move to bring back a team to be parachuted straight into finals week. Fans are always divided on the fairness of this on the basis they have already been eliminated, and they also come back into the competition rested and refreshed.

Also the cooking has been so bad this season do any of the teams deserve a second chance?

What do you think  about The Voice and MKR going head to head, and also do you think it is fair teams are getting another chance?

My Kitchen Rules – Monday to Thursday this week at 7.30pm with an extra episode next Sunday on SEVEN.

The Voice Australia airs on Sunday at 6.30pm and continues Monday to Wednesday at 7.00pm.

Go to  My Kitchen Rules Memes Facebook page for more funny memes.

March 31, 2013   98 Comments

Happy Easter!

This Easter message is brought to you by Snooki from Jersey Shore dressed as the Easter Bunny. Hopefully you are all having a great break at Easter.

If you think you need tips on how to have a good time probably best NOT to take them from Snooki and her Jersey Shore pals!


March 31, 2013   3 Comments

Dancing With The Stars To Be Flicked From SEVEN?

There are rumours Dancing With The Stars will be dropped by SEVEN with Network NINE considering buying the rights to the show.

The Daily Telegraph reports money and finding time in the packed schedule as being an issue.

They write:

A limited list of potential contestants and the high production values on new show Celebrity Splash are said to be the reasons behind the decision by Seven.

Dancing hasn’t got the green-light yet,” an insider said. “Celebrity Splash is super expensive. It was expensive for Seven to buy to begin with, and the production costs are huge as well, especially the insurance for the talent.

“There’s no real place for Dancing this year. There’s a lot of reality TV in the works with Splash, My Kitchen Rules and The X Factor later in the year. It wouldn’t really be missed.”Speculation has started that Nine, who originally wanted the rights to the show when it was introduced in 2004, are considering picking it up.

A  Seven spokesperson said it was in pre-production, but NINE when asked about the issue were either being cheeky or deluded saying  “We do have a habit of reformatting shows and making them better.”

Hmm were they thinking of Big Brother, I thought the jury was still out on that.

In other Celebrity Splash news there is a rumour circulating that Grant Denyer might be the host of the show now he has quit Sunrise. Hopefully this is not true and either Tom Williams or some other person gets the gig. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

March 30, 2013   8 Comments

Survivor Caramoan – Cochran Is A Legend, Phillip Just Thinks He Is

Cochran deserves to win this season of Survivor not for his physical prowess or his work around camp but because of his role as narrator of the series.

In the last episode he came out with some classic oneliners including this classic about Phillip on  “You cannot make up this level of delusion, that is what excites me about playing with him”. In fact in my exit interview with Matt he said he did not think Phillip was a special agent!

Special Agent Phillip is delusional. He was talking about how strong he was as he sat there top off with his man boobs were drooping. He said because he powerlifts he was deceptively strong. He then proved his manhood by arm wrestling Cochran.

Corinne was not as enamoured by Phillip’s physical ability thinking he was just a tubby lard. They were both in an uneasy alliance with each other their knowledge of playing the game knowing they had to stick with their alliance just prevailed over their hatred of each other. Just.

As Cochran said Cochran said “There are so many fractures in his tribe and it is like a death sentence.”

Dawn also a bit over Phillip saying he was arrogant –  “Phillip sees all of his strengths and none of his weaknesses”.

The reward challenge was one of strength which was never going to bode well for the purple team as they are so physically weak. Each member had to carry 20 pounds whilst walking around a course. Phillip was leading them out because he was so strong, however when his teammates said we have to run  he finally confessed he was too tired to. It was inevitable they were lapped and the orange  team won the reward of going to a cafe on another island.

The alpha team were having a great time, particularly the fans as this was the first time they had won a challenge. Andrea was working Reynold and the other fans as she wanted them to think of the good times when she voted them out. However Malcolm was showing just how clever a player he is, when he formed an alpha male alliance with Reynold, Eddie and Erik because he said they would all have targets on their back once there was a merge. Who knew Erik was thought to be an alpha male?

Back on the purple tribe Phillip was working on Julia saying she was his double agent. It seems everyone thinks Julia is a non-entity.

Cochran thought Julia’s personality is like vanilla, however he thought saying that it was a disservice to vanilla as people actually clamour for vanilla products.

Julia thought her only way to survive was to do what he said. However she must have forgotten the bit about not telling anyone and she talked to Dawn about it. She did this as she was trying to feel out how the strong the alliance was with Phillip as she said to camera she thought the alliance must get sick of Phillip at some point as he is crazy.

Dawn said it was helpful to know that Julia was actually thinking, however she ran back to Phillip to tell him what Dawn had said. Because he felt she was  traitor he told Dawn he wanted Julia out. Have to say I lost a bit of respect for Dawn at that point.

Special Agent Phillip said “Julia has managed to commit several foo pax”. I think he meant faux pas

The immunity challenge was again a physical one involving rowing a boat and throwing a rope to gather keys. Phillip was the rope thrower and after their inevitable loss Phillip told Cochran he threw the challenge because he needed to get the fans off.

At this point knew it was bollocks and he said “you cannot make up this level of delusion, that is what excites me about playing with him”.

Phillip is delusional he  thinks he is playing a what would Boston Rob do strategy, but really it was about voting off who had slighted him off the most strategy. First it was Julia then he decided to piss Corrine off and target her “gay friend” Michael.

Interestingly it was a tied vote in tribal with three people voting for Michael and three for Julia, it was Dawn and Corrine who voted for Julia, and on the re-vote Julia was eliminated it would have been interesting if Cochran and Phillip both flipped their vote.

Next week the merge, thankfully for the purple team as they were just far too weak in challenges.

Also I found a funny blog post from The Red Mieni giving his view on the pros and cons of each this season’s players. It is worth clicking just to see the photo of  the cougarlicious photo of Sherri


March 29, 2013   17 Comments