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Exclusive Interview With Rishi From Masterchef


Rishi Desai, the latest and most controversial Masterchef contestant to be eliminated,  showed he was all class in my interview with him. In fact he was so classy I could not bring myself to ask him why when we had been subjected to Daniel topless so many times why had we not had similar shots of himself.

We talked about what happened in the elimination challenge, his very bright future, and whether he should have been eliminated.

Reality Ravings: How do you feel about the social media sphere and the twittersphere going into meltdown over your elimination?

Rishi Desai: I have not actually looked at it but I have heard from people that it has gone crazy, I have not looked at any comments or anything. It’s weird, I did not think it would be a big issue.

RR: There is all sort of fear and loathing about Masterchef going on today. I was sad you left and I think 90 percent of my readers were as well. What happened?

RD: It’s hard, you know you could have done better like cooking the mussels before serving and making the charred leek cream was a bit of a gamble. I look back on it and I can learn from it and I could have done it better.

RR: Gary came over and hinted to not put the leek sauce on there and why did you?

RD: For my palate it was not that bad. It was a bit charry and that point I was getting confused about what he was trying to tell me not to put on the plate. Was it because it was charry or because it was not going to work. When I tasted it I thought it was not that bad and that is why I put it on the plate. Matt put it in the right way saying the overpowering charriness of the leek cream was overpowering everything else on the plate.

RR: The first challenge, you had all those advantages last night. You knew you were going to pick seafood why did you pick Emma when Lynton and Samira a much weaker in that area?

RD: Lynton has improved a lot. Now that I am not in the competition I am putting my money on Lynton to win as he has actually learnt a lot and he is getting better and better, so I was not going to pick him. It did cross my mind after the challenge, and hindsight is always a good thing, that I should have picked Samira. I should have went with something like Japanese cuisine which should have thrown her off completely.

RR: I am glad that it did not happen but a lot of people were saying pick Samira and pick pork. Were you told by the producers that you were not able to pick pork?

RD: No I was not told by the producers that I was not able to pick pork. They did not show it on TV but I did tell Samira and the judges that I was not going pick pork as she just could not cook with it.

RR: If it is was an American reality show you know they would have picked pork, they have no hesitation on throwing people under buses over there. 

RD: If she can’t cook something she can’t cook pork and I can’t force her to make pork. Of course I wanted Samira to go home as I wanted to get into the top 3. But my intention was to get into the top 3 with my capability and not somebodies fault.

RR: You cooked your mussels early is that because you thought I am going to plate up early and it does not matter as the food gets cold or did you just have a brain explosion?

RD: I went by a process, my mind works in a certain way and my mind just jots down what needs to be done. So for the mussels soup, my mind was mussels – tick, curry sauce – tick, flat bread – tick . So I now think about it and I should have changed the order a bit making the curry sauce first, flat bread second and mussels third. But as you said 30 minutes is not a long time and all you are thinking about is getting things done. You are not going to think about what is going to happen if I cook the mussels now.

RR: I was going to write an article to publish today, and I am glad I did not start writing it – titled Is Rishi Going To Be The Most Successful Masterchef Winner Ever? [Laughs]. What are you plans? Masterchef is huge in India as over 5% of my readers come from there when the show is on. When does it start airing over there?

RD: It is going to start airing on the 10 September. My plans are in some point in time when the show airs is to go there and visit people and try and get some publicity there. At the end of the day that is my home country. My mum and sister are still there. I plan to go there to meet and talk to people. One of the things I want to do is have a book and if I can sell the book and get some publicity for that.

RR: You said you were interested in doing a product range as well. However I presume you will make money out of cooking exhibitions, media appearances in both here and overseas.

RD: I plan to do some pop up restaurants here and in India and get some publicity here and overseas.

RR: I think you will be the winner from this series and make a lot of money. You are going to be huge there you’ve got the look, the personality and the cooking skills. I look forward to watching your journey in reality TV speak! 

RR: Should you have been eliminated last night or was it unfair?

RD: For me I failed on two things, I failed on the mussels and I failed on the leek cream. If you think about it that way I think it was my dishes that sent me home. But for people thinking that there could be some producer hand in it. I say to them the simple fact is I gave them the option to send me home and it was my mistake. If I had put up great dishes they would not have been able to send me home.

RR: Would you go on another reality TV show and if so which one.

RD: I would not at this point as I am still tired and maybe if you asked me in six months I would probably answer that differently. I am so tired of 5 1/2 months of Masterchef and I don’t have the energy to go on another reality TV show. I just want to spend sometime with my family. Maybe I will change my mind in the future.

RR: So maybe some Bollywood numbers next year on Dancing With The Stars. 

RD: [laughs] I look forward to that.


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The Bachelor Starts on Sunday 8 September

Tim RobardsThe Bachelor Australia is kicking off on Sunday 8 September with a 90 minutes episode starting at 7.30pm. This is the episode will see the viewer introduced to the the 25 girls vying for his love.

Tim Robard’s is The Bachelor and he reckons he is there for love not fame and the show is hosted by Osher Gunsberg.

It will be followed up by another episode on the Monday night. Hopefully we won’t get too bombarded by this show and it will only be on one night a week.

The Bachelor Australia premieres Sunday, September 8 at 7.30pm, followed by episode two  on Monday, September 9 at 7.30pm on TEN.


August 29, 2013   33 Comments

Big Brother Australia – Little Post Nomination Fall Out

The housemates must be getting used to nominations as there was little fall out that we saw from the nominees. Mikkayla was pissed she had been put in as the sixth nominee by Tully, and we only heard from Drew that Tully was emotional about being nominated. We did see her say that she wanted to leave and sulking but no tears.

There was much conversation about the Tully and Drew fauxmance with Tully musing to some of the girls she might not be 100 per cent lesbian. No s**t Sherlock. But then there are so many six packs in the house it would be hard to not have your head turned.

Jade was not happy that Drew was giving Tully so much attention. She flirted with Drew and said that Tully had stolen him off her and then said can we go on a date when we get out? Drew just looked confused at her.

Jade continued Operation Ed, and took Mikkayla’s advice to appear vulnerable so he could feel like a hero.

That was painful seeing Jade in bed with Ed when his body language was saying get away from me. But Ed should have just said this is not a good look I think you should go back to Heidi’s bed or I only snog you when I am pissed.

Later in BB Confidential she said self confidence has been shattered because her ex dumped her and that modelling was all she could do as she did not do well at school. That is where Big Brother is interesting in walked a confident go getter Jade but after a few weeks some of the layers were peeled back. It seems her self worth is attached to what guys think of her. She also said she wanted to  be an actress, well she might want to get a bit more animated.

Tim told Ben that some people were getting pissed off that he was not cooking his own vege patty. Ben’s excuse was he could not cook and that at home he just ate rice and frozen prepared vegetables. Also how hard is it to put a patty on a pan, he just does not want to learn. Also it is not that he is eating what they are cooking they are having to cook him something extra. It is not that difficult to cut up a carrot or broccoli, considering the guy was  a flight attendant and had to learn the emergency procedures it is not outside his skill set. Imagine if one of the girls said I can’t cook and did nothing they would be attracting criticism from everyone. And mother’s take note you are not doing your son’s any favours by waiting on them. (Ed’s Note: Master 5 is waited on hand and foot….).

Tim’s was also mentoring him on how to be a cool guy, with advice like walk with your dick out not your gut out which all the teen boys will be following today as well.  Tim will be nominated next week as he is running around saying he wanted to be nominated. Bad move but the housemates have realised that Tim is popular on the outside.

It was the weekly food budget challenge and this time it was games show. Poor Mikkayla was paired with Matt in the spelling bee and was getting electric shocked so much Amnesty International are probably writing protest letters about it today.

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Masterchef Australia – Best Cook Eliminated In An Episode That Allowed No One To Cook Well

Well that sucked. Not for the first time the strongest all round cook of the Masterchef series has not made it to the finale.

But what sucked worse that the challenge tonight allowed none of the them to show case their cooking ability. Each round the contestants were given just 30 minutes to cook so it was about getting something on the plate it was not about being able to develop flavours or showcase the style they want to pursue when the show is over.

The equivalent episodes in previous seasons were:

  • Season 1 – Poh, Chris and Julie had to cook dishes they wanted to put into their cook book and also outline the concept for that book.
  • Season 2 – Callum, Claire and Adam had to cook for the Governor General and 30 of her guests each cooking a course each.
  • Season 3 – Kate and Alana battled it out over 4 and 1/2 hours to make a Zumbo gingerbread house. For the record I did not like this challenge as it was more about assembling and decorating rather than cooking.
  • Season 4 – Audra, Mindy, Julia and Andy had to turn one of their dishes into a three hatted dish aided by some three hatted chefs and we saw some beautiful dishes.

Tonight’s challenge is something you would see as a clever eliminaton challenge at the start of the top ten, but it had none of the weight it should have had for such a crucial episode.

In 30 minutes the contestants are just working on adrenalin and we saw no stand out dishes produced.

Having said that Rishi made some critical mistakes tonight.

His advantage in the first cook off was to be able to pick who to cook against, the cuisine and protein. Why did he pick Emma when he was going to be picking mussels to cook with? Lynton and Samira are far weaker with seafood. It was no surprise he picked Indian. He did put on his mussels on to cook to early and they were over cooked because they were sitting there.

George said don’t plate up too early, you would not do that in a restaurant. Unfortunately Rishi did not retort but unlike a restaurant here in the MC kitchen food is served up cold….

Rishi definitely hit the Indian brief better than Emma. Emma was in a flap and George came over and told her to calm down and fix her sauce. Thankfully he did not tell her how to fix her sauce. The judges decided the a better cooked mussel should trimph over the better sauce.

Then it was Lynton and Samira’s turn to go head to head. She picked the cuisine Middle Eastern and he picked the protein which was kangaroo. This combination meant their dishes were just going to be a crapshoot. Both pan fried the ‘roo, and Samira the middle eastern specialist made hommous and tabouli in the second last episode of the series! Seriously that is lebanese 101. Also Lynton did a yoghurt side which looked like mint or parsley stirred into it and a spicy tomato sauce. But they only had 30 minutes.

Lynton won and was through to the final with Emma.

Then it was Rishi and Samira duking it out. Samira picked the cuisine which was French and Rishi picked eye fillet. If he was being strategic he could have picked pork, but he would have looked like an asshole and I suspect they were told they were not allowed to pick that protein and fair enough too.

Rishi had another brain explosion and was cooking chargrilled leeks that George made in Masterclass, but clearly he fell asleep as he missed the bit where he had to cook the leek beforehand. He just chucked it on the flame so when it blended it, it was ash speckled mess. Not sure he should have plated it.

Samira pureed another vegetable, this time celeriac her stuff up was garnishing with coriander which was a rookie error for french cuisine.

Her steak was pink but was getting close to medium whereas Rishi’s looked a tad rarer.

The point is it was border line in both rounds for Rishi where if the judges wanted to they could have put him through as everyone had pros and cons going for their dishes. However they went with Samira.

It was a mistake. This year more then any other season of Masterchef they needed a winner that satisfied the viewer. One of the may criticisms of this year was there were few good cooks on the show and Rishi was universally acknowledged as one of them. Last year’s winner Andy was not a stand out cook and his cooking career has gone nowhere. Indeed tomorrow night he and Ben are on Masterclass cooking Ben’s standard cuisine modern Mexican.

And that is why Lynton cannot win on Sunday as he is an Andy Mark II.

However let’s not shed too many tears for Rishi as he will be the big winner of this series and could become one of the most successful contestants ever from the show. Not only will he be the one from this series to get the cookbook deal and the media and cooking appearances but he will be in demand back in his homeland India where the show is very popular.  He’s good looking, smart and affable and he will capitalise on this. Already he is writing a cookbook and planning to bring out a product range. It will be sometime before we see his modern Indian restaurant.

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Recipe To Riches – A Cooking Show Where We Get To Taste The Food

Recipe To Riches is the show where the winner’s product is on the supermarket shelf today in Woolworths.

The winner of the episode gets $10,000 but Woolies will get some if not all of that back in sales. Which raises the question of whether the contestants will make any money out of their products.

Reality TV contracts are notoriously harsh and the contestants would have had to sign over their rights to their recipes to get on the show. Sure if you win the grand prize you will get $100,000 and a brand partnership with the supermarket chain, but what happens if you win a heat and the supermarket decides to keep stocking that product anyway. Do they get anything more then the $10,000 episode prize?

Last night Matt aka Baby Bear, Casey and Connie were battling it out in the snack section. Matt had some killer boneless wings that at the auditions the judges really liked, however the beauty student’s maths was not so great when he had to make a massive batch of it.

As chilli fumes were engulfing the kitchen you had to wonder when he would realise he had been putting too much tabasco sauce in. Who knew you can buy tabasco sauce in three litre bottles.  Unfortunately because of this chilli overload he was eliminated at this point of the episode.

Casey with her stoner’s Tator Bake was battling it out for snack supremacy with Connie’s Croquettes.

Casey who could write her own 4 Ingredients cookbook revealed when she was doing the big bake that she usually put canned pumpkin soup in the dish. She was now cooking pumpkin soup for the third time in her life. This shows you only need one good recipe to win. It was heart attack inducing stuff but I had to feel sorry for her trying to give out tastings on a day where it was 40 degrees.

Connie was far more competent in the kitchen with her grandmother’s croquette recipe and was giving good clear directions to her helpers. It was interesting that the advertising guy Nobay did not think everyone would know what a croquette was, and he was right with only 60 per cent of people being polled getting it correct.

In the end the decision on what was going on the shelf went to the general manager of Woolworths and she said people wanted healthier options and it was no surprise she selected Connie’s Croqs as the winner.

They are out now on the shelves for one week only. The winner of the show is the contestant that sells the most product.

Since this is the only cooking show where we get to taste the food I will be buying each product each week. Will report back what I think. If anyone else buys it I would love to know what you think of it as well.

Darren Robertson was the chef mentor on the show and he was good, but the stand out for me was Carolyn Cresswell the owner of Carmen’s and the advertising guy Nobay was amusing as well. It was a smart move for her brand to be on the show with BRW saying she will get $1 million in advertising from it.

What did you think of Recipe To Riches?

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