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The Face Australia – Olivia Donaldson Wins

olivia donaldson

So it was not in Naomi Campbell’s contract that she must win The Face Australia. In what was a tad surprising outcome Olivia Donaldson the 20 year old who was on Team Cheyenne won. From the start Sarah who was on Team Naomi was the hot favourite however it comes down who will be the best person and fit for the brand. The winner is to  be the face of Olay Fresh Effects and the Brand Manager of Olay selected the winner.  This might mean Olivia will be able to quit her day job as an admin assistant.

Unfortunately for Fox 8 The Face Australia did not rate very well but it did not get off to a good start when it looked like the Nicole’s team was being targeted by the two other judges with all of her girls eliminated early. Expect Australia’s Next Top Model to be back next year.

Here is the press release:

Local mentor Cheyenne Tozzi has come up trumps after 20-year-old Olivia Donaldson from Perth was announced as the winner of THE FACE AUSTRALIA during last night’s final episode of the FOX8 series. Hosted by fashion photographer Georges Antoni, THE FACE AUSTRALIA is Foxtel’s locally produced, modelling reality series featuring supermodels Naomi Campbell, Cheyenne Tozzi and Nicole Trunfio competing against one another to find Australia’s next modelling superstar and the face of skincare collection, Fresh Effects by Olay. Over the past eight weeks on air, the series has been full of drama and tension as the mentors have gone head to head, resulting in Nicole’s entire team being eliminated just over halfway through the competition. Last night’s final episode started with five girls still in the running – three from Team Naomi and two from Team Cheyenne. After a tough interview in front of a panel of Olay representatives, Naomi lost Chantal Monaghan (18) from Brisbane and Ruth Willmer (20) from Perth, leaving her final girl, Sarah Tilleke (19) from Perth, to go up against Yaya Deng (20) from Sydney and Olivia. It was a tight race to the finish as the top three girls then walked in a spectacular runway finale dressed by American designer Zac Posen, before Lauren Young, Brand Manager for Olay Australia, announced Olivia the winner. Olivia will now become the face of Fresh Effects by Olay – a new collection designed for younger skin by the world’s number one skincare brand, Olay. Earning a real contract as the brand ambassador for Fresh Effects by Olay, Olivia will launch the product to the Australian market and front a national advertising campaign. “Being crowned the winner of THE FACE AUSTRALIA and becoming the face of Fresh Effects by Olay has definitely changed my life forever. Words cannot describe how excited I am to be an ambassador for Olay. It’s such an amazing honour to be representing an iconic, global brand that helps women to be their most beautiful, and is such a huge step in my career,” said Olivia. Lauren Young, Olay Australia Brand Manager, said, “We are so excited to welcome Olivia to the Olay family as the face of Fresh Effects, our new collection designed to give girls skin so fresh it needs #nofilter. All the girls in the final five are amazing models so it was a very tough decision, but Olivia stood out; she has beautiful, fresh skin, a great attitude and confident personality. We can’t wait to start work with her.” THE FACE AUSTRALIA was produced by Shine Australia exclusively for Foxtel.

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The Face Australia – The Final Five

final five The Face

I have to confess I forgot about The FACE Australia last night because of the My Kitchen Rules final. But have to confess I have not enjoyed the show that much. Mainly due to the blatent game playing to ensure all of Nicole Trunfio’s models were all eliminated.

Naomi Campbell and Cheyenne Tozzi were not judging on looks/talent so I feel quite sorry for the contestants that were caught in the cross fire. Also a lot of faux fighting and drama was going on.

The top five have been selected with WA girls taking out three of the places what is in the water over there?

The top five are: 

From Team Naomi there is Chantal Monaghan (18) from Brisbane, QLD; Ruth Willmer (20) from Albany, WA; and Sarah Tilleke (19) from Perth, WA.  Team Cheyenne has Yaya Deng (20) from Sydney, NSW; and Olivia Donaldson (20) from Perth, WA.

The winner of THE FACE AUSTRALIA will be announced in next week’s finale on Tuesday May 6 at 8.30pm on FOX8.  During the episode, the final five girls face a tough interview in front of a panel at the Olay HQ, followed by one final shoot with fashion photographer Jez Smith.  The top three girls are selected to walk in a spectacular runway finale dressed by American designer Zac Posen, in front of a 500 strong audience, before the winner is announced.

I will be very surprised if Sarah Tilleke is not the winner. Who do you think will win and did you enjoy the show?

The FACE Australia on FOX8 on Tuesday 6th May at 8.30pm.

April 30, 2014   3 Comments

The Face Australia – The Top 12 Now Selected


Naomi Campbell certainly got her scrag on in the first episode of The Face Australia. However in some of the scenes her fiery nature appeared to be an act to create faux tension on the reality TV show.

Nicole Trunfio, Naomi and Cheyenne Tozzi are the mentors and like The Voice they have to pick a team of models they are going to mentor. Cheyenne kept out of the inter mentor debate by just selecting girls no one else wanted but Nicole was not shy about taking Naomi on.

Both of them wanted Sarah a very slim 18 year old who looked a bit like Nicole herself. Nicole in her pitched told Sarah she would give her more time then Naomi would. Basically saying Naomi is only going to be there when the cameras are on. Naomi told her she was rude and to take it back. She then stormed off  leaving Sarah standing on stage like a shag on a rock.

Petulant’s in an over 40 year old woman is not something you see very often but it Naomi has it down to a fine art. Though not sure why she was being like that considering none of the models would be game to go with anyone but the supermodel. Sarah did select her over Nicole as did Chantel.

All the mentors need to work on the rejections of the models as each time they all turn a model down they all started studiously studying their feet.


Brittaney, declared she was an international model, published author and a psychic should have an interesting dynamic with Naomi.  She has accomplished this by the ripe old age of 21. But her bio reveals she works as a checkout chick between gigs. Also on Team Naomi is  Chantal, Ruth and Sarah. Team Nicole is Anoushka, Shenika, Melise and Susan. Team Cheyenne consists of Natalie, Nikolina, Olivia and Yaya. The girls are competing to be a brand ambassador for Olay.

Who did you like?


March 19, 2014   2 Comments

The Face Australia Starts Tonight On Fox 8 At 9 PM

Sick of inept cooking and drawn out renovation shows well The Face Australia could just be the reality TV change you have been waiting for. The Australian version of the modelling competition that appears to be taking over from the Next Top Model franchise overseas starts tonight.

The premise of the show is there are three mentors who select a team of models then coach them with one of the girls ending up becoming the face of Olay’s new product. Naomi Campbell is one of the mentors as is Aussie girls Nicole Trunfio and Cheyenne Tozzi. Nicole in her the pre publicity of the show is saying that Naomi can be a bit of a hot head.

It will be interesting to see and it looks like it is going to be a very entertaining series indeed. As with all these shows sometimes the most entertaining aspect is the new talent we see. Will there be a Montana Cox or a Cassi Van Den Dungen in this lot? We will have to wait and see.

The Face Australia on FOX 8 Tuesday nights at 9 pm.

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The Face Australia – Does Nicole Trunfio Think Naomi Campbell Is A Bitch?

nicole trunfio

The Face Australia kicks off soon on Fox8 with models Naomi Campbell and Nicole Trunfio going head to head mentoring contestants to take out the prize of being the face of a new product.

But it looks like Nicole and Naomi won’t be catching up off set. If this interview with Nicole Trunfio is anything it go by it looks like she thought Naomi was a complete bitch.

Here is what she said in The West:

The 27-year-old opened up to AAA Weekend about her time on the show, admitting she was left shocked by the 43-year-old’s approach.

“She’s definitely a character,” Trunfio explained.

“I think that she has her own perception of the way things should be and she’s quite tough.

“I don’t know how to explain it, a lot of things I experienced, they’re beyond me. They’re just from another world; she comes from a different time for me.

“I’m all about professionalism, respect, dignity, just doing the right thing. Filming those kinds of shows, there’s a lot of people involved and turning up late . . . it’s just different.

“It was really intense filming that but it was an experience and I’m glad I did it.”

In my mind it looks like that was code for ‘she’s a bitch’.

The Face Australia premieres on Fox 8 Tuesday March 18 at 9pm.


March 4, 2014   1 Comment