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Masterchef – the aftermath

Post-elimination interviews

In the wake of his  elimination from Masterchef, Josh has been on the media roundabout, dissecting his experience and his “unexpected” departure.  His analysis? He was ousted as part of a strategy to break up the “kiddie mafia”.

It is really strange as my dish in that challenge was the highest scored dish out of our team and yet Chris serves up raw chicken and stays in the competition.

They cited my food knowledge as the reason for voting me off – it had nothing to do with my cooking abilities.

When the red team went to vote I don’t think I was the weakest link, but I was still voted off.

I have come to terms with their decision now – it is a competition and these things happen in reality TV and maybe people vote tactically too.

  • Ok, first – it really did seem as though Chris had to micromanage Josh and Aaron in the preparation of the dish Josh claims as “his”, which would have had an impact on Chris’ ability to focus on his dish as well.  Also, I love that Josh notes that Chris served “raw chicken” (hey, I know I’ve called it that, but it really was undercooked chicken) when all he and Aaron had to do was slice some meat and sprinkle with pickles.
  • Josh doesn’t seem to recognise that a lack of knowledge will have an impact on his cooking abilities.
  • There’s still no acknowledgement of the fact that, even in his area of expert knowledge, he bought a cooked lobster.

Josh and Kate – what relationship?

The Courier Mail reports that Josh is “single and loving it”, despite “sources” saying that he and Kate had hooked up in the house.  That should set all those pesky rumours to rest.  There’s no way he’d deny a relationship with Kate if there was any truth to the rumour.  She was obviously just upset because they were such “really close friends”. So just stop any such speculation right now. (Oh, and check out Josh’s best sexyface in the photo accompanying the article.)

Kate – the diva

Following the return of the Not-Joshes to the house, Kate apparently threatened to quit the show.  I have been puzzling over this all afternoon and still can’t figure out why she would have done this.  What would have been the terms of the threat?  “I’ll quit unless…” what?  Does she really rate herself so highly that she thinks her absence would be a blow to the show? According to the news report, we’ll see Kate’s reactions to Josh’s eviction in a show next week.  I’m hoping that it’s the show where she gets her bat and ball and goes home.

Thanks to one of the Anonymous commenters for tipping me off to this delicious morsel of gossipy goodness.