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Charles Saatchi Not Throwing Nigella Lawson Under A Bus

Charles Saatchi actually looked like a reasonable human being  for once when giving evidence in court. Charles, the former husband of Nigella Lawson, was on the stand in the court case of their two former personal assistants who are being charged with fraud.

Earlier in the week an email he had sent Nigella had been used in evidence by the Grillo sister’s defence team which had Charles calling Nigella, Higella. For those who have not been following this riveting saga the sister’s are claiming Nigella used cocaine, class B and prescription drugs regularly and they were able to spend what they wanted on their work credit cards if they did not tell Charles. Earlier story here.

The Daily Mail is now reporting that Charles told the court he still adores Nigella and that he doen’t know if she takes drugs.

The article states:

Speaking in a quiet voice, Mr Saatchi said: ‘I am utterly heartbroken to have lost Nigella, and I wish the last year had never happened. So if you think this process is giving me any pleasure – you’re mistaken. I hate it.

‘I adore Nigella now. I absolutely adore Nigella and I’m broken-hearted to have lost her.’

Mr Saatchi also seized the chance to give his account of the photographs taken outside Scott’s restaurant in Mayfair in June, which appeared to show him throttling Miss Lawson.

When they were published a week later he tried to dismiss the incident as a ‘playful tiff’, but then accepted a police caution for assault. Miss Lawson divorced him weeks later.

Mr Saatchi said: ‘I was not gripping, strangling or throttling her. I was holding her head by the neck to make her focus. 

‘I wanted her to focus on what we were speaking about.’ Probed on what they were discussing Mr Saatchi butted in: ‘Her drug use? No.’

Charles also was asked about THAT email:

But he said yesterday: ‘I was just being nasty.

‘This is not a very pleasant email but I was very, very upset.’

Asked if he truly believed she was so ‘drug addled’ she did not know what she was doing, he told the court: ‘Not for a second.

‘Over this whole period she was writing books very successfully and appearing on television shows very successfully.’

Nigella will be on the stand next Wednesday.



November 30, 2013   Comments Off on Charles Saatchi Not Throwing Nigella Lawson Under A Bus

Masterchef Australia – Emma Dean’s Cookbook Out 1st December

Emma Dean cook bookThis year’s Masterchef Australia winner Emma Dean has her cookbook out on Sunday 1 December. The book called A Home-grown Table – Food To Eat With Family And Friends release is timed for the Christmas buying frenzy.

The blurb about the book from Booktopia where you can pre-order for $35.95 says:

Emma Dean, winner of the 2013 MasterChef, is on her way to becoming a household name. Growing up on a hobby farm, her love of everything fresh and seasonal began at an early age. This is reflected in her first collection of recipes, with a farm-to-table approach to food and her earthy style, using food grown or foraged to create wonderful recipes you’ll love to share. A Homegrown Table covers a range of meals for every time of day. With over 80 nourishing recipes, Emma combines the familiar with the unusual, showcasing different cuts of meat, heirloom vegetables and wild greens.

If you are keen to buy it check out Big W they normally have the cheapest prices in these type of books.


November 29, 2013   21 Comments

King Richard And His Wife Both Show They Are The Biggest Losers.

The Biggest Loser’s King Richard was at the receiving end of a grilling on A Current Affair last night in a story about what a prick he was.

This was not a stunning revelation to fans of The Biggest Loser and they had seen Richard in all his glory for three months when the series aired earlier this year. Basically he was a prick, but on the other hand he did was good to watch. Richard went on the show with his daughter Amber with both losing significant amounts of weight.

The story said that the 45 year old had now “upgraded” to a 26 year old blonde and left the his wife broke and having to sell the family home.

What we did see on A Current Affair were two people being quite undignified. The wife was yelling questions at Richard on camera, whilst Richard shoved her with a car door. Also abusive text messages from him to her were shown on screen and she stood beside a cardboard cut out of Richard with a object pushed into the chest region.

What was unclear was how they got into that financial mess with the wife claiming she was left with a lot of bills and having to sell the home to cover them. Maybe Richards realises that to keep a girlfriend who is 20 years younger then him he had to flash the cash.

It would be interesting to hear what their daughter Amber has to say about all this as quite frankly neither of the parents are thinking of the children.

You can see the full story here on The Current Affair website.

November 29, 2013   9 Comments

Beauty And The Geek And The Winner Is….

You either like Beauty and The Geek or hate it and this year I have to confess to not enjoying it that much however a neighbour in my street who hates reality TV runs down to my house each Friday morning to debrief about the previous night episode. He gushes about how funny it is. Go figure…

The finale was last night with four teams left to battle it out the first to be eliminated were Matt and Jenna who was thought to look like Lara Bingle. Lara was worried about her cellulite on the cover of FAMOUS magazine this week I think being compared to Jenna probably damaged her brand more.

Next to go was my favourite Zac and Ntula, with Brett and Emily and Nathan and Erin doing the final quiz.

It was likeable Brett and Emily who won the $100,000 first prize but really they were all winners getting a free holiday in Fiji for the duration of filming of the show.

James Tobin was the host and to be honest I found him bland but maybe that is what he was expected to be. Why is it on Australian TV that bland men can have their contracts renewed time and time again but putting a female in a hosting role comes under all sorts of scrutiny and one small slip up and they are never to be seen again.

Were you happy with the winner? Did you enjoy the series and do you want to see it back next year?

UPDATED: Brett reveals in the SMH that is dating a girl as the show had given him the confidence to ask her out. Great news.

November 29, 2013   4 Comments

The Bachelor Australia – Ali In Hospital

Screen shot 2013-11-28 at 3.48.26 PMJust an update on The Bachelor’s Tim and Anna’s relationship status. It looks like they are still together. Clearly there are no hard feelings from love sick Ali as the loved up pair went and visited her in hospital.

Ali did get something lasting from the show and that was a knee injury. This occurred in the Broome episode where the girls were swinging off the boat into the water. She was in hospital getting it operated on.

Full story on Daily Telegraph 

Picture from Anna’s Instagram

November 29, 2013   21 Comments