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Real Housewives Being Fast Tracked On Arena

You have to wonder how many Real Housewive’s franchises can be spawned, surely they must be running out of cities in the USA.

Fans will be pleased to know that Arena are treating their fans with respect by fast tracking the new seasons of Beverly Hills and Atlanta. Also the Lisa Vanderpump’s spin off titled Vanderpump Rules is also being expressed screened.

The premiere episodes of the fourth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the second season of Vanderpump Rules will screen as a two-hour special on Tuesday November 5 at 8.30pm just hours after broadcast in the US.

This season Miss Universe runner up and actress, Joyce Giraud de Ohoven and London born, interior architectural designer, Carlton Gebbia, will join returning housewives Lisa Vanderpump, Yolanda Foster, Brandi Glanville, Kyle Richards and Kim Richards on Real Housewives Beverley Hills. Taylor Armstrong has flown the coop or not had her contract renewed.

Expect the usual bitching in fighting and I expect Brandi Glanville to be right in the middle of it.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta season six premieres Sunday November 10 at 7:30pm again fast tracked.  NeNe LeakesPhaedra ParksPorsha Stewart,  Kenya MooreKandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey all back  for another round of season. In fact Nene Leakes apparently gets paid $1 million a season just to be on the show.  

Quite frankly I am just hanging out to see our Australian version of the show on our screens next year which will be set in Melbourne.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills screens Tuesdays at 8.30pm from November 5, Express from the US

Vanderpump Rules screens Tuesdays at 9.30pm from November 5, Express from the US

The Real Housewives of Atlanta screens Sundays at 7.30pm from November 10, Express from the US


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Guy Sebastian Is A Class Act As Well As The Face Of Foxtel Play

Guy Sebastian is a class act. At a Foxtel event last Wednesday he rocked out of stage at the Beresford Hotel as an ambassador for Foxtel Play.

Over the past 20 years I have been to a fair few corporate gigs where sometimes the celebrity looks like he is just ticking the boxes to fulfill their contract, but in Guy’s case it was like he was playing Wembly Stadium. He played nearly a full set. The other surprise how many hits he has had since his win on Australian Idol.

Hopefully he will get the success he deserves in the US.

Obviously the event was not just about Guy but about the product. Foxtel over the past six months has been pushing out a range of products that reflects the change in how we are accessing and watching television. What Foxtel Play is a way of accessing pay TV, if you are person who is on a short term rental, in a share house or just not a person who likes to commit to a long term contract.

You do need an internet and can get it via eligible Samsung Smart TVs, Xbox 360 and PC and Mac computers with no lock-in contract and no installation costs.

Foxtel Play offers customers access to content as soon as they sign up and enables them to subscribe by the month and pay as they go, with prices starting at $25 per month. You can stop and start their subscription from month-to-month, to suit their circumstances or viewing choices. So if you just want it for footy season it is perfect.

OK sounds good but price?

Customers choose from four basic genre-based packages priced at $25 for one, $35 for two, $45 for three and $50 for four. Sport and Premium Drama and Movies can be purchased for a further $25 each.

Foxtel Play packages feature over 40 live channels including Fox Sports 1, 2 and 3, Foxtel Movie channels, Showcase, FOX8, Arena, Lifestyle, History, Discovery, A&E, National Geographic, UKTV, FX, SoHo, MTV, Universal Channel, ESPN, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel and hundreds of catch up video on-demand titles.

Also a subcriber gets access to the Foxtel Go this is where you get Foxtel on up to two registered devices including iPads/tablets and selected iPhones and smart phones. Actually I need to use GO as sometimes there is a log jam on the television in our house particularly in the last few weeks with all the sport on.


September 30, 2013   2 Comments

Reality Tidbits – Sunday Night

Rachel Finch has had a baby boy. Expect the full story to be in a women’s magazine. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Brad and Monica Culpepper admitted they almost did not do Survivor: Blood V Water. Glad they did as Brad alpha male ego is giving great reality TV. (Source: Tampa Bay)

Sinitta talks about aborting Simon Cowell’s baby. Not sure why she felt it was necessary to share this. (Source: Irish Examiner)

Sophia Pou says the opportunity to go on Dancing With The Stars was unexpected. (Source: SMH)

Not sure this would become a thing in Australia but in Thailand a panda bear is the star of a reality TV show. (Source: All Voices)

Stephanie Rice was apparently difficult on the set of Celebrity Apprentice. (Source: Sunday Telegraph)

Caroline Manzo is leaving Real Housewives New Jersey but she might be getting her own reality TV show. (Source: US Magazine)

Want to be in a live audience be prepared to give plenty of time. A journo writes about being in the AGT audience tonight. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

The 23 highest paid reality TV stars in the US. Our Keith is on the list. (Source: Radar Online)

Sally Obermeder will be twirling on Dancing With The Stars this week and here in an interview she talks about Dance, Daily Edition and her style blog. (Source: Border Mail)

Last year’s winner of Masterchef Andy Allen, is learning the ropes at trendy restaurant, Three Blue Ducks, in Sydney. Ironically it is owned by Recipe To Riches judge Darren Robertson. (Source:

September 29, 2013   3 Comments

Australia’s Got Talent – The Second Semi

It was the second semi but before it kicked off it was announced that Swagamama and The Other Superman were the first two through to grand final.

There was a mix of acts with too many joke acts but maybe they do that so they can get who they want through to the grand final.

Here is what went down:

Leon Lee sang What The World Needs Now. He is like a Korean Michael Buble. Sure it was nice but a future star? No.

Raymond Crowe – The shadow hands guy did an amazing routine to Louis Armstrong’s A Wonderful World. Timomatic thought he could win the series.

Loretta and Jackson – The women with a poodle. This routine was not as good as the heat but still it was a quirky routine but as Geri Haliwell said it was probably not enough to get her to grand final.

Reuben Koops – props for singing an original song. This guy has a likeability and talent. Unfortunately for all the girls out the young 20 year-old is now married.

Flying Fruit Circus – They were good but tend to agree with Dawn and Geri something fabulous needed to occur and it did not.

Rabbit man – Why was he put through it was a joke act. He played guitar and sang badly. Good on Dawn for buzzing in. Life is too short. The other three buzzed in as well. It is time to leave Funky Bunny.

Tommy Franklin – Another bullshit act. If you were one of the acts that got through the heats and then missed out on a spot in the semis, then saw this guy just dancing crazily on stage and add in the guy dressed as a bunny then you would be pissed off.  If you have to rely on 30 odd people on stage with you to make your routine then you really should not be there. His parents who were in the audience were probably happy that he was finally doing something.

September 29, 2013   16 Comments

The X Factor – Musical Heroes Week

It was musical heroes night for the final seven and again there was some hit and misses.

Here is what happened:

Third D3GREE  sang Michael Jackson, not sure why this guy is still being held up as a musical hero which all his child sex allegations. Why does this guy get a leave pass and his music is still lauded. They were all over the shop vocals wise. Redfoo was right when he said it was a hot mess. On the upside they looked good.

Jai Waetford – It Should Be Me – Justin Beiber of course. Seriously he needs to go. Again another vocally weak performance so not sure why Redfoo and Ronan gave him a standing ovation.

JTR – MMM Bop – Hanson – Of course their musical heroes have to be another band composed of brothers. Not feeling this trio who again are squeaky with the vocals and as my mother said she has seen better at a school concert.

Omar Dean – Careless Whispers. He was singing this for his parents which immediately made me feel old. This was one of his better performances but still there were some rough patches.

Taylor Henderson – so his musical hero is Darryl Braithwaite? He sang Wild Horses, Dazza’s version not the Ricky-Lee Simon’s. They seem to be setting him up as an Aussie rocker. It was good but not great.

Jiordin Tolli – Don’t Speak by No Doubt. It was better then last week and she does have some star quality but Ronan thought she sang it better then Gwen Stefani. WTF? She was breathless in parts. They styled her like Gwen and even made the set like a bit concert vibe would have liked to have seen her rock it a bit.

Dami Im – Bridge Over Troubled Water – Dami was back to be in the last spot this week. Interestingly she was singing a song she actually knew but it was a tad dull but at least pitch perfect and big note bring votes. Is she beatable at this point? Danni broke down whilst supporting Dami saying it had been a hard week, as apparently her grandmother recently died.

Who did you like?

Bottom two prediction – Jai Waetford and JTR.


September 29, 2013   12 Comments