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Masterchef Australia – Christina A Former Drug Addict

MC Christina

In the I never would have picked this one files, Christina from Masterchef has revealed to TV WEEK that she is a former heroin addict and how she nearly died.

In what is a compelling read in TV WEEK  she says that it started in her final year in high school and that is how she blew her education.

Due to blog/media etiquette I won’t put the whole interview here but just some excerpts.

The article says:

Christina was first exposed to the drug by a former friend. When the pair moved in together, her addiction worsened.

It was her rapid weight loss that first alerted her mother to the problem.

Christina says “Mum hadn’t seen me in ages and she came to visit and I was really skinny. She drove me to the hopsital and that’s when I came clean and told her that I was addicted to heroin.”

Because her mum worked full time the decision was made for her to live with her aunt and uncle to attempt to get clean.

She says “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I detoxed with no pain medication, I just sat in my aunt’s guest bedroom, alone and slowly fought the addiction. I didn’t eat for a week; the pain of the heroin was too much.”

It seems her murky past has not make have anything but an optimistic outlook or future.

July 31, 2013   46 Comments

Your Chance To Win A Seat On The Project

I rarely cover non-reality TV shows but this was sent to me and I thought it might interest the readers of this blog.

A chance to win a seat on The Project.

Here are the details below:


The aim through this exciting partnership titled Your Chair is to give ordinary Australians a platform to express their opinions to a national audience.

The opportunity is to win a seat on the panel of Ten’s The Project for one night in Melbourne there will be five winners nationally.

The Winner will also win a seat on their state’s ARN Breakfast show for
one morning.

To enter go to: to fill out the separate application form and *upload a 60 second audition video of themselves. Judging will be based on interesting and creative entries and ARN and The Project will select one winner from each NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA. These five shortlisted entries will each be awarded a seat on The Project on a different night in the week commencing August 19, 2013, alongside hosts Carrie Bickmore, Charlie Pickering and Dave Hughes.

Entries open today and close on August 13.Each winner will receive:

  • A seat at the desk of The Project for one show
  •  Attendance at The Project meeting and rehearsal prior to the show
  •  Hair and makeup for their TV appearance
  • Economy Flights from their nearest city to Melbourne and airport transfers (excl. Melbourne winner)
  • One night’s accommodation in Melbourne (excl. Melbourne winner)

The competition is open for entries from 5:30am on Wednesday July 31
until 11:59pm Tuesday August 13. Winners will be announced in national
ARN breakfast programming on Friday August 16.

Good luck.

July 31, 2013   4 Comments

So You Think You Can Dance Australia Is Coming Back!

Go you good thing TEN. They have announced the return of So You Think You Can Dance Australia. 

Great news for dance and reality TV fans alike and is a very savvy move by the network who are showing they are making some smart choices when it comes to their reality TV line up.

SYTYCD will give the Network TEN the only reality dance show on TV, and when it was on it was popular.  They also have The Bachelor which if done right will be a hit.

Auditions will start in September which would indicate it will be on our screens in early 2014.

They are saying it will have a new host and new judges. Don’t be surprised if Mary Murphy or one of the US judges turns up on it as the trend is for an overseas personnel on our panels. Hopefully they will only keep it to one as we really need to cultivate Australian talent.

Also I do think they need to keep a link to the much loved former series and Matt Lee was by far the most popular judge. Bring him back but with some new faces around him.

I have said this before two permanent members and one judge preferably one of the choreographers should be rotated through each week. It keeps it fresh and the judges can’t get entrenched with their favourites. It is also  a great way of discovering new TV talent.

Hopefully they don’t do what they have done in the US and stick in celebrities on the panel. Some worked others, like Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and others did not like Minnie Driver.

The host is not going to be Natalie Bassingthwaite, obviously, but who could it be? It needs to be someone nice but with a sparkling wit. Natalie Garonzi comes to mind and she has the runs on the board for live TV. Other names that spring to mind are Jesinta Campbell but she is too young, and  Alice Zavlesky is doing a great job on Kitchen Whiz but she needs a lot more experience.

Julia Zemiro hopefully is in the mix as she would make a great host.


What I do know is that we will see some amazing dance and choreography talent on the show and it will be great to see it back on our TV screens.

If you are interested in auditioning and will be over 18 on 1 Jan 2014 go here.


Who would you like to see host and be judges on the show?

So You Think You Can Dance Australia coming to TEN next year.

July 31, 2013   14 Comments

The Block – The Madi and Jarrod Split Rumours Continue

Madi and Jarrod continue to deny rumours they have split, however the Daily Telegraph are reporting they have split.

They write:

After weeks of growing tension between them, well-placed sources said the Sydney-based couple decided to call time on their marriage last week just before filming of the grand finale, much to the grief of the show’s producers.

When Channel 9 were made aware of the rift in the relationship they allegedly told the couple to keep up appearances until the cameras stopped rolling. Despite tensions, it is understood the couple, who have been married for two years, flew down together and stay in the same hotel.

The couple has denied the split.

The article also notes the poor body language of the pair at the finale with Madi not touching and barely looking at Jarrod. Even if they have not separated, it looks like it is very rocky indeed.

Also if Madi was wanting a post The Block media career she might have wanted to answer Scott Cam’s questions he was asking her about how she was feeling when the auction was in progress. Basically she just smiled and said nothing.

If either of them are smart they will be selling the story of their break up to a gossip magazine.

July 31, 2013   7 Comments

The Great Australian Bake Off – Tart Week

It was all about the tarts and the Melbourne heat wave on The Great Australian Bake Off last night, with filming shut down after the signature bake as the tent was nearly 40 degrees.

First up the remaining contestant’s had to make a Tarte Tatin. Monique was the only one who made a traditional one and was praised for it. However judge Kerry Vincent told Mark after she tasted his with raisins and nuts that you should not mess with a classic.

However the judges gushed over Jonathan’s savoury lamb tartin. Dan Lepard told Jonathan that Georgian food was one of the most flavoursome of the Eastern European cuisines. Dan appears to like Jonathan but not sure he is that good looking. Maybe Dan just likes his intensity.

Monique and Jonathan were named as having the best tartin’s.

The technical bake was quiche lorraine and Jonathan decided to follow the recipe exactly. This might explain why he had a meltdown when Brandon took his grated cheese from the fridge.

To be honest he was right. Brandon who rushes things had grated his with the larger grater whereas his was finer. Also how Brandon could have accidentally taken it was a bit of mystery as Jonathan’s bowl was small and silver and his was large and glass.

Even though he had used some Jonathan grabbed it back off him.

He looked unhappy that Brendan won as he had incorporated his filling better whereas Jonathan had too much cheese on top.

Monique showed it is easy to go from heaven to hell in the space of one bake as she landed on the bottom.

The show stopper was for 12 miniature tarts six chocolate and six fruit tarts. Apparently Maria’s was the only one that hit the brief when it came to presentation with her delicate Mango tarts with meringue.

Mark’s brain exploded and it landed as a decoration on his plate where he had placed his tarts on fruit sauce on a plate. After clinging on in the competition by his finger tips since the start Mark was eliminated. Jonathan  was named star baker of the week.

The Great Australian Bake Off on NINE on Tuesday’s at 8.00pm.

July 31, 2013   10 Comments