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Bringing The Sexy Back Kicked Off – Likeable People But Was It Anything New?

Channel Seven’s new transformation show Bringing Sexy Back kicked off tonight and it was OK but it did not bring anything new to the table in relation to reality TV transformation shows.  In fact as I was watching it I was wondering why The Amazing Race Australia was not in this 7.30pm timeslot as it is a much faster paced show then this.

The premise of the show is that Sam Armytage and her merry band of helpers, personal trainer Cam Bryant and stylist, Jules Sebastian help bring a persons sexy back. Which in most cases means losing weight.

Tonight for the inaugural episode of the show Ned a 28 year old guy was the one who was getting the make over. He had put on 70 kilos in two years and he wanted to get in shape to ask his girlfriend, Becky to marry him.

The good:

  • Sam, Cam and Jules were good talent, relaxed on screen and likeable. Cam and Jules appeared genuine and relaxed on camera.
  • That there is one transformation a week.
  • Ned and is girlfriend were also very likeable and it was great to see him transform.
  • The look on Ned’s sisters face who looked like she could knock off a few pounds when she was eating the healthy chicken and salad dinner. She was pretty unimpressed but later on she was in the pool swimming with him. So hopefully she was motivated as well.

The bad:

  • In the space of five months Sam and the trainer are at the town only three times. Clearly having the camera on Ned was the thing keeping him motivated.
  • The show was drawn out and at times repetitive. There is only so much exercising and healthy eating that can be shown before it gets a tad dull.  Also the viewer is not so stupid that they have to be told five times what his dream job is and that he was sacked from it because he was overweight.
  • Treating the viewer like we are stupid pretending they were surprising him to tell him he was on the show. The other trick they used in his transformation was to make him grow a beard so the impact of when he was given the make over had more impact.
  • The inevitabale engagement at the end. Yes Becky looked shocked but it was a tad cliched. Hopefully SEVEN coughed up the cash for the ring.

I am not sure I will have it as a must watch show, but may watch it occasionally. What did you think of it?

August 12, 2014   10 Comments

Bring Your Sexy Back – The First Preview

Bringing The Sexy back is SEVEN’s new transformation show hosted by Sam Armytage. Here is the first preview so expect sad back stories, tears and stunning transformations.

It looks like there will be one transformation a week which is good as it means you don’t have to follow all the participants for the whole series.

I am not a huge fan of this genre but I did like the previous show SEVEN did like this hosted by Sonia Kruger called 10 Years Younger In 10 Days so will definitely check this show out.

Will you be watching?

July 21, 2014   2 Comments

Sam Armytage To Host Bringing The Sexy Back

Samantha Armytage appears to be the go to girl at SEVEN with news today she will host the new make over series Bringing the Sexy Back. The show which will assist people getting their lost mojo back will be on SEVEN in 2014.

Here are the full details:

Channel Seven today announced Samantha Armytage will host its new transformation series Bringing Sexy Back which will change exhausted ordinary Australians into something extraordinary.

The popular breakfast television host said she is delighted to be part of a program which encourages individuals to live a balanced, healthy life and in  doing so, rediscover their confidence and charisma.

“There is an epidemic of exhaustion in modern life. Many people are overcommitted, overtired and overweight. We’re working harder and longer, it’s time to wrestle back some control.

“Bringing Sexy Back offers Australians the chance to reinvent themselves,” said Samantha. “With professional help we will empower people to make positive life changes to improve their self-image.”

Director of Network Production Brad Lyons said Bringing Sexy Back will be “an inspirational makeover series giving Australians the rare opportunity to change their lives, supported by some of the best experts in business. People will be fascinated with the transformations.”

A recent star in Who magazine’s Sexiest People spread, 37-year-old Samantha said like many people she has struggled to gain a strong sense of self and hopes to lend a sympathetic ear to participants.

“I’ve been in the public eye for more than 15 years and I know what it’s like to feel you fall short of others expectations but this show is about equipping people to make healthy life choices,” she said.

With the aid of cutting edge weight loss technology and the instruction and advice of health, fitness and style gurus, the reality series will follow the transformation of individuals over several months.

Premiering in 2014, Bringing Sexy Back is an original Seven production. Executive Producer for Seven is Sonya Wilkes.


December 1, 2013   16 Comments

Now Casting – Do You Want Your Sexy Back? This Show Could Be For You

Channel SEVEN last night announced a new show called Bringing The Sexy Back and yes it is a make over show.

If you are interested in applying go here to check out the requirements.

This what they are looking for:

Remember when you were hot? Well, what if you could look like that again?

We’re looking for overweight/obese people who have photos or videos of themselves from their ‘hot years’, who are ready to share their story and do what it takes to get back in the best shape of their lives for an inspirational new TV series.

It sounds very similar to the show Ten Years Younger in Ten Days, however it looks like they are wanting to make changes over a longer period. Contestants will need to be available for a 3 to 6 month commitment in 2013/2014. It is unclear whether they will be filming around your ordinary daily life.

It could be a good way to lose some weight and regain some self esteem.

Applications close 19 November.

October 23, 2013   10 Comments