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Real Housewives Of Melbourne – Janet Is Targeting The New Girls

I am not sure what I think of the second season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, but then it is not a show that should be over analysed as it does not pretend to be anything but complete and utter trash.

The show is all about creating conflict and most of the time it just looks like the housewives are placed in scenes just to create just that.

Kudos of Jackie Gillies who does make some great quips and keeps out of the drama. No so much kudos to Chykka who is always on the sideline of the drama but lets someone else to do the dirty work.

In the latest episode Chykka is sitting there with Gamble and Janet when it all imploded. Chykka, who Gamble has probably only met three times, does the as a friend I think you need to know what people are saying about you. She then hands over to Janet to fire the bullets and sits there watching the ensuing exchange.

Janet told Gamble that there were rumours of her having sex parties, and that people were saying she was a stripper and an escort. Then Janet got shitty that Gamble got pissed off with her about calling her a prostitute. Janet also rubbed it in to say the rumour was viral and THAT everyone was talking about it.

Even if Gamble was an escort, she was not hurting anyone and at least Gamble is driving some story lines unlike Chykka. Gamble also was proposed to by her long term boyfriend Dr Wolf. Interestingly the proposal seemed to take a long time as he started it when the oysters were served, but when finally the question was popped the table had been cleared.

Of course she knew it was going to happen as she did not look that shocked.

Janet does not like Pettifleur either as she talks down to staff and tweaks, which if apparently not cool for a woman her age, though Janet talking last year talking about her sex life was OK.

Gina pops in to the show now and then but just looks a tad bored by it all as she has no one she can bond with. She tried to with Pettifleur but did not take to her after she told her she was writing a book called ‘Ditch The Bitch’. Maybe Gina was peeved that another housewife was writing a book, as Gina is releasing her autobiography. Seriously her life is not that interesting.

Lydia had a walk with her mother to talk about how she has made up with Gina but then at the Murder Mystery dinner party did not speak to her at all.

The murder mystery party was just all the woman and Dr Wolf. Where is Bruce, Chykka’s husband, and Ben Gillies, they were both a lot of fun in season one.

Anyway the stage is set up for Gamble to have a season long feud with Janet. Also Janet looks like her claws will be coming out at Pettifleur.

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Real Housewives Of Melbourne Season Two Kicks Off Showing It Will Be About Bling And Conflict

Well the Housewives are back and they are competing against each other this time in the calorie count they all look like they have dumped a bit of weight.

This season Andrea is out and Gamble and Pettifleu are in, but it looks like conflict driven plot lines are going push the story lines again this season.

Tonight it was Janet’s birthday party where all the housewives turn up including Gina, because it is in her contract and she will be the centre of much of the conflict this season AGAIN, I suspect. One guest noticeable by his absence at the party was Bruce, Chyka’s husband, who was the break out star of series one. The other question is will Chyka be able to drive a storyline this series?

Gamble, who is a freelance contemporary art consultant, mentioned her pomeranian before she mentioned her husband, apparently the dog is the love of her life not him.

She met eye surgeon Rick on EHarmony and I am going to presume that is not product placement. She was immediately taken into the housewives fold as they were really only talking to each other and the party looked like it was filled with extras.

The highlight of the party was when Janet’s son arrived in 2011 he was in an accident where he burnt  70 percent of his body. He looked great. and seemed lovely and she was genuinely touched, well she did seem emotional even though her face is fairly immobile. Janet, who looks great, does seemed to have had an overhaul in the off season, as her breasts appeared like they had increased in size, but she could have just lost weight.

However Gamble after five minutes decided Lydia was rolling her eyes at her and started bitching to her about Lydia so there is one alliance starting there.

Then Pettifleur arrives and the introduction sees her bossing about her housekeeper. Pettifleur is a property developer who lives with her partner of eight years. Each week the two sides of the family have a dinner together where we met one of her three sons, and her partners children. The conversation did not sparkle, but this is the real housewives so the conversation soon came around to consumer goods. Apart from liking expensive objects, Pettifleur also likes to go “commando” which is something she revealed to the other housewives.

It was an interesting first episode setting the scene for the rest of the season, and it does suggest there will be more then one plot line aka feud, which will be a change from last year’s Andrea and Gina battles. The previews for next week suggest that Gamble has some saucy rumours about her past that have something to do with men. Surely she can’t have been a high class escort? Maybe it has something to do with an ex-boyfriend or a high profile mistress of a big wig?

Real Housewives Of Melbourne – on Sundays at 8.30pm on Arena.

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Real Housewives Of Melbourne Has A Start Date But It Is Awhile Away

Fans of Real Housewives of Melbourne will be excited as season 2 now has a start date. But the weird thing is it is over two months away starting on 22 February on the ARENA Channel.

Now I know we all complain about television stations being coy about their start dates and times (yes looking at you NINE and SEVEN) and clearly the Foxtel Publicity Department is very organised but announcing a shows start date when it does not start for two months is a little strange. Hopefully there will be a reminder one mid February.

Real Housewives of Melbourne was a winner for Foxtel this year so they will be wanting to capitalise on it’s popularity. This season there are two new housewives property developer and mum of three Pettifleur Berenger and Gamble Breaux, a dog loving art consultant whose partner is renowned eye surgeon Rick Wolfe.

The returning housewives are Chyka Keebaugh,  Gina Liano, Jackie Gillies, Janet Roach and Lydia Schiavello.

Apparently Pettifleur is going to create the drama this season.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne starts Sunday 22 February at 8.30pm on ARENA TV.

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Housewives Of Melbourne Are In The Philipines


Looks like in Season Two of The Real Housewives of Melbourne the housewives take a trip to the Philippines. A few days ago Chyka revealed she was off travelling with the housewives and a day later Lydia says she is in Manilla.

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Real Housewives Of Melbourne – Andrea’s Out And Two New Ones Are In

RHOM season 2 launchTwo new Melbourne women will be making their screen debut on the next season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. They are the two in the right of the photo and their names are Gamble Breaux and Pettifleur Berenger. I know what were their parents thinking with those names?

Gamble Breaux is a contemporary art collector and consultant Gamble loves all things beautiful. Loves a bit of nip and tuck, dogs and a party.

Pettifleur Berenger is being described as determined, feisty and glamorous. So she must be bringing the drama next series.  She is a successful property developer, lives in a penthouse in the heart of the city and is mother to three boys.

Andrea Moss who drove much of the conflict in the first series is leaving. But all the other housewives are staying. They are Gina Liano, Jackie Gillies, Chyka Keebaugh, Janet Roach and Lydia Schiavello.

Hopefully we will see more of Chyka’s husband Bruce who was hilarious with his one liners.

Real Housewives of Melbourne to screen on Arena TV in 2015.



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