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The Big Adventure – And The Winner Is ….

One million dollars – one of the biggest prizes ever given out on Australian television, but what is sad is that I did not care who won The Big Adventure. OK I lie I was excited to see the money appear in the box as it meant the episode finally ended.

Mark showed he was a force to be reckoned now that it was solo challenges and he managed to get another swag of keys in the last episode giving him a far greater chance of winning the $1 million and Mark won the easiest money on reality TV.

Natalia had no one to blame but herself. Not only did she keep him in, she actively went against her alliance.

The final episode was as drawn out as all the episodes had been. With host Jason Dundas not bringing much zing to his role. TV hosts are like politics as in that mediocre blokes get most of the gigs but a female has to prove they are amazing to get a shot.

After Paula and Sean were eliminated. Julie, Natalia and Mark were digging for the prize. Everyone had to dig up a box in the squares which they had dug the keys up in. This also gave the show the opportunity to revise how everyone won their keys. This got a bit tedious as they had to go over it 12 times.  To try and increase the emotion the final three families were flown in to watch the dig.

Don’t expect to see a series two of this.

November 24, 2014   19 Comments

The Big Adventure – Do Any Of Them Deserve To Win?

Natalia piped out the reality TV cliche “I’m not here to make friends”. She said this as she turned her back on her alliance and picked Mark to be on her team. Paula and Julia who thought they were in an alliance with Natalia looked shocked when she selected Mark to be on her team, there by keeping him safe from elimination.

Considering he is by far the strongest physical player it is going to be a risk. But by aligning herself with him she knows she has a far better chance of getting to the end of the show then without.

It was Von she eliminated. Von then handed her key to Mark which gives him three golden keys.

It is the final five and tomorrow night is the final and then the host Jason Dundas announced that there are no more team battles it will be individuals against individuals. This made Natalia look like an idiot as Mark will be hard to beat.

It is unclear how many of the contestants will have a crack at opening the box but it must be at least three.

At the end of the show I noticed this in the credits. “The Square in which the $1,000,000 is buried was predetermined before filming commenced and was subject to independent checking”. The contestants left are Sean, Paula, Natalia, Julie, and Mark. Good to know but considering the lack of entertainment this show has given us do any of the contestants deserve the prize?

November 23, 2014   6 Comments

The Big Adventure – Another Strong Player Eliminated

Is anyone still watching The Big Adventure? Next week is the finale with two episodes on the Sunday and the Monday and will the most worthiest player win? I doubt it? Julie keeps saying her lack of physicality is a strategy and to be frank it is working for her, as is Von’s not so bright nice girl persona.

When Natalia won the solo challenge, Mark and TC, knew one of them was walking the plank and it was TC the girls got rid of. TC gave his gold key to Mark as he thinks he is the strongest player left.

At this stage all players have gold keys and one of the lucky buggers will win one of the easiest million dollars in reality TV history.

November 17, 2014   7 Comments

The Big Adventure – Another Strong Player Eliminated

The Big Adventure continues to be screened later and later on a Sunday night with a 8.40pm start time last night.

Last night it was target Annaleis the Charlize Theron look a like who wants to devote her life to conservation. She is by far the most intelligent person there and she is sporty as well. When she was knocked out of the solo challenge you knew she was a goner. Also tipped off by the large amount of screen time she received last night.

Mark won the solo challenge and took TC into the retreat with him, which meant these to guys controlled the elimination process and Annaleis was gone.

The fact that twos people can decide who is going is a real week point of this show.

November 10, 2014   12 Comments

The Big Adventure – SEVEN Spoiled The Elimination

So you sit through nearly 90 minutes of The Big Adventure waiting to see who will be eliminated and even before they line up for the elimination scene this is what you see at the bottom of the screen. Whoops.



Love her or loathe her Jess was one of the more interesting players and now she is gone, considering she took up 50 percent of the screen time she will be missed. I can’t see Von stepping up with the quips.

Todd again dominated the night with his team winning the group challenge, aided by Paulini  on the other team who was incapable of doing a puzzle and blowing a huge lead.

This time when Todd dug he found a key so he now has a shot at the $1 million.

Todd also got to take someone to the cabin with him and this time it was Mark. They will both be team captains.

This show could be OK if it was only a 60 minute episode. The 90 minutes is far too long, we nearly saw the first challenge in real time.

The Big Adventure on SEVEN on Sunday at 6.30pm.

October 27, 2014   Comments Off on The Big Adventure – SEVEN Spoiled The Elimination