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The Catalyst For Nigella Lawson’s Attack By Her Husband May Have Emerged

nigella lawson1

The domestic dispute that went international between Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson now may have another story behind it.

For those whose memory of the incident may have been wiped out by that other kitchen superstar, Paula Deen, using the N-word, Nigella’s husbands placed his hands to her neck in an domestic violence incident. The incident was photographed and Charles Saatchi received a caution from the Police. Nigella has also moved out of the marital home. are reporting THAT dispute may have arisen over a court case Charles Saatchi has actioned over two of their personal assistants allegedly misusing $282,000 in funds.

The two women have been employed by Nigella for nearly a decade. The same article also states Charles has not apolgised to Nigella and it was he who asked her to move out! writes:

CHARLES Saatchi and Nigella Lawson are said to be in a bitter dispute over two former personal assistants accused of misappropriating $282,000.

The case has caused tensions in Mr Saatchi and Ms Lawson’s marriage and friends say it was a factor behind their row at celebrity restaurant Scott’s earlier this month, when the art collector was pictured ‘strangling’ his wife, Britain’s Mail on Sunday has revealed.

Saatchi, 70, is taking the women to the High Court after they allegedly spent tens of thousands on designer goods, taxi journeys and a flight to New York.

Friends say he last week asked Ms Lawson, 53, to move her belongings out of their Chelsea mansion after making it clear he would not apologise for grabbing her by the throat.

Italian sisters, Francesca, 34, and Elisabetta ‘Lisa’ Grillo, 32, are claimed to have “misappropriated” the money to splurge on luxuries such as a $6000 Virgin Atlantic flight to New York and designer goods from Prada, Miu Miu and Chanel.

They were first employed by Ms Lawson when she was married to her first husband John Diamond, who died of cancer aged 47 in 2001.

When she married Saatchi in September 2003, both took roles working for Ms Lawson and her new husband. Francesca Grillo was paid $47,000 a year while Elisabetta was paid $44,000. Their jobs ranged from looking after Nigella’s children from her first marriage – Bruno, now 17, and daughter Cosima, now 19 – and Saatchi’s daughter Phoebe, 18, by second wife Kay Hartenstein. They also carried out activities directly related to Saatchi’s business activities.

They were sacked last year over the allegations and Saatchi started High Court proceedings against them. They also face criminal charges and are due to appear at Isleworth Crown Court later this year.

As a result, the impending cases, according to a source, have created a deep rift between the celebrity chef and her husband.

“The Grillo girls had been very close to Nigella for a long time,’ the source says.

“She brought them into the marriage and she has naturally been very defensive about all this. I don’t think she particularly wanted them to be sued. That’s one of the things they were rowing about over the now infamous lunch.

“Charles was criticising her for allowing the assistants free rein and things clearly got a bit heated. One of them was allegedly spending money on Chanel handbags and other designer stuff. He thinks Nigella has been too easy on them.” 

The sisters are denying the allegations.

For the full story go to

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Reality Tidbits – Saturday

Johanna Griggs

Johanna Griggs from House Rules says the show was more controlled and produced then other television shows she has previously worked on (Source: Canberra Times)

Nigella Lawson looks like she is giving her husband Charles Saatchi the flick as it is reported there have been removalists, moving her possessions out of the marital home. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

The Voice finalist’s Celia Pavey, Luke Kennedy and Danny Ross will be releasing solo albums. (Source: Take 40)

The Block apartments are up for auction on Saturday 27 July so the hot tip is the final episode will be the following night Sunday 28th. So another four weeks of the show. (Source: TV Tonight)

A very interesting interview with the reality A-list in the US and well worth the ten minutes it will take to read it or if you have an hour you can watch the interview. Getting Padma Lakshmi, Heidi Klum, Phil Keoghan, Tom Bergeron, Randy Jackson and Gordon Ramsay in the one place was quite a coup. They talk about their favourite reality shows and Padma reveals she does not like having to make product placement sound natural. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

The Voice UK host Holly Willoughy’s dress received a lot of complaints because the plunging cleavage was thought to be unsuitable. Personally I think it is fine and there was never any chance of a nip slip. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Kim Kardashian is apparently a natural mother. Well according to US Weekly here are some killer quotes from the mag:

“When I walked in to see her, Kim was holding the baby,” longtime friend and Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin tells Us.

“I said, ‘Oh, my God. You’re a natural.’ Kim said, ‘I know – it’s so weird!'”

For those who care about these things, Kim is also breast feeding her daughter North. (Source: Herald Sun)

Harrison Craig is proving he is not just popular with the mum’s of Australia, with the teen girls packing out a Westfield appearance in Brisbane. (Source: Herald Sun)

Paula Deen using the N-Word is costing her millions as her business empire crumbles. (Source: Wrap TV)

There looks like an interesting reality show in the US called Whodunnit where contestants have to solve a murder. However some viewers thought the fake murder was real. Now that is macabre. (Source: Reality Blurred)

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak has been busted smoking whilst pregnant but she does not seem to care. Don’t expect a Chrissie Swan type confessional. (Source: Daily Mail)




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Paula Deen Sacked By Food Network And Dumped By Sponsors


Paula Deen, Queen of Southern Cuisine in the USA, admitted using the N-Word and has been digging herself out of a s**t sandwich since then.

The Food Network has dumped her as have her sponsors and Walmart will not be stocking her merchandise in their stores anymore.

Paula admitted using the word in a court deposition. She is being sued by a former employee in a $1.2 million lawsuit who claims she used the N-Word and that she was sexually harrassed by Paula Deen’s brother Bubba Hiers.

Also she admitted to requesting that black employees dress up as slaves for an antebellum-themed wedding.

She has been doing the media rounds asking for forgiveness, can she resurrect her career after this it will be interesting to see. Interestingly her cookbook is currently number one on Amazon.

Source: E News


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Guest Post: House Rules Recap – The Yards Are Razzled Up

Annajjj has been a machine on writing up these witty recaps – A big thank you and over to Annajjj:

Three episodes to go and tonight the teams start part 1 of the garden challenge. We begin with a quick recap which includes Seamy being evicted and Kev07 being reinstated.

Then it is straight over to MichKel’s house in Sydney and it’s the Blondes and Barry working here. It’s a big property with lots of different levels and first up we get the Yard Rules.

Give us a Resort entrance, build a bbq deck, make a memorial out of dead grandpa’s chair and they want a pyre fire pit. There are two zones front and back and they get to choose. This is done via a coin toss and Leighton and Reese win so they choose the backyard. Reese laughs and says f*** you or possibly thank you, since they didn’t edit it out.

In Adelaide we have Gen wars as X and Y are taking on Reese and Leighton’s front and back zones. Their Rules are Entertainment area, a Secluded Haven, Modernise the living space and Extend the carport and give us an Outdoor cinema.

Nick loses the coin toss but because he wants the front he tells Kel he thinks Kel is too old and frail to do the back. Kel falls for this, puffs up like an angry bantam and decides they will be doing the back thanks very much.

Nick and Chris discuss how their area will look and has Chris has lost the flavour saver? Nope, optical illusion, it is still there. Michelle and Kel survey the backyard and they have a vision (but no mood board again!) of privacy muriels, water features and mirrored garden beds. Lovely.

Over at M&Ks the blonde babes are smashing things down and planning their areas. Reese comes across Grandpa’s chair where Michelle’s dad sat before he passed away. It’s actually an old bench perched precariously on the edge of a cliff and it is falling apart. In the front yard Baz is busy clearing rubbish and they are planning to build a carport and Hawaiian feature garden.

Heavy machinery is at work in SA and Michelle and Kel have gone shopping and they’ve found a privacy screen muriel. They love it, naturally and they think they have the win in the bag. For about the 100th time we hear about how much they want to win.

In Sydney Team Leighton is at Masters® and they are buying a new grandpa’s chair and oh dear. Unless you are planning to excavate grandpa and put him on it I don’t think this is going to persuade Michelle that this is the real deal.

Ad break then we continue to chop quickly back and forth between the houses. For the next season I’m betting this part of the competition will be drawn out over several weeks.

Voice Over steals my line about Gen Y and Chris is ordering stuff online like a true Gen Y’er. Jemma and Ben have removed the carport and they are building their Hawaiian jungle. Nick is laying pavers and Michelle is sniffing lavender and admiring maples.

In Sydney the girls are trying unsuccessfully to get painters. No luck. The only option is to paint ourselves, Jemma decides. That probably won’t be as effective as painting the house. Then over to Nick who tells camera that they obviously have an advantage as M&K don’t bring the muscle that they do and Chris can’t hide his joy at being included in the male stuff this time around.

9 hours to go and the Blondes have managed to hire painters. Meanwhile Kel has a spray gun and he’s going all Steven Seagal on the fence. Jemma has chosen a frangipani for Michelle as she will love that.  Are homeowners scoring as well? How is that going to work? You are my rival so although I love it you get a 2….

Reese puts a sign on the new Not-Grandpa’s-Chair and now it is apparently Real-Grandpa’s-Chair. I’m not sure it works like that Reece.

Things start speeding up now, Nick has 65,000 plants to deal with, Michelle and Kel are putting in maples and rocks, Reese fires her painters for doing a crap job but she then runs out of time to finish the painting.

Suddenly there is only an hour to go. Jo turns up in Sydney then Chester! and the eternally annoying Craven McBurger turn up in Adelaide in their new roles as timekeepers to yell at the contestants. Everyone is running and McCrave says ten minutes and everyone starts running faster. Then times up, tools down, step away from the agapanthus.

Off screen Joe has had a wardrobe crisis. Someone forgot to pack his apricot pants and he can’t possibly go out there. Someone’s dad is quickly called in to replace him.

First up Adelaide. Wendy and new judge Jim don’t like the urn but they like the pavers and the deck. Wendy approves of the colour of the wood and Seamy can tell you how important it is to get wood colour right for Wendy. In the back the judges like the screen and the space. They are not sure about the outdoor cinema but then they remember this is supposed to be a bogan’s paradise not Home Beautiful so it is a good job as far as the owners rules are concerned.

Over to the homeowners and no they don’t get to actually score. Which is a shame as they seem to really like it. Leighton loves the outdoor TV and no surprise there. Again we are reminded of the good bit of this program. Even if you don’t win you still win for your efforts. You get value added to your house, new furniture and furnishings and, if you make it this far, a new landscaped property. I’m predicting a massive influx of applications at Channel 7 for the next series.

Next up Sydney and the judges arrive at Michelle and Kel’s. Wow kudos to Barry and Jemma, it does look good. They have paved the whole area as well as creating a carport. The judges are impressed.

Into the backyard and they have also done a great job. They have created a fire pit and steps and a deck.  Judges get to Grandpa’s chair and they don’t actually know that this isn’t Grandpa’s chair so they are impressed. Wendy points out that having Grandpa’s chair sitting at the bottom of a hill, perched on loose stones on the edge of the cliff might dissuade other elderly relatives from sitting there though.

MichKel arrive home and they are thrilled with the front. And look we’ve got so much room for prospective buyers to park says Michelle.

Out to the back and they love that too. BBQ is great, hammock is a nice touch and there is Grandpa’s chair and there is the actual grandpa’s chair. Michelle loses it. But it is not his chair! He never sat on that one. This doesn’t seem to matter, it’s the sentiment that counts.

Back to home base for the scores:

Jemma and Baz: 7 and 7

Leighton score 7 and 6

MichKel: 7 and 8

Greek Boys: 6 and 5

Jo tells everyone that next up is round two of the gardens challenge and that it doesn’t matter where you are on the leader board as the winner will be decided by coin toss things can always change.

So we get a Sunday night episode before the grand final on Monday but what will the grand final involve now the houses are complete?


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River Cottage Australia – A Slick Production About Sustainable Living

River Cottage Aust

River Cottage Australia starts tonight on Lifestyle Channel and will continue each Thursday at 8.30pm. The show is based on the UK version of the show River Cottage with which is hosted by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall who promotes a sustainable lifestyle based on living seasonally on the land.

The Australian version has Paul West who is starting up a sustainable farm in Tilba on the South Coast of NSW, and to create a link between the overseas series Hugh is in Australia for the first episode.

The show is beautifully shot and is visually pleasing of undulating hills and animals in pastures. Throughout the episodes there are dishes cooked and are based of fresh local ingredients.

Paul West is the lynch pin of the series and he is well cast, as a good looking affable bloke, who genuinely believes in “The Good Life” lifestyle. It is important for the viewer to like him as once Hugh flies back to the UK he is at the helm alone. He is also less earnest than Hugh which is a positive thing.

Fans of the UK version of the show will find the Australian version enjoyable, however you don’t need to have seen the original version to enjoy this.

River Cottage Australia on Lifestyle Channel Thursday nights at 8.30pm with repeat viewings throughout the week.

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