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Masterchef Australia – Chiko Roll’s the Iconic Food That No One Eats

Masterchef Australia Season one winner Julie Goodwin made an appearance tonight as a special guest and judge for the mystery box challenge. And surprisingly there was no mention or promotion of her cook book My Family Table.

I must say I thought it was refreshing that she had not become media slick and seem very much like she was last year. Also in yesterday’s paper she said she is going to open a restaurant next year called Pianola. It will be on the Central Coast where she lives, so at least she is putting her money where her mouth is.

Julie had picked the ingredients for the mystery box challenge and they were lamb backstrap, lemon, cream cheese, mint and chilli.

Again as has been said each week, and I should just cut and paste the same paragraph into each blog post, the editing of the mystery box challenge showed the three dishes that were going to get picked. Also it is pretty similar for the invention test and you don’t have to be a member of mensa to work out who will be top and bottom three.

What was surprising was the amount of contestants that did not use the lamb strap. Alvin was one who did and he was picked to have his dish tasted. Which also begs the question, if Alvin’s lamb,with egg, with caramalised peanuts, and raw chilli stuffed with cream cheese looked as “yuck” as Matt Preston said why was it selected?

It ended up getting a positive response by the judges but it looked pretty ugly on the plate. Callum who again for the second week in a row made some version of a dish that he had seen on masterclass was tasted. Julie like his lemon mousse wrapped in a biscuit. Marion was the other dish tasted she had made a spring rolls with lemon, cream cheese and mint. This dish confused me was it sweet or savoury?

I thought Claire’s dish of a lamb salad looked good, and have no idea what Aaron cooked as they did not even pan over it.

Marion won and got to pick which aussie icon the top ten would have to recreate. She had the choice between and iced vo vo’s, chiko rolls or a golden gaytime.

Going for the judges weak spot of fat and salt she picked the chiko roll.

Aaron was probably very worried about this challenge considering he had reconstructed an Aussie icon, the dagwood dog,  the week before and had got hammered for it.

Thankfully Matthew asked the question the $64 million question “What is in a Chiko roll?” Yes I have eaten one decades ago but my palate is unrefined and the only ingredient I could identify was cabbage. So I was on the edge of my seat waiting for this answer.

Thankfully Jonathan Daddia forensically examined one and proclaimed it was “Mashed potato, cabbage and some sort of meat”.

“I have to recreate it” said Alvin to camera, which I thought was a bad idea. Seriously does anyone actually like chiko rolls?

Callum was the only one who was making something more disgusting then the chiko roll by deep friying beef wrapped in pasta. Some cow died for that.

Sharnee was having corn issues that was popping everywhere, plus she was going for the ubiquitous potato garnish, to show she paid attention in masterclass. Her dish was just meat and three veg as was Matthew’s.

Marion was doing a reconstructed chiko roll  with a sauce and it looked pretty good, also I thought it really showed off her cooking technique.

Jonathan was doing an unreconstructed take on the chiko and was determined to get some corn pastry on the dish, and it ended up being a pastry round sitting on top a beef and vegetable braise.

Alvin had to wipe his Beef in Sweet sauce  off George mouth with one of his steam buns. I thought this was just plain weird. The judges liked his take of the chiko roll, whereas Matthew and Sharnee was told by Gary “does not speak of chiko roll”. However Sharnee thought she would not be bottom three.

But after receiving criticism she did say “It makes me question whether I should be here”. Exactly.

Adam dodged a bullet when he was not named in the bottom three with his vegetable cannoli and beef tempura dish.

Jonathan’s beef and vege dish with his corn hat was given the ultimate praise by George who licked his finger and then shook hands with Jono to congratualte him.

Marion’s Wine Bar chiko roll also got  George to gush effusively ” Your a legend, it tastes absolutely fantastic”.

When it came to Callum’s turn to be judged he knew his wrapped beef on a carrot puree was a dog and he got so upset he had to leave the set. George came and gave him a pep talk along the lines of you will get a chance to cook tomorrow night.

The top three were Alvin, Jonathan and Marion, with Jonathan winning. And he looked pretty stoked.

Bottom three were Sharnee, Matthew and Callum. Thank christ one of them will be eliminated tomorrow night. For that this could be one of the best episodes yet.


1 pollywaffle { 06.14.10 at 3:11 pm }

Has Gary’s stand off attempt to get a pay rise ( oops I mean to get physio for his bodgey leg) been behind his julienned appearances on MC? I get the sense the butter love between the boys has curdled a bit

2 CG { 06.14.10 at 4:03 pm }

Polly, ha! I was thinking about that the other day: are all the judges paid equally? or is MP paid more, even though he appears less (although one could argue he appears more/larger when he does appear?). Matt seems to have snagged the major sponsorship dosh with his Handee Wipes advert? Are G&G prohibited from spruiking individual items lest one get a better deal than the other? If MC is raking in $100mil+ for Ch10 would love to know what these guys are making… The quick substitution of Matt Moran during Gary’s absence and then again in a chef challenge might be a tactic by Ch10 to remind G&G that they are replacable should they get too big for their britches (literally).

3 Airwalk { 06.14.10 at 4:53 pm }

Pollywaffle-fried mars bar would be on the scottish icons challenge…so think we have a new show Masterchef Icons?

4 akris { 06.15.10 at 11:07 am }

KC: maybe there could be a season 1 vs season2 challenge.. just one episode would be enough though.. they’ve done it a few times in Top Chef and they’re always quite fun and competitive. there could be face off between chefs that have similar food profiles, eg. Skye vs Poh.. the creative (food) artists.. etc.

5 RobI { 06.15.10 at 4:28 pm }

How did Alvin get in the top 3. His “story” apparently helped his creation win the day.
Well, when I listened to his story, he definately said that he recalled watching a small boy eating a Chiko Roll at a shop, and he recalled the sauce oozing from it!?!?!
In over 30 years of eating Chiko rolls (when there is nothing else left in the place that is hot!), I have never had sauce ooze from one. Mainly, because, they dont have any sauce! The show this year is becoming farcical, in its endeavour to cover every single group in society.They did it last year, and they are doing even more so this year. I wonder if Alvin will get his own cooking show on the ABC??

6 Jason { 07.01.10 at 8:50 am }

The ingredients of a chiko roll are on the back of a retail packet in coles or Woolworths. But for the record there is no potatos in it!

7 Noel Edmonds { 03.31.13 at 3:13 am }

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