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Reality Tidbits – Sunday

Kylie Minogue and The Voice Australia judges are currently in Sydney filming. Apparently the hours a long as they do the blind auditions and Kylie and Will.I. Amwill then fly out to the UK to fulfill their obligations on their version of The Voice. (Source: SMH scroll down)

Bethenny Frankel is back in court trying to get her former partner out of her home. (Source: NY Daily News)

Dami Im, the winner of The X Factor is spearheading a campaign for Alannah Hill. A smart marketing move by that company. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Simon Cowell’s girlfriend son is not allowed to be around him. This could get difficult once the baby is born. I expect Simon quite likes the arrangement at the moment. (Source: Jezebel)

Quelle surprise Dennis Rodman is now in rehab again. (Source: NY Daily News)

An animal reality TV show where Tasmanian Devils are followed once they are place into the wild for the first time. It could be interesting. (Source: Courier Mail)


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The Tassie Devils will need a good back story.

2 website { 01.26.14 at 6:33 am }

The flying fish features large pectoral fins that can spread out like a bird’s wing. Listening or watching yourself on tape may make you lighten up on yourself and become more lively and less insecure.